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Nine tech tools that makes city living a snap by

Nine tech tools that make city living a snap

Selection of the best Tech can help you making your city life more pleasan and less costy. Paying a fortune for cable? Having difficulties to get taxi late at night in a remote area? The local grocery isn' t appealing enough? Take a look at our selection, it may be useful for you. 1. Google Nexus 7 tablet For reading, searching, watching and more. The Nexus 7 is smaller, more portable than the iPad. It is also lighter than the Kindle Fire.

Nine tech tools that make city living a snap 2. Amazone Prime Drug store, grocery store, access to Kindle books, movies & TV shows to your lap top? Sounds good, isnt' t it? All is available by subscribing to Amazon Prime yearly. Shipping is two day &, no minimum item. 3. Exit Strategy application If you live in a city like New York where the metro lines are too complicated, it is advisable to have an app that tells you clearly which exit to take in order not toget lost but arrive safe and sound to your destination. 4. Instapaper This is an excellent tool with which you can better organize your time and reading pace. It lets you save articles and video so that you can read them when you have time.

Nine tech tools that make city living a snap 5. Mophie It is a protective case and charger in one. You charge Mophie at night and the next day when your phone is out of battery because of so much phoning, surfing on internet, tweeting you just attach it to your phone.

6. Zipcar Have no car but need one sometimes? Don't want to pay for parking and insurance? Zipcar is the ideal.

Nine tech tools that make city living a snap 7. Fresh Direct Have no time to do the weekly or daily shopping ? Order via Fresh DIrect and get delivered to your home or office. FreshDirect’s warehouse has seven different climates to keep various products at the ideal optimal temperatures, allowing the company to serve only top-quality food. Want your meat cut a certain width? No problem. Like your apples a certain way? They'll do it. Plus, FreshDirect's quality freshness ratings highlight the day’s top produce, and a “featured recipes” function adds a recipe’s ingredients to your shopping cart in one click.

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Nine tech tools that make city living a snap  

Useful application for an easier city living.