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Las Vegas Rafting Includes Grand Canyon Helicopter Ride By Josie Pittsman Need a Las Vegas activity that's packed with fun and thrills? Look no further than this fabulous 1 day Grand Canyon helicopter-rafting trip. It includes flying to the bottom of the canyon as well as an incredible smooth water float trip down the Colorado River. If that's the kind of adventure you are up for, here are details: This "super" trip is based out of Vegas. You can't get it anywhere else on the planet. It's a seasonal tour, and runs from April to November when water temperatures are perfect for float trips. Departures are in the morning and include free Las Vegas hotel shuttle service. The fun starts the minute you board your EcoStar 130 helicopter. The EcoStar is state-ofthe-art and features a cabin that's 25% larger than conventional helicopters. Seating is theater style, and the front of the chopper sports a 180-degree windshield. Equipped with a Fenestron rotor, the EcoStar delivers one of the quietest, smoothest rides in the sky today. And off you go to Grand Canyon. You'll be visiting the West Rim, which is a mere 120 miles away from Las Vegas. Helicopters, which cruise at 200 miles an hour, will have you at the edge in 45 minutes. Keep your eyes peeled: En route you'll see Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, the new Hoover Dam Bypass, and the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Now begins the 4,000-foot descent to the bottom of the canyon. Over the span of 10 minutes you'll canyon-carve past immense cliffs, surreal rock formations, and a gorge that averages 10 miles in width. Your helicopter will alight on a private helipad. Here you'll deplane, toast your flight with Champagne, and explore the canyon's ancient floor. Back in the chopper, you'll ascend (very exciting) to the top and take a luxury bus to the base of Hoover Dam where you'll board your adventure-class pontoon raft. These boats are enormous and can hold up to 19 people. They're built to tame the toughest of rivers, which is not the case here as this is a no-rapids tour. From Black Canyon at the base of Hoover Dam to Willow Beach in Arizona, the raft trip is 11 miles on some of the Colorado River's calmest waters. This stretch is also incredibly beautiful. You'll see amazing cliffs, abundant wildlife (be on the lookout for Big Horn sheep - they are on the ridges), and a natural beauty that makes the hearts of naturalists sing.

Willow Bay is a wide bend in the river where your smooth water float trip will end. Swimming is encouraged. Changing facilities are available. It's also a great place to relax, take pictures, eat, and enjoy some really nice "down time" after having spent a few days on Las Vegas' electrifying Strip. Then it's back on the motor coach for a relaxing ride back to Vegas. This 1 day Grand Canyon helicopter-rafting trip is perfect for individuals, large groups and families (kids four years of age and older are allowed!). It's also the perfect canyon sampler, to my mind. No other trip pairs a West Rim bottom landing with an extended Grand Canyon rafting trip like this one. Seriously, it's incredible how much you get to see and do on this tour, and that's why I whole-heartedly recommend it to all my friends and family. #30#

1-Day Grand Canyon Rafting Trip With Helicopter Ride  

This article reviews the famous 1 day Las Vegas rafting package that comes with a helicopter ride to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

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