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September/October 2012 Vol. 1 Issue 5

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ArrowCare provides affordable health care ArrowCare, the County’s Low Income Health Program, was implemented on Jan. 1, 2012 as a bridge to health care reform. Members enrolled in ArrowCare will automatically transition into the state’s Medi-Cal program on Jan. 1, 2014. ArrowCare provides qualified residents with health coverage that includes primary and preventive services, inpatient hospitalization, outpatient specialty services, pharmaceuticals, mental health services, and emergency services and transportation. In addition, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC) developed a case management department that enlists registered nurses who help patients transition through the levels of care. The goal is to coordinate care efforts and improve patient outcomes, to reduce health care costs. In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This ruling supports efforts San Bernardino County is taking to extend medical benefits to qualified residents. The Section 1113 Demonstration Waiver with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave counties throughout the State the opportunity to develop coverage programs, in advance of health reform, for individuals who will qualify for Medicaid (called Medi-Cal in California). The County began ArrowCare through ARMC with a goal to register 20,000 members into the program. To date, 18,843 residents are enrolled. ARMC staff has also attended numerous community events to provide program information to residents who may qualify. To learn more about ArrowCare and how you or your family may qualify call the Eligibility Service Center at (877) 410-8829 or visit the ArrowCare website at --Ron Boatman, ARMC Assistant Hospital Administrator


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They practice under the blistering San Bernardino sun; the heat matched only by the burning anticipation their mothers, wives, daughters, sons, grandparents and others have who look on. They are the inherent fan base of the Inland Empire Meerkats, one of the first semi-pro football teams to play in San Bernardino. Owned by local philanthropist and community member Shawn Mitchell, the Meerkats are the newest expansion team added to the Lawrence Community Football League (LCFL) Western Conference, the West Division of the Gridiron Developmental Football League (GDFL). The team was conceived through Mitchell’s co-ed community sports league, Glory Road Athletics (GRA). What began as a simple 8-on-8 flag football squad has now become a full-sized semi-pro team with a near 40-man roster made up of former local high school and collegiate athletes, as well as former Arena Football League talents primarily from the Inland Empire. Regardless of skills and ability, Mitchell maintains that this program is for the benefit of the players as well as the community, “We are going to set a good example. What we are doing is more than a sport,” said Mitchell. Mitchell sees the Meerkats as a second chance for a lot of his players, and a platform for advancing their goals and dreams. With some recruited through Craigslist ads, the players admit the biggest challenge they face is “getting people together,” as lineman CJ Montano puts it. For the Meerkats, “together”! Continued on page 3

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t is the obesity factor tha n. tio immobilizing our na and its fru Choosing fresh d fast sse ce pro vegetables over d fen de to us foods enables e lif st ain ag ourselves like threatening illnesses, ease. dis art he d an diabetes more Healthy, active kids are tter in be rm attentive and perfo class. Also, mentally and t helps a healthy workforce tha physically fit adults build rtunities po region, creating job op attract businesses to our closer to home. fun! ive lifestyle is just plain Plus, living a healthy, act of e gam ly end fri the kids to a ily Try it and see! Challenge fam th wi e hik ng rni an early mo ng tag or basketball, enjoy mi im day pedal boating or sw and friends, or spend the all get ’s let ay, tod g rtin ks. Sta at one of our regional par well! active, have fun and be p you is a great website to hel om k.c llin rai w.t ww P.S. d. on rdino County and bey find trails in San Berna

Local Community Gardens thrive, teach A community garden is any piece of land that is being gardened by a group of people. The groups can vary among neighborhoods, organizations, and students. Vegetables and flowers can be grown, as well as the community that cares for it. With the help of their local partners, the Boys and Girls Club of San Bernardino recently opened the West Side Community Garden. Vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, basil, and eggplant are currently being cultivated. Tashika Lesure, Program Director of the Boys and Girls Club of San Bernardino said, “These kids get so excited about the garden. They want to be out here every day watering the plants, but we have to explain to them why they can’t do that.” The club currently has about 100 students tending to the garden–creating an opportunity to advance their intellectual development. “Science, math, and technology are our main focus areas,” said Lesure, “We want them to learn about photosynthesis and what these plants need to survive.” Lesure also sees the garden as a place for the children to have

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their own sanctuary. Similar to other community gardens, it seeks to provide more than just food, but a place to retreat and thrive. The Veterans Exploration Garden (VEG), which is also located in San Bernardino, was designed with our former troops in mind. “The garden not only provides therapeutic benefit, it also is a place to bring veterans together to reestablish a sense of camaraderie with other veterans,” said Bill Mosley, Director of Veterans Affairs of San Bernardino County, “I believe the project will become a catalyst in our community, fostering additional community collaborative projects that benefit veterans and the community at large.” For a local garden near you, contact Healthy Communities at --Carissa Cambare


With more people promoting healthy lifestyles focused on diet and exercise, Arrowhead Medical Regional Center (ARMC) is helping to make that choice easier! The County hospital recently hosted a heart healthy cooking class called “Serving-Up Healthy." Cardiology Nurse Glenn Nielson offered healthy cooking tips and information on proper nutrition and hot to avoid heart disease. He also shared the importance of regular exercise, not smoking, and shopping along the outside lanes of the grocery store where healthier foods are stocked. ARMC Registered Dietician Marilou Fraire explained how being overweight and inactive increases the risk of heart attack. She advised the class to avoid foods high in saturated and transitive fats, like fast food, deep fried foods, ice cream, doughnuts, etc. Instead, choose good fats high in mono-unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats, such as fish oils, nuts, avocados, most vegetable and seed oils, and flaxseed. It is equally important to limit both salt and sugar intake and to incorporate soluble fiber in the daily diet. For instance the class learned that a person’s recommended daily salt intake is equal to one teaspoon. In the words of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, we should remember to “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ARMC will hold another Senior Serving-Up Healthy class on Sept. 12. To register, go to or call (909) 580-3143 for more information. -- Erlinda Magbanua

The We Can! Eat Better and Move More program is a free, six-week exercise and nutrition program for seniors. Participants learn various tips for increasing movement by using physically innovative games on the Nintendo Wii. Improving balance, hand-eye coordination and flexibility are major components for the movement portion of the class. Tips for Healthy Eating is another focus of the program. Topics discussed in the classes include Fiber Fitness, Walking for Stronger Bones, Nutrition Label Reading, Protein, Fruits and Vegetables, Fall Prevention, and Medication Management. The We Can Eat Better and Move More Program is open to the public and is sponsored by the County Department of Aging and Adult Services. The program was recently offered at Home of Neighborly Services, San Bernardino Senior Center, Perris Hill Senior Center, and the Magnolia Senior Apartments. The class is currently being held at the Dino Papavera Senior Center in Fontana on Wednesdays from 10:00–11:00 a.m. on 9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10, 10/17, and 10/24. Contact the Program Coordinator, Linda-Marie Griffey at (909) 387-6808 for class location and times.

! from page 1 Continued For nearly seven years, Lupe Yarrito of Redlands lived without proper health care and insurance. There were many times during that period, she says, that she didn’t feel well. “I felt weak and just tired all of the time,” she said. “But I ignored it because I didn’t have insurance and I just wasn’t motivated to look into my health.” Now a member of the County of San Bernardino’s new health care program known as ArrowCare, Lupe’s health outlook has changed dramatically. “I feel great and I have peace of mind knowing that I have insurance and a doctor who is going to take care of my needs,” said Yarrito. Lupe was enrolled into the ArrowCare program in January and after seeing her doctor, discovered that she is a pre-diabetic and has high blood pressure. “And I didn’t even know it,” said Yarrito about those two potentially serious health conditions. “But I’m happy that they didn’t find anything more serious.” Yarrito said her doctor motivated her to get healthy by suggesting changes to her lifestyle. “She told me that if I wanted to live longer that I had to start working on my heath,” said Yarrito. “I listened to her because I want to live to see my grandchildren grow.” Yarrito now has a treatment plan for her pre-diabetes and high blood pressure and walks an hour every morning. To see if you qualify for ArrowCare, visit or call (877) 410-8829.

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The player’s talent level varies across the encompasses more than just coordinating the roster, some of them have never competed in a actual practices themselves, but also the regulation football game. Offensive struggle in collaborating everyone’s talent coordinator Rick Fabro is embracing his own into a cohesive and formidable football force role as a mentor for this striving group of on the field. competitors. Most of these football players have “It’s a blessing to help this team do their unrivalled responsibilities off the field, be it best. This is a building process…we have a jobs to keep or families to love and maintain. bunch of young guys with a lot of talent,” said Finding practice time in between competing Fabro. commitments can be difficult, especially The Meerkats next home game is Sept. 15 when that is coupled with the need to advance The Meerkats practice running offensive drills. versus the Valley Predators at Arroyo High the development of the team. School football field. “My goal is to make it pro,” said free safety, defensive Visit for all team news and captain, and former San Bernardino High School varsity football information. player Antoine Osborn. Even with it being the Meerkat’s To get involved with the Meerkats or Shawn Mitchell’s other inaugural season Osborn has made it clear that he is ready to win, community organizations, call his office at (909) 556-7392. “We got a lot of new guys and a lot to work with. I hope to accomplish a championship.” --Louis Penna!!




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Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 5, September/October  
Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 5, September/October  

This month's newsletter is focused on county health and fitness. Read about what County programs are keeping our community mentally and phys...