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Ideas for Planning the Perfect Summer Stay-cation

Yes! Your Vote Matters If you ever wondered, “Does my vote really matter as much as they say?” The answer is “Yes!” San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters, Michael Scarpello, cited the closest election in San Bernardino County as being the Loma Linda City Council race in March of 2000. When all of the ballots were tallied, the race was won by the literal toss of a coin. Each and every vote DID count! While it’s unusual to have a smaller number of votes decide a larger election, such as a Presidential election, it can happen more often in the smaller local contests. Yet, even with the national election, every vote is important. The 2000 Presidential election helped to coin the phrase, “I demand a recount!” and familiarized people around the world with the “chad.” At the end of the night, each candidate had 48% of the vote. After the absentee ballots were counted and the “chad” determinations were made, the election was won by 1,784 votes in a state with a population of nearly 16 million. The President of the United States was determined by less than .0001% – not quite a coin toss but significant none the less! These are just a few examples proving that your vote does matter. It matters not just to the candidates running for office, but most importantly to you, your family and your neighbors, our Veterans, our homeless, and every aspect of our lives. To register to vote call the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters office at (800) 881-8683 or (909) 387-8300. You can also visit the website at 4

~Michelle Parker

Getting away from it all doesn’t always involve hopping on a plane. You and your family can enjoy a memorable summer vacation right here in San Bernardino County. From the desert to the mountains and the valleys in between there are many great local spots to enjoy. For starters, the Mojave National Preserve is a must-see. The world-renown attraction has lava flows, mountains, and wildlife that are found nowhere else. Hikers can trek scenery rich trails through sand dunes and elevated rocky terrains. Whether it’s horseback riding, backpacking, or camping, outdoor lovers will find their niche here. If going to the park is more your style, the County has nine great regional parks, each with its own special attractions and activities. Perhaps the most unique is the Calico Ghost Town Regional Park in Yermo. Continued on page 3

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Vol. 1 Issue 3

May/June 2012

Local Program Helps Families Find Their Way Home Since 1999 Project Home Again has been providing services for homeless persons with mental health and substance abuse issues, offering them life skills counseling, job leads, and other assistance to help them turn their lives around. According to Margaret Rochelle, Program Manager for Project Home Again, they are fulfilling their purpose by “accessing those individuals who were falling through the cracks.” She recalled one particular family that was living in their inlaw’s garage. Having no job and some legal issues, the young father decided to seek help from Project Home Again. “Initially the couple was so angry with one another,” said Margaret. But as

the counselors kindly worked with them, giving them job leads, offering transportation assistance, and training the couple in goal setting, they saw a change. The family is now headed in a positive direction. The father is employed, the mother has continued her schooling, and together they are looking for their own home. And their 3-yearold son enjoys visiting and reading to the Project Home Again staff. Margaret shares her heart in saying, “For him to come in to read to us, lets us know that he feels safe and he understands that we are offering help to his family.” The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

ht to vote is the For Americans, the rig ught victories result of m any hard fo individuals of our cham pioned by brave few of us exercise past. Yet, these days so this right. of your voice. Voting is the extension out - to determine It enables you to speak as your elected who will represent you otect and preserve officials and work to pr well as the best your best interests, as . Your informed interests of your children elect public vote empowers you to ur hopes and servants who share yo your tax dollars dream s and ensure that asured results. are used to produce me 2

Continuum of Care grant funding enables organizations like Project Home Again to exist and serve the homeless community. HUD recently awarded over $7 million to 20 agencies that will provide transitional and permanent housing, as well as other supportive services to help homeless individuals and families living in San Bernardino County. For more information about Project Home Again call (909) 881-6146. To learn more about what is being done to help the homeless in San Bernardino County contact the Office of Homeless Services at (909) 252-4001 or visit their website at ~ Renele Fleming

need to The fact is, more of us n Bernardino exercise this right. Sa ation rate is among County's voter registr and the outcomes the lowest in the state; l, state and local of many of our federa ed by very small elections are determin unty's eligible percentages of our Co voters. this issue’s It is true – as stated in te Matters” – every article “Yes! Your Vo e everyone to vote counts. I encourag ates cam paigning learn about the candid munity and to represent your com es and priorities determine if their valu exercise your align with yours. Then to be heard! right. It's time for you

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Stay-cation (Continued)

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Muscoy residents, along with city, county and state representatives, gathered on April 20th to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Baker Family Learning Center. The 11,000 square foot facility, which will include a state-of-the-art library, preschool site and much more, is being built on land generously donated to the county by the late Neal Baker, of Baker’s Drive Thru. It is set to open the spring of 2013.

2012 State Primary Elections When residents go to the polls for the June 5th primary they will be able to vote from a full slate of candidates. In 2010, the California voters approved Proposition 14, also known as the Top Two Open Primary Act. In elections for voter nominated offices residents can now vote for any candidate running for office, regardless of their political party. The candidates’ party affiliation will be listed on the primary election ballot; but only the top two vote recipients for each seat, regardless of party affiliation, will be the nominees for the general election. Nothing has changed for party nominated offices, such as elections for the office of the President and county party central committees. Just as before, only members of a political party can vote for candidates from their own party in these races.

This historical landmark, known as California’s largest silver mining camp during the Gold Rush, will take your family back to the days of the Old West. You can visit the crooked Mystery Shack where water defies gravity, ride the Calico-Odessa Railway, or pan for gold. Enjoy the park for a day or a week-long camp stay. Perhaps visiting one of our mountain communities is your idea of a perfect summer getaway. The Lake Arrowhead Village Summer Concert Series is a free weekend event running May 11th through September 1st. The nearby Lake Gregory Regional Park in Crestline is a fun place to enjoy a variety of water sport activities. Be sure to check out the park’s fun-filled Dragon Boat Racing event on August 18th. Finally, the cruisers can get their kicks motoring along the historic Route 66. Some “musts” on the road trip are Jedro’s Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Needles, Victorville’s Route 66 Museum, the Bottle Tree Ranch in Barstow, and the amazing Amboy crater. These trip ideas are a sampling of the fun awaiting you and your family. So pull out the camping gear, dust off your hiking boots, gas up the jet skis, and plan your stay-cation right here in your own backyard! To learn more about our county regional parks visit or to make camping reservations call (909) 387-2757 or go to ~Yalissa Bermeo & Chris Mardis

These changes will not affect nonpartisan offices, such as county offices, municipal offices, and school districts. The races will be conducted in the same manner as previous elections. To ensure voters are aware of these changes, Michael Scarpello, San Bernardino County’s Registrar of Voters, and his staff have extensive plans to educate the public. “Some of our educational efforts include a new website with the information about the open primary election as well as information about redistricting, new precincts, and new polling place assignments,” said Scarpello.

“We are also looking to host several educational forums for community leaders and provide them with the information about our election processes,” he added. To find out how you can co-host an educational forum and for more information on the Top Two Candidates Open Primary or other elections questions, please visit the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters website at or call (909) 387-8300. ~ Carissa Cambare & County ROV Michael Scarpello


Vol. 1 Issue 3

May/June 2012

Upcoming Events Breathmobile Open House May 17 @ 2:30PM Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 400 N. Pepper Avenue, Colton Free Cancer Screening Event Arrowhead Regional Medical Center 400 N. Pepper Avenue, Colton

May 19 @ 9AM

Inland Empire East End Job Fair May 30 @ 9AM National Orange Show, Valencia Room, 689 S. E. Street, San Bernardino Homeward Bound Mega Pet Adoption Yucaipa Regional Park

June 16-17 @ 10AM

Bloomington Fire Station #77

17459 Slover Ave.

Bridge Church of the Nazarene

9904 Bloomington Ave.

Congressional United Church

18490 Santa Ana Ave.


Colton Community Church

1301 N. Rancho Ave.

Fire Station #213

1100 S. La Cadena Dr.

Luque Community Center

262 East “O� Street

Fontana Academy for Martial Arts

7605 Sierra Ave.

Mountain View Community Church

8833 Palmetto Ave.

Muscoy Vermont Elementary

3695 Vermont St.

Provisional Accelerated Learning Center

2450 Blake St.


Contact us at (909) 387-4565

Hughbanks Elementary School

2241 N. Apple Ave.

Fire Station #3

1550 Ayala Dr.

Cathedral of Praise Church

1521 S. Riverside Ave.

Rialto Community Center

Email: Website:

214 N. Palm Ave.

San Bernardino Delman Heights Center

2969 Flores St.

Shandin Hills Golf Course

338 Little Mountain Dr.

St. Paul AME Church

1355 W. 21st St.

Home of Neighborly Services

839 N. Mount Vernon Ave.

For more polling sites in your area call (800) 881-8683 or (909) 387-8300 or go to Join us on Facebook

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Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 3, May/June  
Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 3, May/June  

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