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4 One among hundreds served at St. Stephen’s annual feasts.

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Volume 1 Issue 1

San Bernardino County Supervisor for the Fifth District

Jan-Feb 2012

St. Stephen’s Annual Holiday Giving For over 30 years Reverend and Mrs. Jesse McKinney have fed the hungry and clothed the poor. Mary McKinney, lovingly known as Sister McKinney, gives from the depths of heart as she prepares annually to feed many. This year was no exception. Volunteers from near and far travel to Muscoy during the holiday season to serve hundreds of residents living in and near the unincorporated community. As great anticipation built in the hearts of the volunteers, Sister McKinney sung inspirational words of praise. Many thanks and appreciation filled the air from those who were fed a hearty home cooked meal. “Service with dignity,” said Sister McKinney as she encouraged the servers to make sure each plate was neat, clean and free from drippings. Just that added touch of Continued on page 3

Countywide Vision, Ethical Government set in 2011

The Work Continues in 2012 My first year as Chair of the Board of Supervisors has seen many a success arise from challenging situations. Looking forward to the second and final year of my chairmanship, I am confident that we as a Board will continue to honor our responsibilities to serve the residents of this great county. While much of the nation is still reeling from a slow economy, the County has made significant progress in 2011. We adopted a five-year strategic economic plan, laying the foundation for our finance and budgetary needs. Also, for the first time in our County’s history, we embarked on a mission to adopt a County-wide “Vision.” The County held more than 40 meetings with community members and industry experts. Input from residents, local elected officials, community and business leaders helped us define a vision for the future. The “Vision” will guide our

region’s leaders as we make decisions for the economic, educational, environmental, and cultural wellbeing of the County. Ethical government is one area in which there is no compromise. The Board of Supervisors has an obligation to uphold the highest moral standards for its members and their staff. Upon my election as Chair, I announced several reform measures that embody good government and establish professional standards. With support from my fellow Supervisors, the Board took the following actions:  Eliminated discretionary funds from the 2011-2012 fiscal year budget, saving the County $2 million; Continued on page 2

Josie’s Corner As the breaking of a New Year is just around the corner, it is a wonderful time to reflect, renew & restore. In the midst of the hustle and bustle life brings, I encourage you to take the time to reflect on what the year has given. It’s a time to renew commitments and restore relationships. It’s a time of giving; remember to share what you have with someone less fortunate than you, maybe a hot cup of coffee, a meal or a special gift, helping their faith to be renewed with a promise of hope for 2012.

The holidays bring families together, make friendships stronger and help us to put into perspective the things that matter most. Take this time to do just that...reflect, renew & restore. Gather your focus for the incoming year, setting your ambitions high and mapping your path to get there. January first will come soon enough and the year will fly by before you know it.

that have been broken, starting 2012 with all things intact, nothing missing and nothing broken. Please be safe during this New Year whether you are traveling afar or staying here locally.

Take the time to visit relatives or friends you have not seen in a while, let them know that you love and appreciate them. Restore relationships

Have a Happy New Year!

Josie Gonzales Left to Right

Countywide Vision continued...  Prohibit the use of public funds for sponsorships

that promote individual elected officials; and 

Professionalize staff contracts for the Board of Supervisors.

Moving into 2012, the Board will continue to address concerns about campaign contribution levels and additional ethics reforms. There is still much work to be done in 2012. Unemployment and declining property values remain a reality for many families throughout the region. The needs of our residents are many, but we cannot neglect the fact that we need to be accountable to the taxpayers. I am committed to working with our CEO Greg Devereaux and my fellow Board Members in order to continue to provide the best services possible, while remaining fiscally responsible. Lastly, I am vested in the realization of the County’s adopted “Vision.” We should all aspire to achieve the goal of a strong, vibrant and healthy county. It is the legacy that we leave for our children and grandchildren. I invite you to join me in bringing our “Vision” to life throughout 2012. To read more about the Countywide “Vision” go to

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Jeff Reed (So. Cal Gas), Mike Logsdon (Owner, Fontana Lumber), Supervisor Josie Gonzales (5th District, San Bernardino County), Pablo Gutierrez (California Energy Commission)

New Technology Fuels Local Business A successful demonstration of an ultra-low emission control technology will enable Southland businesses to meet stringent clean air standards for gas engines. Southern California Gas Company and the California Energy Commission funded the six-month project conducted at Fontana Wholesale Lumber Yard. The local business produces nearly 100% of its electricity on site, using waste heat

from a combined heat and power natural gas engine to operate kilns used to treat lumber. “A multifaceted approach such as this shows how essential collaboration is to getting things done for everyone's benefit,” says Supervisor Josie Gonzales, who represents San Bernardino County on the South Coast Air Quality Management Governing Board.

St. Stephen’s continued...

Just that added touch of and provide groceries for them to compassion made a world of take home. difference. The Sister Mary McKinney (Center) with volunteers Twice a McKinney’s and week, their dedicated Sister volunteers McKinney provide a goes out to consistent, the park and loving “welcome gives food Home” for those items to who have no needy home. families in Bill Pointdexter, Photographer Volunteers the have also community. As if that was not found their enough, every third Saturday, their place of feeding plan includes a hot meal service at St. and groceries to take home. Stephen’s Church alongside the Feeding hundreds over the holiMcKinney’s. days, the McKinney’s have proven to For example, Von Summerville, be a consistent arm of help, who leads the annual holiday compassion and friendship, outreach efforts, has been with upholding the Muscoy community. Sister McKinney for nearly 17 years. Anyone wanting to help Sister The reach of St. Stephen’s goes well McKinney may contact her at (909) beyond a holiday meal, every 287-4868. Thursday they feed over 75 families

Even here in sunny Southern California our winter months can get quite cold with the heavy rains and snow that hit many areas of our county. For those who may need refuge, below is a list of a few emergency and cold weather shelters located in the Fifth District: 

Central City Lutheran Mission 1354 N. G Street, San Bernardino (909) 381-6921 (men only)

San Bernardino Salvation Army 925 W. 10th Street, San Bernardino (909) 888-1336

Frazee Community Center 1413 Kendall Drive, San Bernardino (909) 889-4424 For additional information and locations call the County’s Office of Homeless Services at (909) 252-4001 or


Upcoming Events Supervisor Gonzales’ Reaches Out On Facebook In December Supervisor Gonzales launched her professional Facebook page. Created with her constituents in mind, this venue will highlight news, events, programs, and services geared for residents living in the County’s Fifth District. The Page will offer personal messages, address current problems, and highlights her day-to-day activities. As an interactive venue it offers a timely way to share information on important issues. The Supervisor’s Page also includes an “En Español” welcome for Spanish-speaking constituents, as an added means to reach out to the Fifth District’s growing, diverse population.

“I want my Page to foster greater communication with the residents and businesses owners that I have the privilege to represent,” said Supervisor Gonzales. To “like” her Page go to your Facebook account and search Supervisor Josie Gonzales. If you have problems locating the page, please call (909) 387-4565 .

The Lisa Project

January 13-15

Martin Luther King Day

January 16

Community Cinema: Daisy Bates 6:00pm January 24 Diabetes Support Group (English) 6:30pm –8pm January 29 Autism Support for Parents 10am– 11:30am February 7

Valentine's Day February 14 For more info. please visit

MLK Day of Service to Spark Action in Our Communities Each year organizations and individuals seek ways to make a difference in their communities on the third Monday in January. The day, which became a federal holiday in 1983 to celebrate the life of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is actually one focused on service. Among his many calls to action, Dr. King once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?”


Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.



Martin Luther King

Both the question and his life inspired the U.S. Congress in 1994 to designate the holiday as a national day of service, officially called the “MLK Day of Service.” “On January 16th we can take action and, in Dr. King’s memory, take huge steps towards realizing his dream,” said Supervisor Josie Gonzales. “Coming together in prayer and celebration is wonderful.

Please check below for Volunteer Opportunities within the County Volunteer Match Arrowhead Regional Medical Center Volunteer Services: (909) 580-6340

Working together in service to others, especially on this day, is equally powerful and uplifting. It embodies the works that accompany our faith.” Known as a “day on, not a day off,” MLK Day of Service offers an opportunity for individuals to make a difference in the lives of others. The national effort seeks to empower and strengthen our communities, bridge barriers, and collectively move us closer to Dr. King’s global vision of a “Beloved Community” in which human decency will not tolerate inequality, poverty, hunger or homelessness. He envisioned an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood would erase discrimination and prejudice; a world in which peaceful conflict-resolution and reconciliation resolves disputes; and love and trust triumph over fear and hatred. For more information on the MLK Day of Service, visit the Corporation for National and Community Service website at or call (202) 606-5000.

Hands On–Inland Empire Corporation for National & Community Service

San Bernardino County Supervisor for the Fifth District

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Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 1, January/February  
Josie's Press Vol. 1 Issue 1, January/February  

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