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Josephine Fear’s Application for the Nicolas Samuel Celebratory Scholarship at

Studying BA(hons) Fashion Management

The Past.... Fashion photographers such as Tim Walker inspired my A level photography coursework...

I thoroughly enjoyed undertaking my Textiles A level coursework, following similar processes that I am now learning about in depth in BAFM, such as primary and secondary research, qualitative research and also topics which we are yet to cover such as fabric construction and pricing strategies and margins for my product.

I’m incredibly proud of the end result, shown above, and I loved the dress so much that I actually wore it to my school ball! I was overjoyed to receive 100% in both the coursework and the written exam am an extremely hard for my A Ilevel.

I am a very hard worker and I am very dedicated to my studies, achieving top results at GCSE (Straight A’s and A*s) and A level. My Economics knowledge is proving very useful in the course as we study MACRO and MICRO economic factors, such as tariffs, quotas, tax implications etc on retailers. I am hoping to undertake studies in French at UAL this year, so that I will be able to engage in fluent conversation with organisations in Paris etc.

While studying for my A levels, I began a now flourishing jewellery business. I set the business up aged 15, after just completing work experience with the world renowned potter Mary Rose Young – helping her start off her jewellery range. The jewellery took off quickly in school, and I soon started producing enough to stock in shops and online. A few celebrities have even purchased from me!

I also have an interest in the beauty industry, and during my gap year, between by travels to Thailand, and over Europe, I started a Spray Tanning company! I had learnt a lot about choosing the most appropriate forms of advertising with my jewellery company, so was able to grow the business very quickly. I am finding my business experience crucial – relating it to topics covered in lectures at LCF.

Another interest of mine is journalism and I was a regular fashion features writer for our local paper, The Monmouth Beacon, Opposite is my first article which was published online, entitled, ‘Sick of Size Zero’. I also submitted work to many magazines, and I was featured in an editorial in Glamour magazine, and also had a 4 page spread and a mention on the cover of the teen magazine Bliss for my Bezzie VS Boyfriend Article.

The Present.... I am continuing to write articles for local blogs and publications and I am still making jewellery to keep the shops stock levels up, however most of my time now is dedicated to my studies. I am however working part time in the Topshop in Knightsbridge where I am gaining valuable information about shop systems. I also hope to do a short internship with the Visual Merchandising team there, which will prove very useful for our upcoming project on window displays.

.....The Future Although I am still undecided as to which path to take, I am enjoying learning about the many different roles which are available to me, and I look forward to meeting some influential people and gathering tips from them at this year’s Fashion Summit. At the moment I am interested in Marketing, fascinated by the facts and findings in Paco Underhill’s ‘Why We Buy’. I hope to undertake as many internships as possible, and continue working for Topshop, while ensuring that my studies and work continues to be fulfilled to the highest standard, just as I have done previously with my businesses and school work.

Josephine Fear's Scholarship Application  

Visual Essay for Nicolas Samuel Celebratory Scholarship