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4. Enhance Snow Farm’s capacity to accept more students C

A Left: aerial photo (2006) Right: Snow Farm campus map with alternative building locations A, B, & C.


Alternative ‘A’

Opportunities • Building at location ‘A’ keeps campus compact, protecting the beautiful fields that currently frame the campus • The new glass facility can tie into existing utilities, and does not need to build a new road for vehicle access saving on construction costs • The new glass facility becomes a multi-functional feature of campus, providing a social gathering area, a viewing area, and flexible space for events • Building close to the old hot glass studio allows for that building to be re-used and integrated into the new facility, and to deflect sound from the dormitories • Building into the slope will allow for two floors both at ground level providing handicap accessibility without an elevator reducing building costs • The pond may be used as a “fire pond” reducing insurance rates Constraints • Location ‘A’ is a tight area possibly restricting the mobility of heavy equipment during construction • Building the glass facility on the slope will destroy the slip and slide area enjoyed by the students

Alternative ‘B’

Alternative ‘C’

Opportunities Opportunities • Location ‘C’ has plenty of space to accommodate the • Building at location ‘B’ will keep the new glass facility near construction of a new glass facility the central campus • The distance from campus may reduce insurance rates • This location has road access for vehicles and might • There is plenty of parking and easy vehicle access easily tie into existing utilities • Potential to have great views across the eastern field Constraints Constraints • Building in location ‘C’ will impact the serenity of the north • While location ‘B’ is close to the campus center the area is field that may be better used for walking trails and natural actually cut off by the kitchen service road and the hedge inspiration obstructing future campus circulation to the new facility • It is far away from the campus center, making the glass • There are currently very few parking spaces near this facility a fringe studio, missing the opportunity to be more area, and more may need to be built to accommodate the interconnected with campus life needs of the new glass studio adding to construction costs • There will be an added cost to either tie into existing • Building at location ‘B’ will destroy a part of the old utilities or build a new leach field to manage the facility’s stonewall and will impact the serenity of the eastern field wastewater • Sound will not be buffered in any way from the cottage or • Noise pollution for the dormitories will increase dorms

Josiah Simpson - Landscape Designer

3. Increase storage space

New Glass Facility Concept Development 6 / 8 / 2011

2. Create numerous interconnections between the studios and the wider campus


glass, and grinding/polishing/sand blasting

Snow Farm School 5 Clary Road Williamsburg, Mass

1. Build a new facility that can house five glass studios: hot glass, flame work, staine glass, kiln

Summit Ridge Design 1 Ashfield Street Shelburne Falls, Mass (832) 483-5520

Project Goals


• Two gender specific bathrooms on each floor • The footprint of the new building will be no less than 3,000 square feet

• The number of students that can use hot glass studio at one time will be double or triple the existing capacity

• The building will fit into the existing scale and architectural vernacular of the campus

• The building will be physically oriented to catch prevailing winds; and overhangs and windows for passive solar design

East Elevation

Snow Farm School 5 Clary Road Williamsburg, Mass


Cold Shop Lamp Work

Outdoor Studio & Flex Space

Vehicle Acess


Patio Glass Facility

ceramics kiln

Common Building


first floor access

new glass facility (40’-0”) existing slope 8%

covered breeze way and flex space (32’-0”)

existing studio building retrofit



Josiah Simpson - Landscape Designer

• The facility will be designed to easily accommodate future equipment upgrades (tall ceilings, few support beams, vehicle access)

• The building will be a simple design and easy to maintain

New Glass Facility Concept Development 6 / 8 / 2011


he exciting possibilities associated with location ‘A’ are explored here with a schematic plan-view of the facility.

• The new facility will have at least 1000 square feet for flexible space that can house events and special studio practicums

Summit Ridge Design 1 Ashfield Street Shelburne Falls, Mass (832) 483-5520

Design Criteria

South Elevation



Outdoor Classroom ‘


• cold shop: retrofit existing building for grinding, polishing, and sand blasting • patio: a circulation point between buildings, a viewing station into the hot shop, a central place to hang out • glass facility: two floors 3,000 square feet each, 6,000 s.f. total • outdoor classroom: cobble hardscape with permanent seating shaded by decidious trees



10’-0” minimum b/w road and building

south face of glass facility 75’-0”

stairs asend to an enhanced patio and viewing area

existing studios and upstairs common building




4 A new facility should have character, but remain within a reasonable budget. To keep costs down consider building with re-used or salvaged materials like the Rebuilding Center, which is made from 70% reused materials.


An open-walled steel frame and roof can shelter a wide range of activities and events. The enclosure will help to integrate the two seperate buildings.

5 Garage doors can be assemblled inside the building to make two rooms or a single large one.

Sliding doors, windows, and walls will increase air circulation, provide easy access for walking and moving equipment. Walls should be outfitted with many windows to maximize natural light and views into and out of the facility.



6 Foldable walls might be another option for creating flexible multi-use spaces.

Josiah Simpson - Landscape Designer

New Glass Facility Concept Development 6 / 8 / 2011

3 Covered walkways can provide shelter from rain and light at night.

Building into a slope creates two floors that are both at ground level providing handicap accessability (without an elevator) and vehicle access for moving equipment/supplies.




Summit Ridge Design 1 Ashfield Street Shelburne Falls, Mass (832) 483-5520

2 Create a “stack effect” with the building’s roof to release unwanted heat (sealable in the winter).

Snow Farm School 5 Clary Road Williamsburg, Mass

1 Harness convection: prevailing winds blow from bottom left to upper right windows, passivly cooling the second floor.


Snow Farm: New Glass Studio Concept  

A three page document that determines the best location and features for a new glass studio at Snow Farm art school in Williamsburg, MA.