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Slippery Rock University: Rock Solid Education

As employers look for the best candidatesto fill in jobpositions, getting a graduate degree provides hopefuls an edge. Earning a graduate degree also helps applicants qualify for teaching positions in top schools. It also demonstrates the applicant’s initiative to learn and study more. The challenge in getting on a graduate program, however, is finding the best educational institution. Fortunately, there are comprehensive universities like Slippery Rock University,which offers a wide array of undergraduate and select graduate programs. It has built its historic reputation for excellence in physical education into a wide array of health and wellness programs. Brief History The university first opened on March 26, 1889 as Slippery Rock State Normal School. It has a mandate to train and enable persons to be educators. Over the years, the school fulfilled its mandate well and has produced educators that now workat public schools in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation. Then in 1926, when the school was purchased by the Commonwealth, it was renamed Slippery Rock State College. It then became a four-year teachers college and continued its mandate of education training. It was granted university status in 1983 and it now offers a broad array of undergraduate and graduate programs in Pennsylvania.

SRU’s Commitment to Learning Slippery Rock University aims to provide high quality education in all of their programs. One of their missions include conducting scholarly research to promote professional performance and address education-related issues. To accomplish these missions, the institution focuses its efforts on the areas of arts and sciences, teacher education, health services, computer and information sciences, and business and communication. The university provides experiences and opportunities for students to show their leadership skills and develop selfreliance. The programs they offer promote intellectual, social, and physical development in an open, caring, and nurturing environment.

The Community of Lifelong Learners Slippery Rock University aims to stand out as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world. They fulfill this by their commitment as a premier residential public university in the region. They believe in bringing out the best in their students by sustained immersion in the intellectual community through capable and committed faculty members. Their pedagogical approach relies on personal engagement with their students. It goes beyond earning a diploma and a degree. They focus on training and developing people to make positive differences in the lives of others. Interested students who want to be a part of the SRU community are bound to journey through wonderful experiences in learning. With their growing reputation for high undergraduate and graduate programs, every student will surely earn more than just a degree they can be proud of. To learn more about SRU’s rock education programs, applicants can visit


Slippery Rock University: Rock Solid Education  
Slippery Rock University: Rock Solid Education  

Slippery Rock University, founded in 1889 by the citizens of the borough of Slippery Rock, is the region's premier public residential univer...