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I am the oldest of three siblings. I have a sister named Elizabeth and a brother named Stephen. And I love them both very much.

I like chai, pie and rice.

@rdc I am in my second year of my B. Ed doing secondary education, majoring in English and minoring in history. I’ll be heading to Edmonton next year to the University of Alberta to complete my degree.


My Three-part Summer

I was born in Canada, but grew up in Pakistan, where lived for 18 years as a missionary kid before I came to Canada for post secondary education. I still love the country and hope to go back once I’ve finished my schooling.

Pakistan: During the first month of my summer I visited my family in Pakistan and got to be there for my lovely sister’s graduation before my whole family came back to Canada for the summer. Our time went by really fast, we enjoyed it. Work: For the majority of the summer I was working in Red Deer as a labourer doing construction and maintenance for a company, doing metalwork and whatever else I was told to do

My high school. Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas.


Up on a bin in Fort Nelson.

I played football (soccer), all through high school and during my year at Millar College of the Bible in Saskatchewan. However, now I’ve resigned myself to schooling and just exercise, rather than playing sports—which is really lame sign of aging. 282510

Camp: For my final two weeks of summer I went My boys at camp to Dallas Valley Ranch Camp in Saskatchewan where I was a cabin leader and got to have loads of fun with kids and finally got some sun after months in coveralls.

Mr. Wiley

September Newsletter