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bio education : Nottingham Trent University BA Product Design achievements: BPMA competitionshortlisted for the final Wilko live projectshortlisted to present to the CEO’s of Wilko skills:

hi. my name is josh, my strongest attribute is my ability to be innovative and creative in the design ideas i put forward. my strengths include the ability: to communicate these ideas through sketch work, CAD and model making; to grasp the requirements of the brief; to deliver designs that meet the client requirements; and to anticipate and offer solutions to potential implementation issues. of which i demonstrated with my success in the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) competition and a live brief with Wilko.

solid works keyshot indesign illustrator photoshop indesign sketching model making


Spin Your Fate A fun game to play within a group of friends in a social environment. Spin the arrow and let the game decide your fate. you have the options of a challenge, a question or truth, a would you rather question or a random lucky dip... Your reward for answering the questions or doing the challenge, is a chocolate from the pot!

sheet material

Wilko’s project (live)

alone together RSA

Nestle (live)

future of mobile comunication

sheet material project acrospire brief : explore the commercial homeware market, developing a single or range of products, specifically for sheet material manufacturing.

biophilia (meaning love of nature) focuses on human’s innate attraction to nature and natural processes. biophilic design uses these ideas as principles to create a human-centred approach, that when applied improves many of the spaces in which we live and work today; improving our health & wellbeing, creating a stress-free environment.


acrospire is designed to make the most out of materials being made from two sheets; one for the main body of the bench, and the other for the shelf. the bench folds in on itself, creating plant pots for the shrubs to sit in.

Wilko projectWilko chemistry lab brief : design an innovative new product for the Blox product range to be sold in Wilko stores across the UK. the concept should be supported by in-depth research into your chosen field.

the age group i have designed this project for was 8-11 yearolds. one of the biggest crazes at the moment is playing with slime, being hands on and getting messy.

1st year sketch work

my chosen field was STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). from my research, i found that in children there is a lack of interest in STEMrelated careers. therefore i wanted to design a product that would spark an interest and excitement into this area.

Wilko’s chemistry lab

build, play, learn this is not your normal chemistry set. from the user’s point of view it’s a chemistry set which they can build and do experiments with, but from the figure’s point of view it’s an industrial chemical lab.

RSA refugee connect brief : accounting for how different groups in society are affected by loneliness, design a way to reduce its impact on one or more of the following: physical health, mental health, or access to services . group project

“refugees living on a camp have many skills, which they are unable to utilise due to the situation that they are in.� UNHCR, (United Nations High Commisson of Refugees)

zaatari is a refugee camp in jordan on the boarder to syria, which is home to 80,000 people

refugee connect

refugee connect is a space which allows refugees to make connections within the camp. people meet through sharing skills, creating a social space for building friendships through shared interests within the camp, creating a purpose of being there. refugee connect has devices for inputting people’s details, skills, and qualifications, giving opportunities to swap skills.

user journey

a refugee will recieve a text that says another refugee is looking to connect, to exchange their skills. they will then arrange a time and a hub to meet at.

the refugees will then meet at their chosen meeting point, where there is an area to sit down and discuss how they can help one another, making connections and socializing.

design suitablity

wheelchair access

ipads built into the structure in order to connect with others in the camp


future of mobile communication environmentally aware brief : design and create pieces of mobile communication for someone that is environmentally aware. you will present two innovative solutions for both the present day and the future markets (20 years in the future).

it is estimated that 255,000 people are mining cobalt in the Domincan Rebublic of Congo at least 35,000 are children, some as young as 6. the agency that is in charge of over seeing informal, artisanal mining sector

the precious metal cobalt is found in our mobile devices inside lithime ion battery’s.

model making development

intial idea


further development

final model

replace - recycle - repair product assembly

b car

on neutral

faulty or old part is sent back to the manufacturer

part is sent back from the manufacturer to the user, made from recycled material

parts are recycled and the materials are then put back in to the production line to create new parts for the phones

replace - recycle - repair journey

the phone is taken apart with help and support from the top screen that runs off its own batteries

the phone needs to repair or upgrade a part

the user puts the phone back together so it’s good as new

power project connect

powered by your movement

powered by kinetic energy, small screen on the front of your wrist, hologram projects from the back of your wrist, hologram fits to the size of your hand, and is fully interactive through the movement of air.

power project connect

early morning run to charge the device

catch up with some face to face talk

helping you navigate around

nestle project spin your fate brief : research, develop and execute a new confectionery experience for Gen Z consumers to make them feel connected more connected together. group project

born between 1995 and 2006, between the ages of 12 and 23, currently makes up 25% of the global population currently 41% of this generation spend at least 3 hours per day online.

spin your fate

a fun game to play within a group of friends in a social environment. spin the arrow and let the game decide your fate. face to face connectivity with the technology that Gen Z loves.

bring your kitkat bites to a gathering of your friends

take the lid off, and the spinner out the box, attach the spinner to the top of the lid

scan the QR code with your phone it will take to to a link to play the game


Fate CHOSE YOUR FATE! Challenge Dare

Would You Rather

You Choose!

take it in turns to spin the spinner

select the card that you anded on

complete what;s on the card to earn your reward.





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Product Design Portfolio 2nd Year  

Portfolio including: Sheet Material Wilko RSA Future of Mobile Communications Nestle

Product Design Portfolio 2nd Year  

Portfolio including: Sheet Material Wilko RSA Future of Mobile Communications Nestle