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Latest News From: Nicaragua, Switzerland, USA, and More . . .


News From OCI Ministries Around the World

Students Learn Bible Prophecy

Mission Minded

This fall Heritage Academy students studied the Bible with staff from the Lay Institute for Evangelism. Topics included the mark of the beast, health, and Christian living. More than 80 hours of learning resulted in six student baptisms, and many others were blessed as well.

Powerful Evangelism

Mission Projects Inc. has been working with the Huichol Indians in Mexico for many years. Recently they have distributed solar-powered audio players, preloaded with the Old Testament in Spanish, as well as the New Testament and a series of Bible studies in the Huichol dialect. These audio players are being used to strengthen new believers, especially those who do not read. The players can also be taken into hostile areas and discreetly used among unreached Huichols who show an interest in learning about God. So far four villagers have been baptized because of this outreach, and Mission Projects hopes more will follow soon.

Matteson Institute of World Mission at The Granheim Foundation received its LIGHT accreditation. Among other curriculum, the students are learning to be efficient workers in health evangelism. The school also recently developed a new mission statement and logo, which reflect its desire for graduates to become resources for existing ministries or instrumental in starting new ones supporting the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This year two Matteson graduates are pioneering a program called Matteson Mobile Mission, a new concept that includes a second year at the school to focus more on mission work and revival among the churches in Norway.

New Vice President

The OCI team is pleased to welcome Craig Harding as interim vice president. He and his wife, Alicia, and their 20-monthold daughter are excited to be joining the OCI family. Craig is looking forward to putting his experience in real estate to use on behalf of OCI and its members when needed, but more than anything, he is looking forward to getting to know each ministry and its staff, as OCI seeks to win souls and to follow the Lord’s leading in this closing period of Earth’s history.

Scandinavian Update

Craig Harding recently visited several OCI ministries in Scandinavia. Here is a short report. My trip began with an exciting board meeting at The Turning Point Foundation in Sweden. Ten points were presented to increase their resources for ministry. Now Turning Point is looking for a farm manager to help with the increasing farm production as they start several new outreach and industry projects over the next year. The three days I spent with teachers and students at The Granheim Foundation in Norway was an exciting time, spent getting to know vibrant and on-fire young people! The school held two very successful ADRA benefit concerts, with great attendance from the community. They were also in the middle of a hydrotherapy training program, and when I began feeling sick, they invited me to participate as a live demonstration. The cold sheet pack was invigorating, and I was back on my feet in less that 48 hours.

Serving in Zambia

DayStar Adventist Academy strongly encourages students to pursue mission outreach opportunities. Every year the academy dedicates a month to mission emphasis. In November, DayStar students traveled to Zambia and built a One-Day Church. During their month stay, they also distributed clothing and other muchneeded supplies, held a student-led evangelistic series, and helped build a home for a widow with leprosy.




Left: Turning Point Foundation is looking for a farm manager. Right: Fall is a beautiful time in Scandinavia.




President’s Perspective

Fruitful Farmers

Jump-start to Health

was as a banana Ofarmer.With the right care, these amazing plants ne of my life’s finest experiences

by Mishael Williams

Mishael and her daughter, Trisha, enjoyed Living Springs Retreat, including learning to make bread.

For Tsome time I have wanted to attend his summer was incredible.

a session at a Seventh-day Adventist lifestyle center. This summer that dream came true—not just me for me, but I was able to take my 11-year-old daughter, too. What a blessing! We drove six hours from our home in Charleston, South Carolina, to Living Springs Retreat in Alabama. Our six-day stay changed my family’s life.
My husband and I, along with our two children, try to eat fairly healthy, but I knew there was room to improve. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I do not want to pass this legacy on to my children, and what better place to jump-start a family lifestyle change than a wellness center? Our week was full of exercise,

About the Cover: Needy people are reached through the dedication of student missionaries.

cooking classes, and health and nutrition seminars. We learned to cook and bake so many wonderful dishes. Some of my family’s favorites are macaroni and cheese, scalloped potatoes, and BBQ tofu, just to name a few. We’ve invested in a bread maker and now make our own bread. We are excited about our family’s journey to achieve better health. I can’t thank Living Springs enough—especially Cynthia Bonas, who was our lifestyle counselor and chef extraordinaire! We met such loving and Christ-like people. I thank God for answering my prayer and blessing us in such an awesome way. Mishael Williams was a lifestyle guest at Living Springs Retreat in Alabama. To learn more, visit

provide an ongoing supply of food, greatly repaying the initial effort of planning and planting. Every year the “mother” plant shoots up several daughters, who are ready to bear a large bunch of bananas after the mother’s bunch is harvested.With proper management, the daughters will do the same, continuing the multiplication of the harvest. Strawberries also have an internal method of propagation. Each strawberry plant sends out a horizontal runner, which grows along the surface of the ground, rooting at various intervals and thus forming new plants. Clearly there are lessons here for us. The growth that occurs with bananas and strawberries is that of continued multiplication. One strength of supporting ministry work is its ability to inspire other laity to plant new ministries. “Mother” plants encourage the growth of projects around the world. The propagation of newly formed outposts, funded and operated by laity, is part of the genius of supporting ministries. Free to multiply rapidly and in different directions, and bearing fruit to God’s glory, they will play an important part in covering the earth with the knowledge of His love. What role are we playing in spreading this Good News?

Steven Grabiner President

Vol. 13, No. 4, Winter 2011

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Face to Face

Tools forGod Interview by Hannah Kuntz

For more than 30 years, Charles and Phoebe Cleveland have served in supporting ministries in Africa, Europe, and the United States. Charles also served as OCI vice president for three years. Since 2006 they have been involved full time with Health Education Resources, producing health expo banners and mentoring supporting ministries. How did you first become involved with supporting ministry work? I was a pastor in the Michigan Conference. After studying the Spirit of Prophecy and the Bible, I realized that God’s plan was for ministers to be well trained in medical missionary work. I went to Loma Linda and earned a master’s degree in public health and started applying that in my church district. Later I took a mission call to Brazil with my wife. While we waited for our work visas, we went to Uchee Pines to get more hands-on medical missionary training. During that time the Lord closed the door to Brazil. We were willing to go anywhere He led; however, we became convinced that He was calling us to stay at Uchee Pines. Our training became a career in selfsupporting ministry. We didn’t plan it, but the Lord led it.




What gave you the idea to start HER? In 1999 Phoebe and I were in Romania with some Wildwood graduates to help start the medical missionary course at Herghelia Institute. While we were there, Mark Finley was embarking on ACTS 2000 in Bucharest, the capital city. He asked me to help him do a major health expo. I had never done one on my own. We attempted to create a set of health expo banners, but I was startled to learn the cost. The Lord laid a burden on my heart to find a more economical way for churches and individuals around the world to be able to have health expo banners. When I returned to Wildwood in 2000, we put together our own set of banners. It was a major undertaking. We printed the first banners in English and Spanish. OCI used them in evangelistic series in Honduras and Dominican Republic, as well as Ukraine.

Now the health expo banners are printed in nearly 40 languages and sent around the world. It brings us a lot of joy to see the banners being used around the world. It isn’t that we sell hundreds of them a week—it’s little by little—but it’s the positive feedback that keeps us going.

Far Left: HER prints banners in nearly 40 languages. Above & Left: Charles and Phoebe share their expertise.

What are some of the most rewarding aspects of the ministry?

when the shipment comes to the States, I pick it up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It may seem strange, but when I see the pallets of banners loaded onto my truck, I imagine all of the different cities where those banners will find homes, and it’s a thrill to my heart. It’s well worth the effort. We appreciate being part of the OCI family. Without that networking we wouldn’t do half of what we’re doing. While we have developed a direct relationship with hundreds of churches around the world, I really credit OCI for having had the vision to use the banners early on. That brought exposure, and from there the ministry has grown by word of mouth. We are thankful that God has led in such a way that we can affiliate together like brothers and sisters in Christ to hasten the coming of Jesus.

When I order a set of banners for a foreign country, it is sent directly to its destination; I never get to see them. But

Charles and Phoebe Cleveland run Health Education Resources in Tennessee. To find out more, visit

What goals do you have for HER? I’ve been praying for some time about China. I have an interest in several large countries, including India. The Lord recently enabled us to translate the banners into Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Nepali. But our work in China is less developed. I have printed there for many years, and when I hear about the work our church and supporting ministries are doing there, I am impressed that these banners would provide them with a way to connect with the community and give them credibility with their local governments. I’ve been earnestly praying that if the Lord sees fit, that He will use HER as a catalyst to make that happen.




Touching Lives

Touching Lives

Baked Blessings

Nature’s Products

by Hannah Kuntz

by Remo & Jenny Fischer

Sthrough the airy kitchen atdriftBlack trains of classical music

Hills Health & Education Center. Donna deftly kneads mounds of dough as the aroma of baking bread permeates the air. Donna Ellis has been volunteering as a baker in the Black Hills’ kitchen for three years, but has made tasty creations for more than 30 years. Now she finds ways to make her delicacies with healthy, organic ingredients. The ministry has also recently begun selling her bread locally. “I love baking,” Donna says. “It’s more of a hobby than a job. Working here I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

It’s just a joy to get up in the morning.” Located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the ministry operates with a dedicated team of about 30 staff and volunteers. For more than 30 years, lifestyle guests from around the world have come to receive quality care and to improve their health. The ministry also offers training in wellness, massage, fitness, and gardening. Yet the caring staff is what makes Black Hills exceptional. Whether working one-on-one with guests or behind the scenes in the kitchen or garden, each team member seeks to share Christ’s love—a healing aroma to guests and community members.

Donna’s Raisin Walnut Bread Ingredients:

2 1/2 c. warm water 1 Tbsp. yeast 3 Tbsp. honey 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 2 tsp. salt 5 c. whole wheat flour 1 c. raisins: soaked, rinsed, and drained 1 c. chopped walnuts Oil or spray for pans Makes 2 loaves





In a small bowl, mix water and yeast together, then add honey and oil. Mix well. In a large bowl mix together flour, salt, raisins and walnuts. Slowly add liquid ingredients until well mixed. Knead dough for 10 minutes until smooth and pliable. Let sit, covered, for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, grease or spray the inside of two baking pans. Divide dough into two equal pieces and let rise in a warm place until doubled. Bake in a preheated oven at 350°F for 35 minutes.

products Fmake a visit to the Sonnmatt resh, homegrown

Mountain Guesthouse & Health Center extra special. Situated in the Swiss mountains, with God’s blessing we are able to harvest some amazingly large produce. Our heaviest tomato weighed 2.5 pounds and the biggest kohlrabi was 8.8 pounds— to everyone’s surprise, it was tender! Someone jokingly Remo displays the giant commented, kohlrabi. “That kohlrabi was as tender as butter. I could even eat it without my dentures!” Especially during harvest time, guests benefit from organic produce from our garden. With much joy and a good conscience we serve them wholesome foods, full of the minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals that God put into His creation. Another way guests benefit is through homemade health products. In addition to selling them to our guests, we also offer courses so they can learn how to make the products themselves. It is such a blessing to hear the stories of how these simple remedies have improved people’s health.

Lavender Massage Oil One favorite is our handmade lavender massage oil. Now you can make it too! Directions:

When the lavender in our garden is in full bloom, we harvest it with the stems. We strip the blossoms from the stems and put them into big jars, before filling the jars with cold pressed olive oil. Then we close the lids and put the jars in a warm, dark place for 2-3 weeks, shaking them once a day. After the oil is strained with a coffee filter, the massage oil is ready to be used.

Remo & Jenny Fischer run the Sonnmatt Mountain Guesthouse & Health Center, a new OCI member ministry. To learn more, visit




Mission Snapshot


Jesus to

the Jungle

by Diana Halverson

Radio enables Cross to Crown International to reach into the jungles of Nicaragua and Honduras for Christ. of Miskito EIndians approacheda group Mike and Diana leven years ago

Halverson with a special request: they wanted God to visit their village. Two years before, the couple had moved to Francia Sirpi, Nicaragua, with their two young sons. With the help of student missionaries, the Halversons led a medical mission and helped with building projects. However, the villagers’ appeal motivated them to visit more of the people living along the Coco River. Many of the Miskito were suffering from poor health and influenced by witchcraft. The poverty and darkness they saw impressed Mike and Diana with a greater burden to share Christ 10



in these remote places. Yet travel was difficult. It seemed that a radio station would be the most effective means of communication. Mike and Diana asked God for His leading and worked to make the station a reality. They returned to the States but continued to stay involved with the work in Central America. In 2006 Cross To Crown International went on the air, broadcasting Christian radio programming into the jungles of Nicaragua and a large part of Honduras. God has blessed their efforts, and in addition to the radio station in Francia Sirpi, a new station is being constructed in Puerto Cabezas.

In September Mike traveled with Greg Scott, senior vice president of Adventist World Radio, to survey two radio projects under development in the Nicaragua Mission, which have asked for assistance in developing and expanding their stations. When all four stations are operating smoothly, it is hoped that the entire country of Nicaragua will be able to receive radio broadcasts. Even though radio plays a main role in the ministry’s work with the Miskito people, the team’s ultimate objective is for Jesus’ love to shine through in everything they do. That includes ministering to the physical needs of the Miskito whenever possible. After traveling around the country, Mike and Greg spent a day visiting a local orphanage. With a donation from a church in Tennessee, they were able to take the children to buy their first pair of shoes and socks. There was even enough money to purchase rice and beans to last about three months, as well as some fresh produce. It was a high day for the children, as well as Mike and Greg. Much headway has been made toward reaching the Miskito people, but Satan is working hard to stop the ministry’s progress. Nicaragua is a difficult place to live, and

it has been a struggle to keep the station staffed and on the air each day. There is a need for volunteers who are willing to spend a year or more to help run the ministry. The ministry base is in Tennessee, but Mike and Diana spend much of their

Far Left: Diana (center) loves the people of Nicaragua. Above: Mike (second from right) was able to buy an orphanage three months worth of beens and rice. Below: The orphans also received new shoes.

time in Nicaragua. Diana is currently pursuing a degree in nursing. Once she graduates, the Halversons hope to return to Nicaragua to serve full time. While there are always challenges, the team is encouraged and excited about networking with other Adventist radio stations in Nicaragua. Through these radio programs, hearts are being reached in remote areas. Many are searching for light, and Cross to Crown desires to reach them as soon as possible. Please continue to keep Cross to Crown in your prayers as they take Jesus to the jungle of Nicaragua. Diana Halverson is secretary at Cross to Crown International. Visit for more information.






Mission Spotlight Linda Ferguson: Peru Peru Projects 2008-2009

Stretched & Blessed

Compiled by Hannah Kuntz

Wherever you are, serving others changes you. Three former student missionaries share their experiences. You are in a Csweltering rain forest in Latin lose your eyes.

America. Brightly colored birds swoop through thick foliage; a distant waterfall roars, its water helping to sustain exotic animals and remote villages. The greenery fades, and you find yourself walking a crowded street in a foreign city. Flakes of snow melt as they touch your fingers. Laughter bounces between buildings, yet the language is like a wall that keeps you on the outside. Distant places, unique smells, and impressive sights play a part in a student missionary’s time abroad, but these are only a glimpse into nine months of life-changing experiences. Early mornings and late nights; adjusting to different food, clothing, and customs; teaching, building, and healing. Student missionaries are challenged and stretched. Student missionary positions offer college students the chance to get their feet wet in the mission field, and these short-term assignments often

make long-term impressions. OCI member ministries around the world are looking for volunteers. These former missionaries share their stories, hoping to inspire others to get involved.

Kristin Eszler: Peru

Peru Projects 2008-2009

I graduated from Southern Adventist University in May 2008 with a nursing degree. That August I traveled to Peru Projects. During the following nine and a half months, I lived on a small launch boat and traveled to more than 30 villages along the Ucayali River. I am thankful for my memories of the amazing experience I had. The Peruvians were so warm and welcoming. I went to Peru to help them and returned feeling like I was the one who had truly been blessed. Being a missionary is an experience that will change your life. I strongly encourage anyone who is thinking of going as a missionary to take the time and go. God will lead and guide you.

I was excited to join my friend Kristin and eight Peruvian missionaries on a mission launch for nine months. We conducted daily clinics, visited homes, and taught health education in schools. I extracted teeth, sutured wounds from machete accidents, and cared for stingray and snake bites. I also assisted in deliveries, and a baby was even named after me! I fell in love with the children instantly. Soon they were holding my hand, asking to carry my Bible to the evangelistic meetings, and piling into my lap. We often played soccer and swam with them. During my last weeks in Peru, I met a 9-year-old named David, who showed his affection by squeezing my hand. When David holds a special place I prepared in Linda’s heart. to leave, he told me he was coming along in my suitcase. He said he loved me and gave me a small picture of himself. I hugged him tightly and told him to stay close to Jesus because I hoped to see him again in heaven.

Interested in being a short-term missionary? Details about the 2012-2013 opportunities are available on our website:

I still carry his photo in my wallet, and when I look at it, I remember the people, my experience, and the call from God to make a difference wherever I am. God calls you, too. Let Him bring joy and contentment into your life through serving others!

Evan Smith: Poland


School by the Sea 2010-2011

To be honest, I went to School by the Sea in Kolobrzeg, Poland, more for convenience than for mission purposes. I wanted to go somewhere that had a winter and wasn’t a developing country. Despite not wanting to teach, during my time there I found that I actually enjoyed it. I was in charge of three classes with pupils aged 8 to 17 and was also a tutor. In addition to teaching, I helped the local church with song service and became involved with its community service program to distribute food to the poor. While I was in Poland, I became ill and was in the hospital for a while. Many local church members visited me, showering me with God’s love. I continue to thank God for the wonderful opportunity I had to be there. It was a growing experience for me, and I highly recommend serving as a student missionary. The people are warm and kind, and the experience will change you. There are also amazing travel opportunities, and you will make friends for life! 12






Clinging to the Cross by Fred Flint


had reached a point where I felt

power. In the cross all influence centers, the ministry the Lord had for me and from it all influence goes forth. It is was suffering. I had dedicated my life, the great center of attraction; for on it my heart, and my service to Him, Christ gave up His life for the human and while I could sense God blessing race. This sacrifice was offered for the my work, I was struggling inwardly. purpose of restoring man to his original Outwardly, I was perfection.Yea, more, it doing all of the “For the message of was offered to give him right things and the cross is foolishness an entire transformation God’s presence was of character, making him to those who are more than a conqueror” evident, but where perishing, but to us (Lift Him Up, p. 230). was His power for who are being saved it me personally? I praise the Lord for Overwhelmed is the power of God.” answering my prayers. I by the pressures of - 1 Corinthians 1:18 may have victory through ministry and popular a vision of the cross of culture, I cried out to Jesus, “Please Christ! The culture and pressures around save me! I only want to serve You, but me did not change. In fact, they became I am hampered by what I feel and see worse. However, when I was tempted to all around me.” I seemed to be living deviate from principle, all I needed to Paul’s experience from Romans 7:15. do was focus on the cross, Jesus broken One day I was reflecting on the part and bleeding for me. It was amazing in The Pilgrim’s Progress where Christian how the temptation melted away. came to the cross. As I was thinking In Christ’s sacrifice on Calvary, we about the symbolism of his burden and have the promise of victory and the how the sight of the cross loosened assurance of salvation. We must cling to it, 1 Corinthians 1:18 came to mind. Christ and die to self. He raises us to I wanted to experience that power in a new life, enabling us to be successful my life! The Lord then brought to my in our daily lives and in our ministry. mind a quotation from Ellen White Christ is calling us; are we ready? that gave me great hope: “The cross Fred Flint currently serves as the OCI of Calvary challenges, and will finally field vice president for Latin America. vanquish every earthly and hellish




Get Involved

photo by Sonnmatt

Food for Thought

If you have a desire to serve God, prayerfully consider one of the following ways to get involved.



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Amazon Lifesavers Ministry, Brazil

OCI Leadership Retreat

Boat Captains Evangelism/Health Workers Pilot General Mechanic

DayStar Adventist Academy, USA Manual Arts Teacher Music Teacher

Kibidula Farm Institute, Tanzania Accountant

Laurelbrook School & Sanitarium, USA Business Personnel Construction Foreman Nursing Home Administrator

Fondacioni Almise*, Albania

When: Where: Contact: Website:

April 2-7, 2012 Cohutta Springs, GA

2012 OCI Mission Trips Trip 1 When: March 2-11, 2012 Where: Vida Internacional, Honduras Trip 2 When: June 4-17, 2012 Where: Peru Projects, Peru Contact: Website:

Volunteer: English Teacher

Oklahoma Academy, USA Food Service Director General Maintenance Person

Vida Internacional, Honduras Kindergarten & Elementary Teachers

Wildwood Lifestyle & Hospital, USA Farm Manager Sales Director

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