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Unhappy with Your Size? Consider Male Enhancement Why do men patronize the male enhancement industry? Most men have the average penis size but still get anxious about how big they are down there. Men think that big size guarantees good performance in bed and compare their equipment with the massive members of porn stars. The more concerned a man is about penis size, the more insecure he will be in other aspects of his life. But what are the ways in which a man can enlarge his penis? The following are the recommended male enhancement methods: Male Enhancement Supplements and Transdermal Products There are many available male enhancement supplements – in the form of capsules and tablets – and transdermal male enhancement products – in the form of creams, gels, lotions, oils, and patches. These products offer money back guarantees. Both the oral and transdermal products use herbs and other natural substances to increase blood flow. A quality male enhancement supplement will cost you between $150 to $180 for a three-month supply. The transdermal products are a little cheaper. Male Enhancement Exercises These exercises are meant to enlarge the penis. You have to order the really good ones usually together with a male enhancement supplement or device. Most of these exercises are based on jelqing, the ancient Arabian penis massage technique. Pumps, Weights, and Extenders A penis pump is a cylinder placed around the penis that pumps out air using a vacuum to draw blood into the penis and produce an erection. Penis weights of various designs and weights are hung on the penis in an effort to enlarge it. Extenders were developed as an improvement on weights and provide constant traction along the length of the penis in order to stimulate growth. If used improperly, these three devices can cause serious and permanent damage to your penis. Surgery, Implants, and Injections There are several methods of phalloplasty or penis enlargement surgery: cutting supportive ligaments, transplanting fat cells, and dermal transfer. Cutting the suspensory ligaments that support the penis is the most common surgical method and is performed to create an illusion of a larger penis. The transfer of fat cells involves getting excess abdominal fat and putting it inside the penis. Dermal transfer involves transplanting strips of skin and fat together, as the skin prevents possible reabsorption of the fat. There are two types of penile implants: rigid, semi-rigid, or malleable rods, and an inflatable prosthesis which is pumped by hand. Penile injections are used to improve erection quality and are often confused to be a male enhancement method.

Unhappy with Your Size? Consider Male Enhancement