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Male Enhancement: Eat Drink Man Woman If you’re already taking steps to ensure optimal penis health, you should incorporate a diet that is tailored for your male enhancement needs. Below are a list of foods and one beverage you should consume to boost your performance in the bedroom. Tuna Rich in vitamin B3, tuna is good eating for those who are suffering from ED or erectile dysfunction. Vitamin B3 has a blood dilating effect, in addition to its erection-improving and orgasm-enhancing abilities. Chocolate A stimulant, heart and nervous system tonic, and mood improver, coffee’s sexual boosting effects can be attributed to its theobromine, caffeine, and phenyethylamine content. Chocolate also enhances energy, excitement, and desire – a fact that solidifies its reputation as a sexy food. Watermelon Forget about the little blue pill! Scientists have discovered the penis enhancing powers of watermelon. Because of its arginine and citrulline content, watermelons can trigger the production of nitric oxide, a compound that dilates the body’s blood vessels. Honey Also rich in B vitamins, honey can provide a slow and steady release of energy, which is crucial if you want to last all night. Honey can also aid in testosterone production, which may be why ancient Persian couples used to drink honey mead every day during their honeymoon. Garlic Don’t wrinkle your nose. Garlic is a wonderful aphrodisiac due to its allicin content. Allicin is a potent ingredient that can enhance libido and improve blood flow. Best of all, you won’t need a prescription and it certainly won’t break the bank. Oysters With its ability to increase fertility and sexual performance, it’s not a surprise that oysters are popular aphrodisiacs. Rich in zinc, which is needed in the production of testosterone, oysters are one of the tastiest ways to enhance penis health. Truffles Not just for indulging, truffles have alpha-androstetenol that is a pheromone mimicker. (FYI: Pheromones are substances that are linked to physical attraction and arousal!) If you want some morning action, try scrambled eggs with some grated truffles! Yum!

Male Enhancement: Eat Drink Man Woman