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Design Studio: Paradise

Paradise is a place of solitude and overwhelming nature, in which our senses are utilized to experience something unique and spectacular. The the idea of paradise was how one, nature and the artificial connect within a space. My trip to the Great Wall of China was basis of my paradise, whereby it intertwines itself with nature, and with my positioning in-between these elements, it was my experience of seclusion. Using plaster to represent my paradise it was manipulated to represent the man-made aspect and copper wire for nature. I than began to move towards cavernous environments which give the sense of solitude like that at the Great Wall but also claustrophobia which can be formed with plaster. Hence by using plaster to form the space representing my paradise emotions and sense of solitude and overwhelming nature is achieved through narrow spaces and elevated height.

Communications: Rose Seidler House

Description: Rose Seidler House was the first commission for internationally renowned architect Harry Seidler. It was built in 1948-50 for his parents Rose and Max, who lived there until 1967. The house retains a close relationship with two neighbouring Seidler houses on part of the original 2.6 hectare family estate of natural bushland overlooking the Ku-ring-gai National Park. One of the finest examples of mid-century modern domestic architecture, the house contains a collection of original furniture by important post-war designers Eames, Saarinen and Hardoy. This exercise was to introduce the basics of 2D and 3D rendering of images with the use of the program Photoshop. The above image is a rendered perspective of the kitchen. The image below is a rendered section of the Rose Seidler House.

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