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I have spent a great deal of my life learning how to communicate. The earliest medium for me was the written word, purely as a hobby and academic exercise. Next came communication through photographic images, both as a hobby and as a means of making art. I spent four years in college learning how to communicate with people using the spoken word, whether in person or on radio and television. Two years of my life after college were spent living with roommates and sitting on porches, learning how to communicate using emotion, philosophy, religion, and debate. Most recently, I’ve spent three years in school and seven months at a firm learning how to communicate through architecture. During my first semester learning architecture I was given a quote saying, in effect, that the only good architecture is a peaceful architecture, an architecture that makes people feel a sense of belonging. Good communication creates a greater understanding and sense of completeness; communication is, at its heart, about that sense of belonging. I strongly believe that architecture, being a form of communication, is no different, and I have spent my time in my architectural education trying to make that claim. Contained on these three sheets is a sampling of my architectural work. It is not all strictly formal architecture-- you’ll also find examples of photography, screenprinting, temporary art installations, and furniture making-- but it all ties into and influences my architecture. Architecture is a form of art, and as such I believe other forms of art can influence it. I include other types of creative work here because I think my interests in other areas make my architecture a lot better. These other forms of creativity interest me a great deal, and I hope my work shown here interests you. Most of the work shown here was done in school; the final images are from one of a number of restaurants I worked on during my seven months at Innovation & Design in Architecture, a firm headquarted in Los Angeles. During that time I became proficient using Revit in every aspect of a project.

Work Samples  

Some work samples