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Nyack College, Nyack ​hello never once welcome back to my channel this is the method one speaking today we are going to talk about the 10 most effective martial arts in my humble opinion let's get to it [Music] now before we begin I would like to define the word effective what I mean by effective by effective I mean that if you were to train for a very long time in one of these martial arts which of these Styles would increase the likelihood of view not only defeating your opponent but actually surviving a fight to death in a street combat situation so all those styles that have full of rules and regulations that are actually there to deliver a more sport oriented form of training will obviously be penalized in this list the other term of comparison that we will use it's actually in between these martial arts if you would have an athlete training in this much laughing into another athlete training another martial art considering both pros and cons of these martial arts which one would have a higher chance of defeating the other now of course this is a very hypothetical discussion we do need to keep in mind that at the end of the day it all really depends on the athlete himself not only the style so for this I pathetical video we're just considering the exact same person the exact same athlete with the same characteristic training for the exact same amount of time in all of these styles which of these would produce the final and ultimate most effective result at the end of the Train now I myself have practiced martial arts I've tried three styles so I would like to say that in this video I'm just talking about effectiveness not personal preference so thus answer'd i've practiced will be in the list and i will say so but they haven't actually got to the very top of the list so this should actually assure you that i'm not using just personal preference but i'm actually considering some factors that I consider to be dramatically important in one style in order for it to be effective in red real combat situation number ten traditional karate now traditional karate is one of the stands that I have practiced when I was a teenager now it's definitely a very good styling that there's a lot of positive aspects and the reason why it's number ten in this list is because most traditional karate style are based on a system called karate point now although some of these are things practicing karate are actually able to perform a very very beautifully executed moves and actually very quick the restrictions of this style poses as for example the idea of having these not realistic fights are definitely disadvantage in my opinion the fact that you just simply need to hit the opponent and then the fight is going to be stopped even if the opponent is still standing simply because you have scored a point does not make into a fighter it's used to actual street fight and full contact bearing now some people will argue that these are all rules and regulations that are needed in order for the competition to be safe but if an actual traditional karateka fighter had to fight for his own life he wouldn't just stop to the first blow you would actually continue fighting my objection to this is that you get good at something by doing it and you're simply used to stop each time because the referee is giving you the point then there will be two problems first you will not be used to comboing and continuing your fight and secondly you will not be used to hitting with the entire strength which brings a completely different level of balancing yourself and having your fists and legs used to hitting hard number 9 boxing now often when we think of karate we compare it to boxing we immediately think the karate would have an advantage because the fact that karateka use their legs whereas boxers don't but this would be actually a big myth to bust because because boxers do use their legs a lot in combat I don't use them to attack the do use them to dodge to move so leg work is very very important if not essential in boxing just as much as fists so although a karateka would have an advantage because of the fact that you can use more parts of his body to attack a boxer is used to full contact sparring and this size unconcern gives it the edge and brings it to number nine in this list number eight kickboxing now with kickboxing we bring the punches from box together with the kicks and other techniques similar to that which we find in carotids all of this with full contact sparring this is why I think the kickboxing training at the end of the day although it lacks all the spiritual training that cut out the hairs which is also very very beautiful I believe would have an edge against both traditional karate and boxing number seven judo now although judo is sometimes considered one of us or a sport rather than a martial art I believe that it is a martial art because of the fact that it is now found in Olympic Games now although judo practitioners or judoka actually trained how to use punches and kicks it is also important many times that I've seen I do the fighter fight against the karate or a kickboxer or any other stand-up fighter if they manage to lay their hands on on the other

fighter and they managed to get a throw or to put them on the ground then it is over for that fight because the kickboxer tour the karateka and even the boxer will not have almost any training on how to fight on the ground although it is possible for a kickboxer to simply deliver a proper powerful kick or upon a boxer a karateka to use a very strong punch and knock the judo cut down often what I notice is that stand-up fighters tend to look for openings and try to find ways to enter the guard of the opponent perhaps using a little bit of a jab or using some kicks just to test the situation it's definitely something you should not do against a judoka if you are a kickboxer a karateka or a boxer I need to fight against a judoka you need to strike him hard with the best you get this is why I'm far as I'm concerned judo has a slight advantage over the Stars I've mentioned before number six take one door well strike one is a very spectacular Korean martial art that we all remember again because of the Olympics take wonder tends to be very interesting because it's basically the opposite of Western box as take one door tend to focus almost entirely on their repertoire of kicks which is the biggest among all martial arts now this is a very difficult and tough style to learn if you really need to learn those tornado kicks you will need years of practice and a lot of stretching but it is definitely a very lethal martial art and some positive aspects of this martial art is the fact that it's full contact and that it teaches you to perform really deadly spinning kicks and moves so quickly that if you manage to execute them well you can oneshot your opponent now against the judo I think that tech mando can have a slight advantage because of the fact that since they use kicks most of the times they tend to give a longer distance or longer range but very good at calculating the proper range for a flying kick so it would be harder for a judo kind my humble opinion to actually get close enough to attack one Locker to perform a throw now one negative aspect of Taekwondo which doesn't bring it all the way up to this list the fact that they don't actually use punches so I think it's an incomplete martial art and also that they basically don't block the most of the time trying to dodge but sometimes that doesn't work it would have been a lot easier to just raise your hands number five Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now although I would like to put the Jiu Jitsu Japanese Jiu Jitsu here as well together with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I have to say the Brazilian tradition is a very effective style because it's almost an improved version of judo so to speak they tend to have less rules and regulations as one of these guys he lays his hands on you it's going to be a huge problem brilliant reducer seems to be a very effective complementary martial art so I would still recommend to stand up and martial art to be practiced with it but it's still a very good style that I find particularly affected and this is why I put it up here on my list number four coach in karate although this is theoretically a style of karate it's very very different from traditional cart and I'm also considered to be basically a completely different martial art I have had experience in coaching Hunter for one year in Japan and I consider to be a very effective martial art one thing that it has that makes it very different from traditional karate is the very first of all it's full contact secondly you can use a lot of knee attacks you can use your elbows there is a huge variety of attacks that you can perform and your chink are at the fighter actually have a lot of training where they simply receive blows and get hit constantly in order to get used to being hit so that they can resist longer even if they were caught off guard now this together with the fact that most of the sparring here as I said is completely full content and it's until ko definitely brings it up in the list and makes it a very effective style of combat some of negative aspects of chakra that I have found and this is the reason why although it's my favorite martial art it's actually not the top of the list it's because basically they have a rule whereas they don't allow punches to the face now this makes it very very problematic in order of effectiveness because again when you have to cook Schenker at the fighters fighting each other that's not a problem they can kick the face and they can punch the body when you have a kitchen karate fighter having to fight with another martial artist who is allowed to hit him in the face he will be at a disadvantage as a matter of fact one of the things that I mostly disagree with with coaching at the fight is that when they fight other styles for example my Thai or other karate styles or even wing chun kung foo they actually make sure that these fights are play Cody took your king carotid rules so even the other stars are not allowed to punch your chink erotica fighters in the face and I find this to be very wrong if you want to measure the effectiveness of a style that and you should not limit the other styles to your roles ultimately similarly to as I said with traditional karate even as people wear to object and tell me well a caption character fighter doesn't hit the face because of safety reasons but if you wanted to he could again I defend my point again the same way as I did before if you don't train to hit the face you will not be effective at hitting the face even when you become allowed to do so and most important we have to consider the coaching character fighters are used to fight against other kitchen karate fighters all the time with meaning that you will naturally develop a basically a blind spot as far as punches in the face are concerned because you don't need to defend yourself from those number 3 MMA now although MMA means mixed martial arts and used to be originally just a sort of tournament where people practicing lots of different martial arts will just meet and fight it has eventually evolved into a single martial art with its own set of rules which come from lots of different styles though MMA has got elements of karate elements of kickboxing elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I find it to be a very effective style and also very brutal one if you have

watched some of those cage fights whether people went out bleeding you can immediately imagine the fighting one of these guys in a pub what definitely not be a pleasant experience this is why MMA in this top 10 list reaches number three number two come foo now when I say come for I am aware that it's an umbrella term and there are a lot and hundreds of styles now please consider that when I say kung fu or gongfu I do not mean very Pacific styles such as tidy as I don't consider those to be effective at all in an actual fight that might be good for your health imbalance meant but definitely and not preparing you to fight for your life in this case when I say kung foo I mean mostly Shaolin gone full and wing chun kung foo i found the first to be a very effective style of preparing people not only for fights for your life but actually for war charlie monks they trained pain resistant so they get hit constantly in order to make their body stronger and more resistant and it seems that there have been actual scientific studies to prove that a monk's skull and bones are actually several times stronger than normal people because of the training that they do I find this similar to the concert that we are found in kick Shin karate but even more enhanced and as far as wing chun kung fu' well i find it to be a very pragmatic a very effective and reasonable style which trains you to fight quickly to throw as many hits as you can and to be incredibly precise now before moving to the top of this lesson number one I would like there is an honorable mention that would like to make that is Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee was one of the strongest martial artists in it who have ever walked the planet but the reason why I didn't put it in this list is because of the very nature of Jeet Kune Do and Bruce Lee's philosophy what it was fighting against was codified martial arts just like karate judo kung fu and Taekwondo what he tried to do with Jeet Kune or was to take all the positive aspects of these martial arts and put them all together they did not want to have a codified style what this means is that each Jeet Kune Do practitioner can be different from the other as there is no very precise form this is why although perhaps some practitioner of this martial arts might be very very effective this martial art will not be on this list because of the huge variety of possibilities and variables that we could have within it because its very nature so now we move to number one of this list the most effective martial arts style in my opinion is my tie my tie or tie box is an incredibly brutal martial art practice in Thailand now the reason why I find it to be number one is because of many aspects of this martial art make it incredibly effective the first one is the fact that of course they fight full contact they basically use their entire body to hit not only focusing on roundhouse kicks and spinning kicks but also elbow and knee strikes very famous of Thai box is the clinch so although perhaps they're not used to fight on the ground as much it is very dangerous to lay your hands on one of these guys because he can just start hitting you with his knees and these people are trained to knock you down when they do so so even a judoka or a Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner should be very careful another thing that really makes this style of interesting is the way they train their shin they hit banana trees constantly with their shins for years in order to train the shrimps and turn their bones into rocks so their bones are literally incredibly tough and if you get hit by one of those kicks they can easily break your leg if you're not trained and if they hit you in the head they can deal some severe head trauma but perhaps what makes this style the most attractive in my opinion is the cultural situation in which my tie practitioners practice most of these are just poor kids who in the reality of for example Bangkok and other cities the only hope that they have to escape their poverty is to become my my Thai champion so these people are fighting for their life which is very different from most modern martial art practitioners who are just people to go to a dojo or to a training center and but then they just have their normal life these boys train for their lives their life is my tie and this is why in my opinion this is the most effective style on the planet all right so you made it until the end of the video thank you very much for your time and thank you for watching now did you enjoy the video most importantly do you agree with my list well whether you do agree or you don't please let me know in the comments below and let me know which martial art martial arts you have practiced in your life now of course please keep in mind this is simply my own opinion based on my personal experiences with around 4 years of martial arts I imagine quite a lot of people will have different ideas and perhaps some people will agree with me thank you so much for watching and remember the Metatron has spread its wings goodbye [Music] [Music] you [Music] Globe Institute of Technology, Manhattan.