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Mise En Scene A word document by Joshua Hobbs. Hong Kong Š 2011 Akif Hakan Celebi

The main reason that I chose this image, was due to the amazed and puzzled look on the model's face. I loved the way the light bounced off all of her features, and wanted to replicate this. But what I ended up with was something very different. As I learned over the weeks in class, winter fell very, very fast and I ended up unable to reproduce this style.

Some images although taken around 6pm where too dark already. Despite lights surroudning and the light on the camera going off.

Over images came across better as I worked to recreate the look from the image itself with less reliablity on natural lighting.

Other images closer to the bright screens gave across this look, where it was truly too bright in contrast to the back/front off my main character.

The other work that the talented artist Akif Hakan Celebi has created are the following, which I have borrowed from his DeviantArt Page, which can be found at

This first piece is called 'BREATHE, WOUNDED CHILD'

The second piece is called 'SLAVE TO FASHION 2.0'

My work, which can be found here As a final piece, I feel as though I tried not to differ from my original point but that may not be seen. The use of the fire in the candle is what i used instead of the lights of the street. I wanted to use Matches, but nobodie in my house smokes so that wasn't done either. I used high quality sound effects for ambient sound and a backing track/noise off an old piece of non-copyright music I had saved from first year of Moving Image. I felt it fitted with the imagery. Ideally I would have liked more time, and not to off been so damn sick throughout production as it made getting the work done harder then it truly needed to be.

Mise en Scene work.  

Let's hope this works.