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The Divide


hat’s me in the off road vehicle I helped design and build in college. I had quite the journey after college. I moved to Baton Rouge and worked at a Nuclear Power Plant as a Systems Engineer. I faced my divide going back to get my Masters in Architecture. Everything I knew was turned upside down and it was a struggle. As I settled in, I learned to communicate verbally and graphically, and no longer was I divided from the group. There is still lots to learn but I present to you my selected works from University of Oregon.

Table of Contents Trajan’s Market Design Center


The Very Little Theater


ASME Human Powered Utility Vehicle


SAE Baja




01 Trajan’s Market

Site Context

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The commission was to build a Design Center to house makers and their exhibits, that were in harmony with the ancient buildings.

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Project Description This was an 8 week study abroad Studio in Rome, Italy. The site was connected to the hear t of the ancient city in the Roman forum until Mussolini created Via Alessandrina which cut straight to the Coliseum. Trajan’s Market was built around 100AD in honor of their f ierce emperor Trajan. The market was a place where the peasants would receive their rations as well as a grand market with goods f rom all over. Trajan’s Market was situated in a large site containing Trajan’s forum, Trajan’s Column, Basilica Ulpia among many other buildings.

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Location | Rome, Italy Building Type | Design Center Designed | Summer 2017 Digital Media / Hand Media






Map of Ancient Rome Trajan’s Market was centrally located. All roads connected to the site by three major roads. The market continued as a road with vendors on either side. This became par t of the building to continue the tradition.

Access to Site

Paths within the site

Trajan's Market

Site Development and Context

Early Site Development


Building connections and views to Trajan's Market

Floor Plans

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Axon and Section


Level 2

NE-NW Section

As tribute to the ancient Roman architecture, I have replaced the columns with windows; instead of a column holding a pediment , symbolically the ear th is holding the building and the columns are windows. The windows create a connection between the interior and exterior through the use of light. Staying true to the concept, the building creates a road inside and continues outside. As you travel along the outside of the building, you walk in a newly created road between a seven-stor y medieval tower and my building. The road continues to the ancient road around Trajan’s Market. All roads lead to Rome and I wanted to continue that tradition. My building is unique but it’s subtle so as not to detract f rom the thousand-year- old Trajan’s Market and the tradition of the Roman roads.

South Facing Entrance

Site Context Site

02 Very Little Theater Location | Eugene Or Building Type | Theater Designed | Fall 2013 Digital Media Project Description This was the f irst upper division studio that was to re - design the Ver y-Little Theater. The company was having trouble attracting customers and the building was old and in need of renovation. The Ver y-Little Theater wanted to upgrade the theater, add seating, increase space for theater production and add a fly (a rigging device that allows for set changes, lighting and of course having actors fly). On top of this studio we incorporated passive heating and cooling building strategies. We took a look at climate data and different passive strategies in order reduce the HVAC loads.

The Willamette University of Oregon

The Very Little Theater Amazon Park

The Very Little Theater


Initial Concept I wanted to make the site more visible and entice the theater goers into the building. My idea was to introduce glazing which would look onto a grand staircase leading to the old theater.

Site Plan




HILYARD STREET 1/16" = 1'-0"


Band of Sun South Section All Seasons

Spokane, Wa Latitude 47.63 North Longitude 117.53 West








mer º

- 19





/ tu


ay f


6 Bt

9 S 13

Fa d



Level 2 110' - 0"














Level 3 120' - 0"





y ft


Level 4 130' - 0"

Level 1 101’- 6” 97'

Very Little Theater N-S Section 0





Basement 87'

In order to design the theater with passive strategies, it was crucial to look at the sun angles during different seasons to help determine the heating and cooling loads.

Function of Room: Theater & Stage Total Floor Area: 1300 ft2 Total Roof Area: 1300 ft2

Reduced oor area Trees to shade the harsh morning light

Stack Ventalation open to both the wherehouse and the Theater

SunScape open to the where house and theater

Increased Shaing

Trees to shade the harsh morning light. Also to shade the glazing to reduce the Daylight factor

Graphic Scale: 1 inch = 16 feet


Floor Plan





Increased Cross Ventalation throught the building

Stack Ventalation open to both the wherehouse and the Theater

Increased windows



Graphic Scale: 1 inch = 8 feet



E-W Section




South Facing Entrance

Main Lobby

From the outside you can see the crowd gathering. From the inside you notice a spiral staircase leading you f rom the new addition to the historic theater. Providing a connection and to raise the impor tance to the past. The theater addition evokes a place to be seen and to see.

03 HPUV ASME Human Powered Utility Vehicle Competition Recumbent Bicycle Design Designed | Summer 2008 Steel/Fiberglass/ polycarbonate Project Description For our senior capstone project our team selected the American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) Human Powered Utility Vehicle (HPUV) Competition. This competition entailed designing and fabricating a recumbent bike which could protect a rider f rom the rain, carr y groceries and ride like a regular bike for the average consumer.

Bare frame recumbent bike Fiberglass Shell

For this project I specialized in the vehicle dynamics. I determined the characteristics of the car based on the weight of the bike and the designed the steering system.

( 1) Foam Mold with Bondo. Sanding and a release agent.

(2) f iberglass sheets overlaid.

Completed HPUV in competition

(3) Fiberglass beginning to harden.

(4) A harden f iberglass mold completed.

(5) Sanding and paint applied for the f inal product .

Vehicle Dynamics The major factor that changed the forces of the vehicle were the center of gravity and the steering knuckle which created the Ackerman. Ackerman is ratio of the inner wheel to the outer wheels turning radius.

Ackerman Frame and Steering Set up

As a vehicle turns it creates forces that is transmitted throughout the f rame and steering set up. To determine the most eff icient and comfor table ride, I designed an algorithm to provide different options and different setups for the bike.

Ackerman Design

Steering Knuckle design

The Ackerman is determined primarily by the steering knuckle and the steering set up. Each steering component can be designed to a specif ic length and angle, this creates a lot of variables. To narrow down the number of variables, our team created a matrix of attributes that we wanted the bike and user to have.

With the user info and the strength of materials inputted, the algorithm was able to output different Ackerman angles that could be graphed. From there I designed the steering knuckle in Solidworks. The par t was tested with FEA .

04 Baja SAE SAE Baja Competition Off-road Vehicle Design Designed | Summer 2006 Steel tubing/Chromoly Steel/ Plate steel/Sheet metal Project Description The Baja Competition introduced a new vehicle, similar to a quad but with a full roll cage, making it a safer vehicle to operate. The design challenge was to make the vehicle fast , durable, reliable and enduring of the following f ive challenges. • Acceleration • Hill Climb • Maneuverability • Rock Crawl • Four Hour Endurance Race This was an club event created solely by volunteer students. In 2006 I became president and led the team to competition.

CHICO STATE BAJA TEAM BUILDING AND TESTING Rear locking differential for tight turning and locking capabilities for rock crawling.

Modified transmission for the correct gear ratio for maximum acceleration and torque.

Large A-Arms for maximum wheel travel and help decrease bump steer.

Chromoly and mild steel tubing for strength, durability and weight savings.

Transmission to Wheel Design

Baja Design and Calculations

We used a modif ied Kawasaki Mule transmission with CV axles f rom a 4x4 . To f it the wheels, we had to build a custom hub and spline to f it the CV axle. A team member calculated the torque and tolerance needed for the par t . It was mocked up in Solidworks and fabricated based the plans.

Marketing To build this vehicle it took countless hours of f ree labor f rom the students. But it cost more than $15,000 in par ts. To raise this capital I created a website, fliers, budget proposals, and a brochure. We attend meetings, events and stores to gain par ts and cash. We were able to raise enough money to build the vehicle, travel and compete.

A special thanks to the team to make this all happen.



Hobbies Miscellaneous projects 2017 - 2018 Wood, Photography, Water Color

The winters in Por tland can be rough, and the window that I look out onto is a drab patio. I wanted something inspiring and brighter to look onto. I took inspiration f rom this photo I took of the sunset in Southern California.

Project Description In my f ree time I like to stay busy with projects that enhance my surroundings. Not having access to a wood shop, I still enjoy crafting what I f ind into ar t pieces. I am currently working on a key holder made of walnut . I have been shooting photography since I was young and really enjoy landscapes. I only just star ted to watercolor but last summer I got the chance to explore painting in Rome.

As the day wears on, the sun catches the piece at different angles to create a special moment .


I took this photograph of the Oregon Forest amidst the mist. I had it f ramed and it hangs over my bed. It creates a cool feeling for a place to sleep, balancing out the piece in patio.

Dichotomy of City vs Nature

I enjoy shooting landscapes but have lived in Cities all my life. In the city I like to show the beauty while the problems at the same time.

Photography Poetry

Alice fell to the depth’s of time As man worked for every dime She found her place just fine Man struggled buying every line Only to find leaded wine


This was Or vieto’s cathedral in Or vieto. I was tr ying to capture the grand scale of the church, the ornate columns and the natural lighting.

This was a clock tower in Or vieto, Italy. It sat beneath a labyrinth of underground tunnels. The sun beats down creating a high contrast and a richness of colors.


Architectural Portfolio  

A culmination of works from my time at the University of Oregon for a Masters in Architecture.

Architectural Portfolio  

A culmination of works from my time at the University of Oregon for a Masters in Architecture.