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show·case \ˈshō-ˌkās\ noun : a setting, occasion, or medium for exhibiting something or someone especially in an attractive or favorable aspect

is a national design and development company focused on building showcases online. We work with our clients to help them communicate exactly who they are, to their customers. Do we do websites? Yes and no. We aren't just hawking websites from the street corner. It's more than just a website for us. It's about truly standing out so you blow people away when they come to your site. Your website is the first point of contact for many people to your company. What will a prospective client see? A doorman with tattered up clothes that cannot explain what you do? Or are they going to know with 100% certainty that you are the company they need to solve their problem? Let us help you get there.

companyprofile Name Time Warner Cable Design Style Directive, Sleek Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Autoloop Design Style Clean, Engaging Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Chrysalis Design Style Colorful, Bold Color Scheme

companyprofile Name The Centrie Design Style Modern, Sophisticated Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Oakland Collegiate School Design Style Photographic, Personal Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Celestix Design Style Sleek, Informative Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Wheeler Mansion Design Style Sophisticated, Classic Color Scheme

companyprofile Name JAD Design Style Friendly, Inviting Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Xscion Solutions Design Style Clean, Directive Color Scheme

companyprofile Name Washington DC Government Design Style Engaging, Educational Color Scheme

When evaluating a company for your project, it’s important that you consider a few points: If a company is using lots of big words that you don’t understand, run away. This will be an experience you have very little control over and has turned out bad in every case we have seen.

Be sure the website you are getting is easy for you to manage. You have to have the ability to easily make changes to your site. This can be a point where many companies get charged hidden fees that they don’t expect once they get their foot in the door.

This can be hit or miss. If you need a site to be very strong in both design and programming, ease of use, etc., you need a team with specialists in each of the parts of design and development.

Ensure that you search the web and find examples of sites you really like the look of. When you are evaluating a design company, ensure they are able to do this level of work. You will be able to see this from their portfolio. They may not have the exact style you are looking for, but you at least have to see that they can accomplish the level of work you want.

Many clients have come to us after wasting thousands of dollars because they were dealing with a “cheaper” company and got a poor quality product and spent a lot of extra time trying to get it right. It’s better to go with a company who has the experience but does not gouge you on price.

Many companies use the excuse that they don’t have time to update their own website. This is a bad sign. This is usually because they are over their heads in work and will tend to have slow service, resulting in a poor experience for you. Get a company ready and able to handle your project.

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