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Tri-State College of Acupuncture ​hi it's tony robbins again listen people ask me all the time if you really want to get lasting change real results that stick around what do you got to do what are most important things you learned Tony in that area I tell people the most common thing people talk about is how they want to make a change in their life but everybody wants to change but nobody wants to work out you know everybody wants muscle but nobody wants to train see one of the challenges that we have in our lives is we don't realize that the process of training ourselves the process of conditioning ourselves actually feels incredible once you get that initial momentum but most people don't why why do somebody people say well I lost 100 pounds you know the same 10 pounds 10 times you know or they'll tell me you know i'm on my 4th day without a cigarette man i'm doing really good if you're counting the days it's not lasting change you just count the days you can tell people how long you last it if you want lasting change you've got to give up this idea of trying something you get aside you're going to commit to mastery when I say commit to mastery what I mean by that is most people dabble they they talk about what I'd like to change my body I'd like to change my relationship better I'd like to have more passion there but they don't know what to do and even if they did they don't have enough detail to be able to follow through they never made the shifts in their own emotion and their psychology to follow through and it isn't that difficult but there is a path and it requires consistency think about everybody over eat some of the time everybody gets angry or frustrated or sad or depressed some of the time your life is not controlled by what you do some of the time it's what you do consistently and here's the secret whatever you want to make better you better make sure you measure it more often think about it you want to lose weight and you never look at a scale that's how people find themselves 20 30 40 50 pounds overweight or even 10 or 15 because it just kind of happened slowly and with all at once you know what do businesses go out of business you know things are okay okay and then all of a sudden they're in trouble overnight it's not overnight all of our success and failure in life comes to the little decisions little actions little moments failure doesn't an overnight event its failure to make the phone call its failure say I love you its failure to take care of your body its failure to invest some time in yourself so you keep growing in not just reacting to the world that's constantly demanding your attention its success comes from doing the right things also little things saying I love you taking the time for what matters most your body your mind your spirit your emotion having a plan and measuring your progress that's the second thing we need you got to commit to mastery but you also really need to get yourself involved what I call immersion coaching immersion coaching is as old as humanity how we passed on mastery of anything finances crafts ideas business politics usually you went to live with somebody you went to work for somebody became an apprentice and maybe decades or years or decades of your life you'd commit time to be around that person day and night so you could see and feel all the little distinctions that make them so masterful at what they do today people have no patience we all want it right now and people don't only not commit to mastery but they rarely even find a real mentor or coach they think they have all the answers they try a few things if it doesn't work they run to something else if you want a great jump in the quality of your life an extraordinary jump in the quality of your life you got to set yourself up to win you got to shut yourself up with a process that allows you to consistently grow consistently enjoy your life and consistently produce the results that you're really after and I don't care what area life you want to change coaching is one of the most valuable tools in the world now when I started my career there was no coaching industry I helped the father that interesting industry almost 35 years ago and it's kind of interesting when I first started out if somebody would have said oh one of the best ways you can help an executive perform at a higher level as get them a personal coach I mean people would have laughed at you but today it's a multi-billion dollar industry because seventy percent of the fortune 500 now say in a recent study if you want to find the top three ways to improve performance of an executive one of those is personal coaching but again when I began you know I'll tell you kind of the history of how this came about I was a young man who was always looking for answers I want to change my own life initially physically mentally emotionally financially but as soon as I got answers I always was coaching other people when I was you know in high school I was mr. solution you had a problem I had the solution especially if you're a girl because that was more motivated and I want to really help yeah

but really at that time I would feed my mind I didn't have a lot of coaches to come after I fed my mind with books I read it a book a day my goals read a book every single day that's about personal development improvement psychology physiology something that could help you improve your life you know when people needed help I have the answer and I got hooked on having those answers so I kind of started that coaching at that stage where I coach myself and people saw results and those results made people ask me what to do and that's how I got involved in it but then as the years went by I'm still a young man but I was in my early 20s and I developed this incredible arsenal of tools a toolbox a tool chest if you will of the very best tools to create change rapidly things that look like magic to people where I could take somebody and I'll go on a radio show or a TV show and I would challenge traditional psychologists and psychiatrists and I'd say give me your worst patient I don't care if they have uncontrollable phobias have them come see me I'll handle it in one hour and I developed this idea that I was the one hour the one-stop coach the person that can help people make any change and I built my career by actually doing that I got on television radio and I took people with lifetime phobias and turn them around these are all just techniques and strategies that I didn't develop I just kept looking for the best and I kept synthesizing it and bring it forward so when I started out here I was this guy helping people lose 30 60 90 some cases 200 pounds or taking a guy that was barely surviving financially and within a couple years of this counseling or coaching as I started call it really got him to turn his business around and literally got him financially independent relationships that were following apart night I learned the distinction is to help couples change and so when you start getting those types of results of that measurable people started giving me attention and the media started come to me and then what they want to know is this what are you you know about are you a guru I said no no no no no not that you're mr. motivator like no no I I'm certainly believing people having an inspired life I think about it inspirations pretty important if you're not inspired what is inspired it means in spirit means there's an energy in your life if you're not inspired about your life what do you have now thing but I'm really more about strategy and I kept pushing me guru motivator what are you you know and I I said well you know what I really am I'm a coach and I came up with that metaphor I mean there's always been consultants in business I wasn't talking about businesses it was individuals and I said I'm not a therapist you know I said and I don't have a degree people pay me because I produce measurable results they pay me nothing unless I do it that's how I set up my career so I built my brand and I said you know for me coaches are people but not better than you are a coach just has a different perspective I mean even back in those days the best athletes in the day is the Gretzky's the Michael Jordan's etc they all had a coach still to this day the best have coaches because the coach can see what you can't see because you're in the force they're outside of it and I know as an athlete I was better than some of my coaches but they made me better so I said that's my job I'm a coach because Kia coaches not better their their friend there they're an equal they're there for you there's somebody who cares deeply about your well-being but they're also incredibly skilled to help guide you at the moment you really need it and so I started promoting this idea of being a coach and you know the sports metaphor help some people but the media didn't buy into it very much but I was able to succeed finally because i was able to keep measuring these results i mean i would go out and say i'll come see me for one session all handle this problem or you pay me nothing and you can check it out for 60 days i still use that formula to this day as many of you know with my products and services so what was really fascinating though was along the way i was there's a point after years of calling myself a coach and then there's no coaching industry nobody talk to themselves coaches I remember at one point I hit a point where is about to give it out and Larry can't even said to me on on a air one time you see you know what is this you're a coach what does that mean unexplained peak before it's coaching and strategy and so forth and and right about that time suddenly coaching became the term of art and everybody's coached therapist started calling himself coaches no financial planners became coaches it just became the term of art so it's been a fascinating journey watching that word come in because what I did is I helped build that term by making it based on real results so you know I go to the US Army and I went to this general and I said general I can take any training program you have an entire army any training program cut the training time in half and increase the competency he said you're crazy I said no I'm expensive we got a giggle the laughed and I was able to put together a deal and I i was going to pay and paid nothing unless i cut you know a training program in half and increase the competency he started with a pistol shooting training 45 caliber pistol shooting I never shot a gun before in my life but I figured out the process this is what I'm best at of what the best people in the world there they gave me the best shooter in the army the best shooter in the armed services and their coach one underground worked with these guys they had me shoot a gun and it has a bit of a kick and I did so poorly and they're going you know what are you going to do and you're just a kid I was like 24 at the time I said well I know a little bit about how to model what makes people successful in their mind and their emotions because pull that gun there's a certain amount of mechanics but there's also a strategy of what you do in your head that allows you to target in and make this so successful my job is

to uncover what that is and I did I'll give you a clue all of these shooters are the best in the world they don't see the target far away they mentally bring it closer so when i designed the training program the coaching program for all new recruits i designed it so when they first shot the gun they never shot the gun till they gone through the exact same motions everything i learned from the best people but then i put the target five feet away so they go boom and they shoot it right in the center the first time wow boom and they built on this successor as I was trying to shoot it through 40 yards away and I felt like a failure we build on success and that's part of our success coaching system our immersion coaching system the bottom line is I got such great results that pretty soon I was coaching Princess Diana President Clinton you know Andre Agassi the LA Kings it just grew and grew and grew and today I'm very proud to say that the on the most successful coach of our type in the world you know I get seven figures to coach somebody plus a piece of the upside and I have clients that I'd had for 17 consecutive years at that investment level one of them is one of the top ten financial traders in the world this is a man who's made a half a billion dollars when the market was destroyed in 1987 in 2008 when the market went through the floor people whose trillions of dollars he was up 23 percent he's brilliant but I literally have coached him for those 17 years seven figures a year and it's all been based on producing these real results I bring this point up to you not to brag but to get across to you that what we do is different today anybody call themself a coach it's a joke it's become a term of art for anything somebody go to some class that somebody made up and be certified as a coach but can they really produce measurable results for you I have a system and my system that I do for seven figures one-on-one for an individual I've now taught all of my coaches to facilitate and you're not going to be paying seven figure 6 figures 5 figures I think it's a little less than three figures a month to give you an idea it's it's pitifully small but the reward is priceless and the people i have are extraordinary so you know just coaching work gosh regular training you know all the research shows that if you want to increase productivity in yourself and your life or in a business overall training will increase productivity by 22% any ordinary training will do that but if you take ordinary training he attached to it personal coaching studies show it increases by eighty eight percent of your productivity meaning the results you get the type of immersion coach we do as a whole different level I'll tell you what the difference is it's a combination of all the strategies that I've accumulated their proprietary to myself and when I teach for the last 33 years I mean I've dealt now with four million people from literally a hundred different countries at this point have to be an idiot not to notice that there are certain patterns that make people successful in certain patterns that make people fail patterns make people frustrated and angry and depressed and problems that make people feel passionate alive and taking control of their life and so I've put those together and I train my team in those but the other part is when I started out I was doing one-on-one work with people and i love that it was incredible but after a while I saw you know if I work with these people you know a couple hours a month maybe I'll get 20 24 hours a year of coaching with them it's fantastic it's short but if I could get them together for one weekend event I could take group dynamics and learn from each other and it could produce this energy like you have when you're an NBA final championship game or a football game or great baseball game and all of a sudden you got energy got group dynamics and I could do 50 hours in a weekend and make it like the time of people's lives where you have this explosion of progress and so then I thought events where the answer and how we've come to our current immersion program is I began to realize wow people get this huge jump in immersion with an event and then having somebody one on one who knows you individually working with you and helping you to hold yourself to a standard again measuring your progress helping to guide you and doing it you know in a way that's very convenient have to travel there on the phone with you and they do it in the days that make sense for you a couple times a month and you're ready to rock and roll and go to a different level so I began to combine those and then we added our products so that's how we have our current emergency system so here's my offer to you if you're serious you're not kidding yourself and you really want to improve your life in any area you know for things to change you got to change for you to get better for these get better you've got to get better it's it's it's in every one of us and so what we have to do is have a system to do it so take advantage of this immersion system this results coaching system this is a place where you can see your life really changed because we've proven it over and over again it has a money-back guarantee come to an event and he can't do that for starters get yourself a coach and get yourself a product and focus on the areas you want to change would it be your body your emotions your relationships your finances your career the way you master and manage your time or just the experience of what it's going to be meaningful and celebratory for you in this life whatever you want to focus on we've got the expertise to take you to that level or if you're in business we have business coaching as well and you can see that if you check out the section that we do on business breakthroughs so that's our offering to you get yourself started and one of the ways we can help you out if you're just kind of interested not sure whether you want to commit yet or not or try this process are out or not we have an opportunity if you have a free coaching session that there's no charge will add value to your life you'll get a chance to

focus and see what are the areas i want to improve why what do what's the strategy that will start to move you forward and all you have to do is click on the button or do the click to call or or call our 800 number and we'll schedule a coaching session for you but I'm passionate about coaching as you can tell it's a part of my life in history coaches have made such a difference in my life at certain times they just gave me a little insight and I'm heading this direction and gave me this little slight change where instead of heading here i'm heading here but you take that a week from now you know a month from now six months now a year from now you end up in a different destination a different destiny little thing mean everything and coaches allow you not to miss those little things they allow you to get consistent results and they're there for you as a friend to deal with both the good times and the challenging times and God knows we have all of those together so drop in with us test this out have a chance of an immersion coaching I know you'll be thrilled and you can check on the website here and see results of all the clients I've dealt with top ceos people in government sports stars or just average people who know that a consistent process of progress that's measured and that's fun and that's simple we'll get you from where you are to where you want to be that's results coaching that's our total immersion system and that's our opportunity for you to test it out alright I hope that you'll give us a try and that you'll maybe drop me a note about the kind of impacts you have or then I'll get meet you at event and you'll share with me the story of your results that's one of my favorite things in life LIVESTRONG and live with passion and thanks for your time Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.