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Fall Winter 19/20


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MANASSEH A fashion magazine dedicated to giving young creatives around the world a platform to showcase their art & style, promote their businesses, and tell their stories.

Fall Winter 19/20


INDEX 07 - A Word from the Editor 08 - Lost Girl 16 - Sky High 20 - LA Dragon Tale 26 - In the Midst 32 - Crimson Rays 38 - Light Show 44 - Tokyo Drift

50 - Feature: Blanche Death 58 - Deserted 64 - Higher Heights 70 - Agile 76 - Chanel Orange 82 - Don 88 - Stay in Touch

Remedy | 05

06 | Manasseh Magazine

A Message from the Editor

MANASSEH remedy noun

rem·e·dy | \ ˈre-mə-dē \ plural remedies

1: a medicine, application, or treatment that relieves or cures a disease 2: something that corrects or counteracts If you’re a creative reading this Issue, I’m sure that at one point in your career you’ve suffered from what I like to call “The Common Cold of Creativity.” Here are some of the symptoms: • Frustration • Self doubt • Feeling stuck • Loss of interest • Fading passion for your craft Listen, we’ve ALL been there at some point. But whether you’re currently suffering from this ailment or just feeling some of the symptoms, this Issue was created to help cure you of this Creative Cold. This issue is the Remedy.

Joshua Christie, Chief Editor Remedy | 07

L O S T G I R L PHOTOGRAPHER Astrid White MODEL Agata Wilkos JEWELRY Tijn Homelife LOCATION Poznan, Poland

08 | Manasseh Magazine

10 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 11

07 | Manasseh Magazine

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Remedy | 15

Sky High

PHOTOGRAPHER Donnoven Nguyen MODEL Chase Keith LOCATION "Some random garage in Irvine, California"

Remedy | 17

18 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 19

LA Dragon Tale PHOTOGRAPHER Jamyr Greene MODEL Astrid Lorenzo LOCATION Los Angeles, California

Remedy | 21 Forget | 25

Remedy | 23

24 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 25

rose in the forest PHOTOGRAPHER Janaya J MODEL Destiny Miles

In the Midst

PHOTOGRAPHER Zachery Kenric Ali ASSISTANT Aylin Arol MODEL Louis Poll STYLIST Carmen Wolfschluckner HAIR & MAKEUP Marilia Rohr LOCATION Berlin, Germany 37 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 27

28 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 29

30 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 31

Crimson Rays PHOTOGRAPHER Aisha Seriki MODEL Bibby Grace STYLIST Lauren Warner LOCATION London, England

32 | Manasseh Magazine

34 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 35

36 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 37

Light Show PHOTOGRAPHER Joe Howat MODELS/STYLISTS Indio Harrison, Leon Martin LOCATION London, England

38 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 39

42 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 43

44 | Manasseh Magazine

Tokyo Drift PHOTOGRAPHER Donnoven Nguyen MODEL Alexis Jayde Burnett LOCATION Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Remedy | 45

46 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 47

50 | Manasseh Magazine


Blanche Death Clothing Brand

More than a brand, Blanche (Blank) Death is a project started by Andres Luque designed to push the limits of the individuality a person has. As a brand, Blanche tries to be an experience for artists and it's customers, and focuses on inspiring others to chase what they truly desire in life. Blanche Death is based in various cities across Texas; San Antonio and Austin being the main ones. Many of their pieces mimic traditional Japanese style, and also take inspiration from punk culture. Their manufacturing process is completely based on crafting handmade clothing pieces. In the words of its founder, Andres Luque, Blanche Death is "Where we up-cycle old clothing, giving it a different perspective to fit the current state of fashion." Photos courtesy of Gabe Hernandez

Remedy | 51

52 | Manasseh Magazine

TOP 'Love' Men's Dress Shirt JEANS - Patriot Pants (Re-worked Levi's) MODEL Jaydon Houston

54 | Manasseh Magazine

TOP End of the World Sweatshirt JEANS Bandana Bum Flap Pants MODEL Alain Gakwaya

Remedy | 55

56 | Manasseh Magazine

Chaser's Hoodie in Black and Purple

Remedy | 57


PHOTOGRAPHER María Correa MODEL Adriana Conde LOCATION Puerto Rico

Remedy | 59

60 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 61

62 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 63

higher heights PHOTOGRAPHER Donnoven Nguyen MODELS Payton Moormeier & Chase Hudson LOCATION "Top of the World" Laguna Beach, California

Remedy | 65

66 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 67

68 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 69


PHOTOGRAPHER London King MODEL Lyka Day LOCATION Brooklyn, New York

Remedy | 71

72 | Manasseh Magazine

74 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 75

chanel orange

PHOTOGRAPHER Cameron Reed MODEL Zeynep Civelek LOCATION Houston, Texas

76 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 77

80 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 81


PHOTOGRAPHER Wayne Tahjae MODEL Don Ulysse LOCATION Delray Beach, Florida

82 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 83

84 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 85

86 | Manasseh Magazine

Remedy | 87

Stay in Touch With the Creatives Featured Photographers

Gabe Hernandez Instagram: @_gabehernandez_

Maria Correa Instagram: @biencasual Website:

Astrid White Instagram: @astridxwhite

Donnoven Nguyen Instagram: @donnoven

Jamyr Greene Instagram: @filmsbyjtg Website:

Wayne TahjaĂŠ Instagram: @waynetahjae Website:

Aisha Seriki Instagram: @occipiedbythelense Website:

Clothing Brands

Cameron Reed Instagram: @camsvisualart Website: Joe Howat Instagram: @joehowat_uk Zachery Kenric Ali Instagram: @zachkali Website: - Assistant: Aylin Arol (IG: @ayllinspire) London King Instagram: @londoncallingg Website: 88 | Manasseh Magazine

Blanche Death Instagram: @blanchedeath | @andrestz_ Website:


Bibby Grace Instagram: @bibbyggg Astrid Lorenzo Instagram: @exaltedbabe Jaydon Houston Instagram: @alexzanderuno Payton Moormeier Instagram: @paytonmoormeier Alexis Jayde Burnett Instagram: @lexijayde

Forget | 96

Models (cont'd)

Indio Harrison Instagram: @indiovstheworld Alain Gakwaya Instagram: @alain.boris Chase Hudson Instagram: @lilhuddy Louis Poll Instagram: @don_levis

Zeynep Civelek Instagram: @zey.oo Agata Wilkos Instagram: @antisztati Leon Martin Instagram: @lonfroy


Lauren Warner Instagram: @_she_is_lauren_

Don Ulysse Instagram: @donllywood

Leon Martin Instagram: @lonfroy

Lyka Day Instagram: @lykaday

Carmen Wolfschluckner Instagram: @carmenwolfschluckner

Chase Keith Instagram: @chasekeith

Hair & Makeup

Adriana Conde Instagram: @barbraconde

90 | Manasseh Magazine

Marilia Rohr Instagram: @mariliarohr


Manasseh Magazine 2019 Issue 02 - REMEDY Founded by Joshua Christie

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