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Types of Gameplay Dota 2 This game comes under the Genre of MOBA, meaning it’s a multiplayer online battle arena. In this game you will be facing other players online, or AI champions if you are new to the game. The game comes under the gameplay style of death match as it’s a player vs player action, however it also comes under the style of a hack and slash due to the combat mechanics. If you get deeper into the game mechanics you will see that the game also levels with your character due to the forest minions and dragon. Killzone 2 Killzone is a great example of a deathmatch as when you play online it will join you to a team and you will have to battle the other team for the most kills or an objective, which would then make it fall under the category of cooperative gameplay, all working together to try and reach the common goal of destroying or capturing the object before your opponents

Temple of light This is a cooperative game where you and a friend will help each other by solving problems to complete the level by collecting all the corresponding coloured gems then making it to the doors. Only one of the characters can move over different pools of liquid or jump specific heights so it’s a real challenge where you will have to find a way to get both of you across.

Total war ATTILA This game is Asymmetric, every time you play the game what happens in the game is all dependent on your choices, say if I was to take then enemy city but it would leave my city vulnerable then the AI will attack there instead of maybe backing off or attacking elsewhere. And dependent on what political choices you make you will have a different outcome in your family and senate making your play style and gameplay experience differ to the next player if he was to make a different choice. It is also somewhat level based because as you progress into the game the AI will make its city and army strengths to match yours and will keep up with you on research and city development. It will also a good example of a micromanagement game where have to control your troops and there is a lot of strategy involved.

Wii sports The wii sports game is a perfect example of a sports game that is also mixed in with an interactive simulation. Where you actually have to physically move your body to make an impact on the gameplay. You simulate all sorts of sport from tennis to boxing. In the game, say you’re playing tennis, you would have to move the controller in your hand as if you was swinging a bat to be able to swing the bat in game therefore having an effect. If you do not swing correctly or at the right time you will lose.

The wolf among us This game is an example of an asymmetric game where very choice you make will have an effect on how your game works and plays out. Say fi I was to choose to go to the diner first, someone at the other place might die or I may miss out on clues or something therefore impacting my result in the game and what I will have to do next.

Clash of clans Clash of clans is a game where you want to build up your defences and resources and go out attacking other people’s villages to gain even more resources to upgrade your base. There is some micromanagement needed and it takes a lot of work and a lot of strategy to be able to place your troops correctly to take down a base as well as build a base of your own that is good to keep your resources safe. It’s also an interactive game as you have to tap on a tablet as it is an app

Civilization V Civilization is a city builder game where you simulate running a country, making sure your people are happy and growing and you are constructing buildings to further your research and then make troops to be able to defend your borders and push to capture more cities. There is micromanagement when you have to move troops around and it is a turn based is also a passive gameplay as you don’t have to end the turn you can take as much time as you like to do things.

Dragon age inquisition This is an open world game where you complete quests to progress in the storyline, and you make different decision it will change what you have to do next or how the characters will be around you or who you are allied with. The game also levels with you as you level up the enemies will level us also so there is always a challenge. The online play can be interesting as it can either be cooperative where you team up against the AI to achieve a goal or you can play PVP and fight real players.

outlast This is a horror game where you are trapped in a mental asylum, you have to escape but there are ‘things’ following you, you can’t attack, you can’t fight, you can only run or hide. This is great for a horror game because it gives you the sense of vulnerablitlty.

Types of gameplay  

This is a report on the different types of gameplay within a game

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