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Mission Statement For Hydrogen Events, sustainability and the quality of excellence are synonymous with all of our creative services. Essentially providing experiences that are both ethically and environmentally aware. At Hydrogen it is our duty to provide an event management service that creates both sustainable and memorable experiences synonymously. We believe that creativity and sustainability can successfully coincide, whether that on a large outdoor event with thousands of attendants or a private function for a dozen executives. Nevertheless, Hydrogen is dedicated to ensuring a brighter and cleaner future, whilst transforming the outlook of fellow businesses whether big or small.

Commitment to Sustainability and Resourcing At Hydrogen Events we have a strong and unrelenting ethos that revolves around the reduction of carbon emissions from events, primarily within the corporate sector. By reducing the carbon footprint, as well as monitoring waste management and recycling, we are part of a national infrastructure that is constantly pushing for cleaner events. By decreasing harmful emissions and toxic wastes, we are working as a team to help protect and regenerate the Earth for future generations. Sourcing sustainable products is just the start in which many companies can promote a cleaner environment. Events within the corporate sector are often on a large scale, requiring many resources, including energy and transport. By focusing on these wasteful elements within each individual event, and identifying the appropriate KSI’s, both the client and the environment can simultaneously benefit.

Working alongside with international conglomerates or small local companies, will fundamentally network the sustainable message that Hydrogen represent, as well as provide the client the opportunity to realign their brand with a greener outlook. Also reducing long term costs through energy suppliers and resourcing.

BS 8901 Specification For A Sustainable Event Management System

Our climate is changing with potentially substantial implications for governments and industries. The events industry is no exception. Anyone involved in organising and managing events needs to understand these trends, the implications on their businesses and then implement strategies to enable their business to respond in a more sustainable way. BS 8901 is the British Standard which has been developed specifically for the events industry. It is important that all aspects of an event are sustainable. Event organisers need to consider the social, economic and environmental impacts of organising their event. Every choice, from the venue and travel arrangements, through to the content of the delegate packs should be designed to be as ecologically responsible as possible.

The standard provides a framework of good practice and defines the requirements for a sustainable event management system to ensure an enduring and balanced approach to economic activity, environmental responsibility and social progress.

Tier 1: Event owner - anyone who commissions and is responsible for the overall management of an event Tier 2: Event organiser – anyone with overall responsibility for managing the delivery of an event Tier 3: Suppliers to the event – any organisation providing products, services or facilities such as stand builders, lighting engineers, sound engineers, printers, caterers, venue owners, couriers and printers

Statement of Goals As both a company and service provider Hydrogen endeavours to achieve the following goals throughout all management projects and brand interaction. In terms of each specific event it is important to provide a creative and professional experience whilst promoting the ‘Green Goals’ below: To increase public transport To encourage recycling at events Reducing the total carbon emissions from an event To reduce water waste/ consumption On a long term basis, the following objectives represent realistic outcomes in which Hydrogen as a company persevere to maintain, whilst also encouraging the client companies to develop similar strategies. Greening the supply chain Sustainable materials

Key Sustainability Indicators Table 1. Transport Cars (average petrol)


Measure: The number of cars, occupancy rate (passengers), average distance and tonne CO2

Measure: The number of taxis used, how many passengers in each, the average distance, tonne CO2

Emissions Factor: 0.3442kg CO2 /mile or 0.2151kg CO2 /km Coach (Organised)

Emission Factor (regular taxi): 0.3567kg CO2 /mile or 0.2229kg CO2 /km

Measure: The number of coaches, distance travelled and tonne CO2

Emission Factor (black cab): 0.4128kg CO2 /mile or 0.2580kg CO2/km

Emission Factor: 1.0790kg CO2 / mile or 0.6744kg CO2 /km

Train Travel (Underground)

Train Travel (Nation Rail average)

Measure: The passenger(s), their average distance and tonne CO2

Measure: How far each individual passenger travelled (average) and tonne CO2

Emission Factor: 0.1040kg CO2 / mile (per passenger) or 0.0650kg CO2 /km

Emission Factor: 0.0963kg CO2 / mile(per passenger) or 0.0602kg CO2 /km

Table 2. Energy Mains Power Measure: Kilowatt hours, tonne CO2 Emission Factor: 0.5619kg CO2 / kWh Mains Gas Measure: Kilowatt hours, tonne CO2 Emission Factor: 0.206kg CO2 / kWh gas Renewable Onsite Power Measure: Kilowatt hours, tonne CO2 Emission Factor: Zero emissions

These charts and formulas can help establish the average usage of energy and the output of carbon emissions. By taking estimations and previous calculations, each event should in relation become better prepared and less wasteful. It is also important to remember that not all aspects can be measured or altered, but nevertheless, making these calculations will help identify the key areas in which need to be addressed environmentally. By continuously adhering to maintaining a greener event, in relation to waste, travel and emissions, Hydrogen Events will be addressing the BS 8901 requirements, set by the British Standards. As a young start-up company Hydrogen are therefore, focusing on providing both a carbon reduced and sustainable experience, as well as aiming to achieve the BS 8901 certificate. Continued compliance with the specified guidelines from the British Standards document, will benefit both the clients and Hydrogen.



Sustainability Policy  

This is a digital copy of the Sustainability Policy I put together for a university project.