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Jackson Nxt

Introduction I am sure you have never heard this story before. Federal Burro Investigators (FBI) and the Crime Investigation agency (CIA) have kept this story under high authorities. We have a different point of view so we are going to let you read this story.

Chapter I `It was a dark warm 1940s summer night. The wind brushing throughout the trees just like a broom brushing across the floor, until it hit the White House. The trees were being pushed back and forth by the wind, the night was peaceful. Until there

was a sudden scream coming from the Oval Office. This peaceful summer night just turned into a horror house.

Chapter II When the authorities arrived they were investigating the president-napping of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Henry A. Wallace. When the authorities were investigating they found a Nazi symbol under Franklin D Roosevelt’s desk. The president-napping called for extreme measures and the only person on Earth that could solve this mystery is Jackson Nxt.

Chapter III Jackson Nxt arrived several hours later. Jackson Nxt has brown shaggy hair, 5am after shave, blue

eyes, and is 27 years old. He has to keep a low profile to be a spy. He is wearing a white collared shirt and blue jeans. The CIA and the FBI briefed him on what happened. They told him where he is going and what he is doing An hour later he was talking to the secretary congress wearing a Nazi uniform. Jackson said, “Will there be another agent with me.” “No.” said the secretary congress. The next day Jackson was immediately shipped to Germany but before he went the CIA stopped him and told Jackson his code name is Belgium Waffle this is only for communication with us. You will be Lt. Locke. Good luck soldier and god be with you on your journey.

Chapter IV As Jackson got on the plane he sat down and fell asleep with his Nazi uniform on. Once he woke up he looked out side. It was pitch black out. He got up and went into the cock pit of the plane. The pilot was drinking black coffee. He said, “We will

be landing in five minutes.” Jackson walked back and was about to put on his parachute and gear. Five minutes later Jackson opened the door and jumped out. As he jumps into the air he sees a military camp a Nazi military camp. He pulled his parachute and landed softly on the ground. As soon as possible Jackson got rid of his parachute. He found a cabin with the sechs (sechs means six.) When he walked in he found a solider with the name plate of Locke he killed the solder and took his name plate. There was no sound when he killed him. Jackson went to sleep but during the middle of the night there was a loud and annoying siren. He got up , got dressed and snuck out of the cabin. As Jackson snuck out he went to the largest building in the camp. Once he went in he explored so many rooms he couldn’t even think as he walked through a hall way he read a note that said,” Projeckt entfuhren den Prasidenten war ein efrlog (German for: Project kidnap the president was a success.) Jackson looked a the room number but he couldn’t make it out. Later this night around 21:00

(10:00pm) Jackson reported back to the CIA and said,” Big C this is Belgium waffle do you read me...” “...This is Big C. Belgium waffle whats your Intel?” “ I have found a note that said that they have the presidents.” “ Good Work Belgium waffle.” “Permission to destroy all enemies after completing the mission” “Permission Granted, good luck.” `

Chapter V

It was the same routine yesterday. The alarm would go off during the middle of the night and Jackson would get dressed and sneak outside. Jackson was in the same cabin when he overheard a conversation with the Nazi generals. Jackson couldn’t make out what they were saying but he could make out “Locke will watch the prisoners, those stupid Americans” a general said.

Jackson was actually glad to hear that because he wants get out of this place, as a spy he has never been watched so closely. Jackson was called down for his shift at watching the prisoners. As Jackson was walking down to the hallway he saw a solider standing next to the room. He didn’t bother as he went into the room. He then heard footsteps behind him then he heard a gun clicking noise. He span around drop kicked the solider behind him and grabbed the gun in the air then shot the gun immediately at the solider.

Chapter IV Jackson heard yelling from a different room no one else was there the solider must have been the only other person guarding the room. Jackson opened the door and sure enough Roosevelt and Wallace were there trapped. Jackson reported back to the CIA that he has got the package. As soon as that was over Jackson Nxt grabbed some brownings, and some pistols for the presidents “one

by one.” Jackson and the presidents were taking them on easily as Jackson went into the last room which was the the people with the highest rank class in the army there they all were even Hitler was there sleeping like a pig. “Man” that man disgusted everyone with his evil plots. Jackson said to Hitler while Hitler was sleeping,” Now its your turn, then Jackson said quietly to the presidents 3...2...1...” Then they shot. Jackson got some flares from the supply cabinet and Said to the CIA that he killed Hitler but they told him that was his decoy they also told him that they would be there in an hour and to light those flares. Jackson Nxt was crowned with the metal of honor and all military respect. Jackson was ready to go to bed because he got up so early at the camp. Some say that he was the one who ended the war and some say that he was a hero to mankind. We will never know.

Jackson Nxt  

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