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Lake City is located in an involved community, sitting right inside lake Albert suburb, this area is surrounded by families and working middle class suburbia. From observing the shopping centre we noticed a lot of youth loitering about. This immediately raised concern for me about the overall aesthetic and problems of the area. It seems the youth are left to sit around the area with nothing to do or a lack of suitable hangouts.

The Purposal

To be put forward, the proposal of a cafe for Lake Village Shopping centre. Through extensive research, we have discovered the potential it holds and decided that due to the high youth population in the area, that it’d be interesting idea to create a cafe influenced by music culture and vintage aesthetics.

Benefits • Relaxation, with cafes people leisure, this leisure will encourage people to spend more time in the general area. • Refueled people will come to shop then have their coffee, relax and thanks to the coffee they’ll receive the extra buzz and will have energy to shop again. • Youth will have somewhere suitable and safe to hang around and can indulge in milkshakes/drinks/ food etc. • Entertainment; acoustic musicians may play a set once a week drawing young people and others a like to support local businesses and entertainment • Modern design, interesting and trendy logos/ typefaces that gives the environment a hip aesthetic • A strong sense of community positioned right next to the community notice board. • A place for cyclist to lock up their bikes just outside

Vinyl cafe booklet  

Fictional Cafe brand identity for GRP223

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