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Empire State College, Saratoga Springs ​this is wkyt this morning good morning to you I hope your day is getting off to a great start i'm michelle chamber and I'm bill Bryant Kentucky morning start right here on WKYT including this Tuesday may 10 now at six the n-double-a-cp is planning a rally outside of Lexington Catholic High School we're live to explain why also Hillary Clinton coming to Lexington today it's just a week away from Kentucky's primary and deadly storms that swept across the nation's midsection are now headed this way luckily I do not expect that type of a break however we're still looking at that First Alert severe weather day due to the fact I do expect some severe storms later on we're gonna wash that I'm attract the timing on that going off towards your evening and night coming up in just about 10 minutes now as Micah said this is a WKYT First Alert severe weather day and this is why forecasters are warning that the violent weather that struck the plains is expected to move into the Ohio and Tennessee valleys today substantially diminished from this of course but tornadoes in oklahoma are blamed for at least two deaths there is also damage in nebraska where there was a miraculous story of survival a man clung to a tree while watching his home be blown away he had minor injuries stay up-to-the-minute on weather in your area by downloading the WKYT weather plus traffic app here's a story will be following throughout the day overnight news broke that Lexington's chapter of the n-double-a-cp is planning to rally today outside Lexington Catholic High School the rally follows months of race related issues at the school wkyt's Mike Beier is their lives with this story that has a lot of people talking this morning Mike good morning Michelle that's right a lot of people are talking about this story which assert up a firestorm with the n-double-a-cp who plans to rally outside of the school at nine this morning now this rally comes after several race related issues have stirred with inside these schools while inside the school walls in these past few months in one instance a 17-year old student was charged with terroristic threatening and harassment the charges came after a 14 year old african-american Lexington Catholic football player said the teen who was his teammate sent him racially charged and threatening messages and the news release the n EE CP said they met twice with the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington the n-double-a-cp says those meetings haven't led to any changes in the school's culture last week Lexington Catholic High School leaders said they weren't working said they were working with local and national diversity experts a spokesperson for the school told us last night the school was unaware of the rally had been planned that we've reached out to the school for further comment but at this time we have not heard back live in Lexington Mike Beier WKYT Mike thank you very much and Kentucky's primary is now a week from today and the presidential campaign trail is again winding through the Commonwealth Hillary Clinton is planning to major stops in Kentucky today wkyt's Mark barber is live with our coverage of campaign 2016 mark good morning bill when Hillary Clinton visited Kentucky last week she focused heavily on jobs and improving opportunities in the workplace and we expect that that will continue to be a big part of the conversation as she meets with young working parents here at Lexington's Family Care Center on red mile place her private meeting with these parents will be at twelve-fifteen this afternoon after clinton speaks with lexington families she will head to Louisville for another private meeting with families her first stop in the Commonwealth that will be open to the public will be at sixfifteen tonight at Slugger Field in Louisville former President Bill Clinton will also be returning to Kentucky this week to continue campaigning for his wife he drew large crowds in Lexington Morehead in Louisville last week when he talked about his wife's policies on education job creation and the coal industry the details of his campaign stop have not been released yet Bill and Hillary Clinton only have one more week to sway Kentucky voters the Democratic primary here is next Tuesday live in Lexington Mark barber WKYT it appears that Clinton's challenger is poised to win West Virginia's primary today but Bernie Sanders still trails far behind Clinton in the delegate count presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is running unopposed now after Ted Cruz and John Kasich ended their campaigns last week there is also a primary in Nebraska today new on WKYT this morning police say the man who robbed a Lexington gas Sta she wore some distinct clothing the man had a Mardi Gras mask and pink socks on his hands when police say he robbed the Speedway on Paris Pike just after two o'clock this morning they also say he was covered from head to toe and did not speak at all during the robbery instead police say he pointed a gun and the clerk and he

made hand gestures and demanded money about 30 minutes before police say a man was robbed by a gunman on Appian Way the victim says he was walking when a man came up from behind pulled out a gun and stole his wallet police lost track of the suspect at the nearby apartment complex a judge has had a bond at a million dollars for an owl's Lee County woman who's accused of killing her parents Lynette McQuinn is charged with murder and tampering with evidence on Friday state police say she shot her parents John and ADA McQuinn in their home near boonville mcqueen's next court hearing is set for May 26th the father of a Knox County murder victim says he talked to the suspect the day before the crime police say Shane Mills was shot and killed in his home last week police later arrested Richard Brown and charged him with murder they say Brown admitted to shooting Mills twice Mills his father says Brown was in his store last week he says brown asked questions about the store even asking when it would close I wanted him to hang him if you can or give him nature chair because he killed my son cold-blooded murder he had no gun he had no shot he was most likely asleep Mills also says when his wife called her son after hearing gunshots Brown answered the phone and lied about being there to fix a sink investigators are trying to figure out how a man died in a Wayne County cave 57 year-old Anthony ehresmann was found dead sunday night about 200 feet into a cave off our haul road the coroner says eris men had experience exploring caves and he did not have any signs of trauma new this morning a group of hikers from Lexington was safely rescued from the Red River Gorge the Wolfe County search and rescue team says three college students got lost while climbing in an area called the zoo the search team was able to get the lost hikers on the phone before putting a new apt to use giving them a good idea of where to search a few showers out at about toward the eastern zones but all I still back toward the west now this is your line this is the first piece of energy the first wave has already moved on through the second wave actually comes with this one the third wave is the one we're going to be concerned about later on this evening so let's talk about this one it travels on through i would say gets off into our western zones right around nine to ten a.m. round here in Lexington roughly midday give or take an hour so and it looks to push on through the farther it gets away from its energy back toward the west less your likelihood of it actually sticking together so don't expect it to be extremely strong as it rolls on through it's the one off toward the evening we're going to be watching very closely so on and off through the day you will get breaks it's not going to rain all day on you and then once we hit that 6 p.m. to about midnight timeframe that's when we expect those storms to become severe that's your severe timing ok damaging winds large hail and also the possibility of an isolated tornado or two will be with us today I do want to reiterate this this is not the outbreak type of situation that we just saw in Oklahoma it's the same system but it's not the same strength okay is it gets a little bit closer to us it loses a lot of that strength but nonetheless it's just enough through off some severe weather the slight risk across the region many uncertainties with this I'll go ahead and tell you that and be honest with you that the cloud cover the rain how that's going to affect the energy later on this afternoon is there going to be in a lot of energy when these storms roll on through that's something to really watch out for if you get a lot of sunshine today that's bad news if you don't that actually helps us out so the rain early on is actually helping us out 4pm to 7 p.m. is when we expect the severe timing not thunderstorm timing but severe timing 4pm to 7pm back toward the northwest is we look back toward the north and northeast down into the Bluegrass region and off toward the cumberland area that's 7pm to 10pm is when you can expect that to come on through that does include Lexington and then down toward the southeast 10 p.m. to 1am is when you expect these storms roll on through that's another uncertainty is the timing on this we'll have to watch this closely that's what I'm feeling right now just look these different models because a lot of these particular models aren't really matching up with each other and when that happens it drops your confidence as a forecaster on the timing on this we'll have to watch it as it gets a little bit closer but it's right now that's the best bet I have on the handle on this timing yeah it's tough when you have to hope against sunshine right right you always love sunshine these lads able to fire up those storms all right Micah thank you very much our time right now 609 and each morning we bring you weather and traffic together right here let's go to officer Don and check on what's happening on the roads good morning good morning well not a lot on the circle we just checked the inner and outer loops look okay even the exit ramps at Richmond Road alumni Tates Creek in great shape or the north side no trouble just yet let's get a look at overall traffic flow first this morning give you an idea what's happening is you plan to head out the door we're pretty good shape toward downtown no major issues there on our drive times it's a basically the ride we would expect coming in from Nicholasville now running at 12 to 14 minutes inbound from Winchester still looks okay on 64 no significant issues there about 22 minutes and from Paris about 18 now back to you in the studio all right Don thank you so much an officer Don a DNR on 98 won the bull when you get in your car you can listen to them this morning 610 now on WKYT this morning several people were hurt in an early morning stabbing at a train station in Germany what we know about stays attack in three minutes we'll have that ahead and also want to get close to the royal family Buckingham Palace is hiring it will have details on the job offer coming up

this morning Kentucky mornings start here you're watching WKYT this morning welcome back to WKYT this morning your time is 614 German police say a man is in custody after a deadly stabbing at a train station near Munich police say the suspect expressed political motivations during the attack one person died in a hospital after the stabbing that wounded several others a police spokesman says the suspect is a 27 year old german national canadian officials say a plan will be developed within the next two weeks to return the 88,000 people forced by a wild fire to evacuate Alberta's Fort McMurray some had to be moved twice first from their homes and then from the evacuation sites authorities say about 2,400 homes and other buildings in Fort McMurray were destroyed all Civic buildings and schools in use were spared a pre-trial hearing is set for today for a former university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder in the fatal shooting of a driver during a traffic stop ray tensing is also charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of Samuel DuBose he was pulled over near the campus for missing a front license plate the Pentagon has confirmed that a top Islamic state leader in Iraq's Anbar province has been killed by a coalition airstrike Abu Wahid band three others were killed when their vehicle was hit last week a senior US official said it was an American airstrike wajib is said to be a former member of al qaeda in iraq and has appeared in islamic state execution videos the pentagon says his death is a blow to the group's leadership Bernie Sanders is urging his supporters to keep the faith despite Hillary Clinton's substantial lead among pledged delegates and super-delegates Sanders is hoping to cut into that lead with a string of victories starting with West Virginia today meanwhile Clinton is making two stops in Kentucky today ahead of the primary here next Tuesday good morning your time is 616 facebook is denying allegations it manipulates it's trending news section for political purposes the tech blog gizmodo reported that some Facebook employees were told to suppress stories from conservative news sources topics that did not make the include Mitt Romney and US senator from Kentucky Rand Paul facebook says it's found no evidence the anonymous allegations are true t mobile phones will now work in Cuba the mobile carrier reached a deal giving its American customers cell service while they're on the island cell phones are rare in Cuba t-mobile customers will also be able to call in to Cuba from the US at lower than normal rates washing machines and refrigerators are coming to nearly 500 jcpenney stores the company tested the sale of major appliances in 22 markets earlier this year and will now expand the cells to nearly half their stores and we don't know if that includes the JCPenney at Lexington's Fayette mall help wanted at Buckingham Palace the British royal family is looking for a new trainee Butler you'll welcome guests polish silver and handle luggage you won't make but about 23 thousand dollars a year but the job does come with a free room in Buckingham Palace not too bad humble I it sounds like a job right lots of folks probably apply for that opportunity our tie this morning is 617 on WKYT we're just getting started with the latest news on your Tuesday many new parents do it coming up why researchers say swaddling your newborn though can be dangerous and we're looking at some storms heading our direction on this First Alert severe weather day i'm going to show you when you can expect these storms and also when you expect the severe weather threat two different pieces i'm going to show you that coming up Kentucky mornings start here you are watching WKYT this morning good morning again 621 is the time on WKYT on your Tuesdays we watch for storms later today yeah it is a First Alert severe weather day so just prepares your head out the door the Lexington chapter of the n-double-a-cp plans to rally outside Lexington Catholic High School today that's what's trending at this hour that rally comes weeks after a 17-year old student was suspended in relation to racially charged messages allegedly sent to a 14 year old teammate today's rally is scheduled to begin at nine o'clock this morning Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be in Lexington today for a private event before she holds a public rally at Louisville Slugger Field this evening her husband is also expected to be in the Commonwealth this week Kentucky's primary is a week from today lexington police are looking for the man who was wearing a Mardi Gras mask and pink socks on his hands when they say he pulled a gun on the clerk at the Speedway on Paris Pike overnight and silently demanded cash they lost track of him at an apartment complex on Rogers Road watching whether very closely today here's WKYT meteorologist Micah Harris on a severe weather day we still have some showers over towards for Kentucky trying to move on out a big break over toward the western zones nothing really going on right now however look at this line of thunderstorms heading our direction this is not your severe weather concern your concern actually comes later on this evening but I do want to show you this okay so here's the second wave we already had our first wave it's moving on out this is our second wave a little stronger wave obviously but your actual system still is back to our Missouri okay so it's the farther that this gets away from that system away from that energy the energy is right here so the farther this gets away unless you're like a little bit actually staying together or it actually being as strong as what it is right now I don't expect it to be that strong as it rolls on through however you'll get a few rumbles of thunder and also some showers out of that but once we travel off into the evening hours that's when your severe chance comes into play okay so you can have some on and off showers and thunderstorms through the day but your severe chance later on this evening now through thursday i mean

you're talking today wednesday thursday you're talking three consecutive days of it least a marginal risk of severe storms so this is going to be a pretty active next three days good news here is we're going to get a break toward Friday that's exactly what we need after the next three days guys it's going to be pretty active as we travel off towards your weekend your weekend only a couple rooms of thunder but this is just an act of seven day forecast i'm going to show you that in just about 10 minutes right as we said earlier just sort of have to pick your spots here and there were there maybe yes some clear skies maybe friday looks pretty good so we watch 624 right now an important story for new parents out there swaddling could put your baby at greater risk for SIDS that's according to the American Academy of Pediatrics swaddling is when babies are wrapped up tightly in a blanket with just the head exposed now according to the study swaddled babies placed on their sides or stomachs are twice as likely to die from the syndrome researchers say overheating could be a factor the risk is less for babies who sleep on their backs the Golden State Warriors Steph Curry is proving why he is the NBA's most valuable player two years in a row yeah curry returns from a sprained right knee to score an NBA record 17 points in overtime against the Portland Trail Blazers he finished the night with 40 points in last night's game helping his team take a 3 to 1 lead in the Western Conference semifinals the Warriors need to win one more game to win the series against the Trail Blazers and he said you know what I'm back though he's tough player yeah no doubt listen up Harry Potter fans the game of Quidditch is real well sort of a team of skydivers brought the fantasy Wizards fork to life by squaring off in a broomstick bout in midair the high-flying act was a PR stunt for a colombian communications company these may be mirror muggles but they play like Potter pros even the series author was impressed by it retweeting the video to millions of followers seem to enjoy that was impressive look out yep for a broom ride today sounds like it doesn't it all right the time this morning to 625 and we're coming right back on WKYT this morning the turnover continues for the UK women's basketball program who coach Mitchell is losing this time that's coming up at six-thirty all of our top stories are on the way tonight's mega millions jackpot is 150 million dollars wednesday night's powerball jackpot is 40 million dollars Kentucky morning start right here on WKYT and we'll be right back Manhattan College, The Bronx.