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hi :) this is the story of how you are changing the world!

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who we are a letter from our founder the people that make it happen our partners where we've been





india africa

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who we are our mission: To foster a global community that is meeting the needs of people worldwide by compassionately connecting resources with needs.

our essence: We are a hodge-podge group of crazy moms, college students, hotel owners and toothless fourth graders who want to change the world. We believe that anyone can make a difference and we want to help you do just that. We have trusted local partners who help us connect you to real needs in communities around the world. 100% of our project donations go directly overseas so your money is helping Brian go to school, not paying for our Starbucks. Together we are working to bring hope to a hurting world.

where we are

a letter from our founder 2016 was another great year for The Hope Venture. We are humbled and amazed at God's hand on us. We had our first Night for Hope - a beautiful night where for the first time we told our story to you through media, music and art. We linked arms with Kenyan high school students to do a joint service project. We prayed with women who were hurting. We started feeding kids in a community that had been praying for us to come for over a year. We empowered children and adults alike through education and training. We brought water to 10,000 people for the first time ever. Thank you. Thank you for believing in us, for jumping in with us, and for becoming us... YOU are what makes this organization what it is. Together we truly are transforming lives all the way around the world. Thousands and thousands of people have found hope and we are honored to get to be a part of this with God and with you. Helping lives find hope together with you, Cynci, executive director

the people that make it happen

cynci | director

jackie | fundraising

mackenzie | operations

josh | graphic design

2016 STAFF











where we've been







Troy Bredenkamp, Dan Shafer, and John Kroeker joined our board of directors.

The fifth annual Run For Hope was a huge success, raising over $12,000! We also had our first company sign up an entire team.

Caleb and Ezra followed up on our projects in India. Their well sanitation skits continued to provide education to the children and communities that we help.

Cynci, Tracy, and Bailey visited our vocational training centers and other projects in India.

Our awesome friend Ann Williams partnered with us to do Sixteen Days of Hope at the Gateway Mall in Lincoln, NE. Ann created a piece of art to engage our community and raise awareness for our projects.

We filed our taxes. Just want you to know we are doing it right!

The UNL Hope Venture club put on a Super Smash Bros tourney on campus to raise money for our projects.

Berean VBS raised money for backpacks. So many lemonade stands and lost teeth for kids in India to get school supplies.








Josh and Victoria led our first ever team of students to Kenya to lead a retreat for our sponsored students. We also did our first service project. We built a new playground in Narok for Elijah’s primary school.

The second annual Cornhole Joust was quite the competition, Trevor Reimnitz repeats as defending champ!

After much prayer and planning, we held our first ever Night for Hope. We raised over $100,000 at this dinner fundraiser and were able to tell our story to more people than ever before.

Several of our partners from India came and visited us here in Lincoln. We got the chance to meet with them and plan future projects.

LBC Youth raised $4,400 for our Totes n Goats project! Because of this we were able to provide sponsorship to a community in India!


what's up in India backpacks


backpacks given in 2016

2009 - 2015


feeding centers In 2016 we were able to fund a new feeding center. This brought us up to three total centers, feeding 150 kids daily!


We more than doubled the number of wells we have drilled in India this year!



vocational training

We are currently running two vocational training centers. This year we celebrated the graduation of the first class from our vocational training center in Jeevanahalli, India.

home of hope


This year we were able to provide clean water for hundreds of residents at the Home of Hope. We were also able to help fund some construction needs there.

We are running two schools in impoverished areas of Delhi for about 100 people daily. In addition, we were able to provide computer training to over 300 children!

totes n goats We got the chance to pilot a new project in India this year. We are sponsoring 10 families with goats and backpacks.


India It’s Vacation Bible school time in a rented school room for a group of kids from Rangpuri slum in Delhi. They are brought here every morning for a week by bus and then sent home with a sack lunch full of healthy food that they will most likely have to share with their entire family. The familiar sounds of Sunday school songs combined with the energy of the corresponding actions is contagious even in the sweltering heat. Anuja is teaching them the story of creation today. Once they are separated into groups and sent on to the next activity, we met a boy named Dheeraj. Dheeraj has the deepest, most soulful eyes. He sits in his rumpled school uniform and leans forward with intentionality as he tells us his story. A story that is becoming entirely too familiar and yet is equally heart-wrenching and unjustifiable. A story of a family who came to the city of Delhi from a small village with the hope of finding work in order to survive. But as in the other stories, they realize that there really is no work. So they piece together a home with all of the sticks and plastic sheeting that they can find in the trash and attempt to create a life for the 6 of them. There were many nights that the only way they would eat is if his father would bring home food that he found discarded on the side of the road. Otherwise, they went to bed hungry. His dad begins collecting trash to hopefully sell and his mom begins to clean homes. But mom is also sick, very, very sick, and there is no possibility of getting any sort of help for her. As Dheeraj speaks of her, his eyes show the depth of hurt and desperation he has from growing up watching her suffer. In this environment, the place they call home, there is an atmosphere of hopelessness because the common belief system tells them that they belong here and that karma dictates their life story. And then Anuja shows up at his door one day. She speaks with Dheeraj’s parents about a school that she is starting with the Hope Venture right there in Rangpuri called “Satya Jyoti” which means “truth and light”. They consider the possibility of sending their youngest son to this new school, but can’t fathom how they would afford the supplies he might need. Anuja assures them that all that he will need for school, including a backpack will be supplied. So, at five years old Dheeraj has been given the opportunity to change his story as he heads to school. At this point in the conversation his eyes brighten and his stunning smile comes into view as he talks about school. Dheeraj is now fourteen years old and has been at the very top of his class every year since first grade. Most recently he scored a 586 out of 600 on the national standardized test. He is sitting straight up now with his chin high as he tell us of his plans to continue on to college to become a doctor. Deeraj’s eyes then cloud up again as he shares that his first goal is to come back to Rangpuri to help heal his sick mother. Spending his childhood helplessly watching her struggle with pain and sickness with no way to help her has given him the drive to do something about it. The education he has received and his high test scores make this is a real possibility for him. He now has hope. Think about that for a second. What would his life have looked like if Anuja hadn’t shown up at his door when he was five? What if Satya Jyoti didn’t exist? What if people like us didn’t care that there are people living like Deeraj and his family and wanted to do something about it? But we did. And we gave. And we prayed that those in India would find the hope of Jesus through this education. And it changed Dheeraj’s life forever.


what's up in Africa student sponsorship

We doubled our high school sponsorship!

college sponsorship This year we began a college scholarship fund and we were able to help eight Kenyan students go to college. Many of them were the first in their families to do so.

cows In 2016 we purchased three cows to help produce more milk for school kids in Narok, Kenya. This brings our total number up to six cows at the end of 2016.

water project

Our Oletukat Water Project has been our biggest financial investment to date. This past August, water reached the village of Oletukat, Kenya for the first time ever. What a joy!


= 100 goats to date

= 100 goats in 2016

mama kits

= 1000 mama kits to date

= 1000 mama kits in 2016

Kenya “What did you play on before the playground was here?” My question hung in the air. They were at a loss. Before? Nothing. There was nothing like this. We had constructed a playground on the grounds of an elementary school, yet the school had never had a play structure like this. There was nothing that the kids could run over to and swing and slide and jump around on. Now, that was all changing and they were immediately flocking to the area, loving every minute. For the last several years The Hope Venture has invested into Kenyan youth. 60% of high school youth drop out of school by 9th grade. Many of these youth end up on the streets, maybe getting into drugs and alcohol, maybe getting pregnant, maybe just not having the opportunities they long for to break out of a world of poverty. We partner with a street ministry who is working with us to keep kids off the streets. We sponsor these kids at high school age so they can get back into school consistently for four years. They go to a local boarding school where they get a good education along with food, clothing, and a safe place to sleep. A couple years back we began gathering these students for retreats 1-2 times per year. Since most of them are orphans, these retreats became like family time for them. We all loved it!! We gather for a few days to eat and talk together about life, God and all kinds of things. It has changed all our lives! We quickly also saw that even though all these students had something in common in that they were all sponsored and needy in some way, they all also had something to give. All of us have something we can give. At The Hope Venture, we try to teach this value of generosity among all of us. But we were reminded with these students that they are a part of that with us and they too have so much to offer. None of us is only a giver or only a recipient; we are all givers and receivers. We are all needy in some way; we are all able to be generous and kind and loving in some way. This past summer we put this to the test. We had a retreat with our Kenyan students, but instead of seeing it as a time to pour into them and build them up, we saw it as a time to link arm in arm with them… a time to love and pour into them, a time to receive their love, and a time to join them in pouring out to and serving other people. The playground came from this desire to serve together. We designed a playground that we could all be a part of building. About 20 Kenyans and 10 Americans joined together to pound nails, cut wood, drill holes, and side by side, do something for someone other than ourselves. The recipients of this: the elementary students mentioned above. It was amazing. For one thing, we didn’t even imagine that some of these students wouldn’t know how to pound a hammer… a skill they were so grateful to learn. Others just loved doing a project together with their new American friends. The principle is true everywhere in the world: all of us have something to give. What about you?

Uganda 2016 was a tough year for our well projects, especially in Uganda. We had built two wells there in 2015 but when we met with our partners to check on the wells, they told us no one was using the wells to drink water. One well was being used to cook with and for irrigation, but that had not been the plan. Even the sight of the water from that well showed it’s discolor and contamination. The other well had pumped water so slowly that the elderly residents didn’t have the strength to get water from the well. It was so disappointing. Bringing clean water isn’t an easy task. Pray for us. We want to help people stay healthy and ease some of their burdens. But we can’t do it alone. Pray that we find the right leadership and communities that can maintain what gets started. We hope this failure will not be in vain, but that our process for our wells will improve and will help thousands of people in the future as a result. Know that we will keep telling you the truth about the impact of your dollars, good or bad. We invite you to persevere with us in helping lives find hope. Together we will change the world. Ever feel like you don’t have much to offer? Ever feel like your small contribution won’t matter? We don’t believe that. All of us have gifts and talents and resources and knowledge and SOMETHING that we can offer to the world around us. We can serve others in some way and be a part of spreading love to a needy soul on the other end. I’m needy. I don’t have it all together. But I am a giver too. And I can make a difference. So can you.

income & expense report January - December 2016 Ordinary Income/Expense Income 43400 - Backbone Contribution 43400 - Program Contribution 43600 - Where Most Needed 45000 - Interest 49000 - Special Events Income Total Income

64,929.18 256,789.01 55,766.42 14.06 102,169.72 479,499.39

Cost of Goods Sold 50000 - Merchandise for Resale


Expense 59000 - Multiple Country Services 60000 - Africa Project Expenses 61000 - India Project Expenses 62100 - Fees for Services 62500 - Bus - IRS Expenses 62800 - Occupancy/Facilities 64900 - Advertising Expenses 65000 - Office Expenses 65900 - Insurance 66000 - All Salary Expenses 67000 - Special Event Expenses Total Expense Net Income

79,397.94 112,490.00 123,208.10 9,103.40 283.81 10,353.17 488.13 18,688.34 1,954.00 41,918.22 19,576.10 417,461.21 61,645.73

where our money came from








 14 $51,683 10.8%

 8 $11,929 2.5% RUNNERS

  41 $45,015 9.4%











 549 $370,479.94 77.3%

where our money went  Â   Â… 19.0%


 4.7%   ­   €‚ƒ„ $417,461.21l







  



       


thank you

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2016 Annual Report  

What an amazing year! We were able to bring hope to more people than ever. Check out the stories of how God is changing lives.

2016 Annual Report  

What an amazing year! We were able to bring hope to more people than ever. Check out the stories of how God is changing lives.