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KANEKO: Reality This project was the result of a collaborative effort between three designers including myself. While working at Pixel Bakery Design Studio, we had the chance to create a video for the KANEKO Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. This short animation was curated as the first experience visitors have when they enter the REALITY exhibit.

Under 25 Influencer Project In early 2017, Chance the Rapper attempted to have talks regarding public school funding with Chicago mayor, Rahm Immanuel. The specific topic was arts funding for Chicago Public Schools. The schools in this district are some of the most underfunded in any city in America. Immanuel held his position of not providing funding so Chance took things into his own hands. He donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools in hopes of helping arts education.

Being an independent artist, Chance has no record label. This means that planning his tours, travel, and shows all happens independantly. Most of his income comes from merchandise and tickets. So, I created a platinum record that would typically be presented by a record label for a huge number of album sales. Though, I made it into a reminder of how someone can create change.

Playing Card Illustrations This set of playing cards was an illustration project that led to learning a lot more about the printing process and how deadlines work when it comes to a print shop. I think printing things makes doing the work so much more fun because you get to hold a physical object at the end of the process.

Navigator Paper Submission This illustration and layout was created as a submission to Navigator Paper’s 2018 student competition. I chose to create an environment that felt both surreal and familiar to represent the ideas behind what being a student is.

LINCOLN CALLING Teaser Lincoln, Nebraska is home to the Lincoln Calling music festival every September. Three designers including myself had a hand in storyboarding, designing, and animating the band announcement trailer in 2018.

105-Day Illustrator Project This past summer, I challenged myself to create a new illustration or typographic work everyday. This 105day endeavor allowed me to enhance my understanding of Adobe Illustrator. I took requests from people on social media and I think that allowed for some exciting designs to be created.


Nebraska Athletics Every year, Nebraska student athletes and recruits are given a planner and other materials by the Athletic Department. Each time, a new designer or artist is selected to create the identity for the entire system. I offered some ideas as to what the campaign should feel like and the one that stuck was cleanliness within the brand.


This design was an approach that I would consider traditional with a twist. I developed a system that I felt was as clean cut as the Athletic Department’s catchphrase, “success in academics, athletics, life.”

Daydream Lyric Book I developed custom typography and designed the lyrics for a song. One of my favorite artists is Youth Lagoon, so I used his song, ‘Daydream.’ The type for ‘Daydream’ was built with string, a wooden board, and spray paint. I used the paint to embody clouds and developed a feel for the rest of the lyrics.

The Boneyard In the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to create a new student section logotype for The Iron N, UNL’s student section group. The prompt was simple: a design that both embodies the intensity of Husker games and also embraces Scott Frost as the new head coach of the football team.

The biggest challenge with this design was whether or not I wanted to play off of the “frost� in an obvious way. I decided to try my hand at the icicle-feel that eventually became the final design because I thought it was subtle enough as to not impede the forms of the letter but still gave hints to Scott Frost.

Design Portfolio 2018  
Design Portfolio 2018