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“Pornography is one of the hardest addictions to overcome because it stays in your mind…”

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Pornography: A Clear and Present Danger

Introduction Pornography is an ever growing industry in our fast paced world. Years ago you may have been able to find a few scandalous pictures in a magazine that you would have to seek out, knowing where to go to purchase it. In today’s world pornography is everywhere. It is on billboard ads, magazine covers in the check-out isle, plastered on every surface of the internet. You can on your way to a wholesome site and endure pornographic ads to get there. With that said, pornography isn’t always necessarily someone being in the nude, but it is any

provocative image or wording that leads to sexual thoughts or feelings. So what is the problem with all of this over exposure of pornography? The problem is that it leads to one of the strongest addictions.

Pornography: A Clear and Present Danger

Background Before we begin with the reasons this is a problem let us first look at the background. There are statistics to be shown regarding pornography. According to a 2006 study, results shows that $3,075.64 every second is spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 people are viewing pornography and every 39 minutes a new piece of pornography is created. 90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed pornography and 80% of 15-17 year olds have had a hard core exposure to pornography. The study found that many children’s character names are links to pornography sites and that there were a total of 24,661,900 pornographic sites in the United States alone. Keep in mind that those were all statistics found in 2006. Without doubt those numbers have increased. Pornography can now be reached not only on computers, televisions and as hard copies, but now on cell phones and tablets.

Negative Effects So now it’s time to dive deeper into how this is a negative situation that we are dealing with instead of a positive one. Pornography addictions affect the

viewer on many scales. It affects them emotionally and physically in many ways. To begin with the physical changes, pornographic addictions can literally alter a person’s brain. Our brains are malleable and alter with everything that we see, watch and experience. When viewing pornography, the brain takes that image and instead of storing it in the short term, it ends up in our long term memory. The reason for this is because our minds replay the images over and over and our brain solidifies the material and stores it in our long term memory. It works the same way as when you would repeat information over and over in your head so that when it’s test time you have the information memorized. Pornography, when remembered or viewed, releases a dopaminergic system, the same way that cocaine does, and that creates a real yet delusional feeling of intense pleasure and satisfaction. That feeling is what causes it to become an addiction because you feel and high and then afterwards and after a certain amount of time you are at a “low” and need it again.

Pornography: A Clear and Present Danger

“Pornography, when remembered or viewed, releases a dopaminergic system, the same way that cocaine does, and that creates a real yet delusional feeling of intense pleasure and satisfaction.”

Some more physical and emotional effects of pornography are when trying to break the addiction. Like most addictions there are withdrawal symptoms that take place. Those symptoms include but are not limited to: depression, shaking, ere suicidal ideations, anger and violent dreams and thoughts. Not every withdrawal is guaranteed these side specific side effects but they are likely and a possibility. A large portion of the negative effects of pornography have to do with the social effects associated with it. It affects marriages, families and relationships. According to “married men who are involved with pornography feel less satisfied with their conjugal relations and less emotionally attached to their wives.” Of course this can roll over and effect the wife as well which causes more problems. Another fact listed by this website is the pornography use can be a pathway to infidelity and divorce. Among couples affected by one spouse’s addiction, twothirds experience a loss of interest in sexual intercourse. In some relationships spouses perceive pornography viewing as a tantamount to infidelity and pornography viewing can lead to a loss of interest in a good family relations.

Pornography: A Clear and Present Danger

According to psychology-today, pornography can become a substitute for real relationships, can promote laziness in areas of pursuing real relationships since sexual feelings are only one video away and it can become a substitute for friendly interactions, and hinder emotional feelings and maturity growth. Furthermore, pornography desensitizes the viewer. According to pornography can create the impression that unusual sexual practices are more common than they really are, and that promiscuous behavior is normal. They also mention that after viewing pornography you are more likely to objectify the opposite sex and become desensitized. The viewer will begin to perceive things as normal that were once considered repulsive or immoral. .

Overcoming Solutions are hard to come by in this area of life. Yet, there is always hope. One way to overcome pornography once it has entered your life is to seek counseling. It helps when you have the support of your family and friends to back you up while going through this time in your life. There are many websites available with the resources and tools to help those who struggle with an addiction to pornography. These websites provide therapists who can help you work through overcoming your issues and regaining control of your life. They have helped many people and are continuing to do so.

Pornography: A Clear and Present Danger

The first step to seeking help for an addiction comes from admitting you actually have one. After that point you will be able to more willingly share their struggles with others that can help. Another aspect is to learn and become educated about the issue. Research the traps and downfalls so that they can be avoided. Focus on how to be productive with your time so you are not tempted to view pornography. Set boundaries for yourself. Once you do that make sure that you have the self-discipline to keep control and follow what you have set. Of course, there will always be counselors and therapists to talk to and help you out. Having encouragement and support from them, as well as family and friends, can be a huge factor in helping you to stay clear of pornography and keep self-control. Finally, find a program that can actually help you to find more support to stay clean from the addiction. All of these steps will aid you in your solution to live a pornography-free life. The websites available have the resources to help in all of these areas.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Strengths of this solution:  Allows for support  Keeps you motivated  Provides others to talk with that have the same addiction Weaknesses of this solution:  Not having the self-discipline to stay clear of downfall areas  Not having a support system of family and friends to help you through  Finding a website with the needs that best fit your life Websites with resources and information:    

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Interview with Recovering Addict “James” Rifka (Interviewer) – What did it take for you to want to change? James– “To want to change? Too many relationships became hard from knowing that if this girl were to know the truth she wouldn’t want to be around me. After enduring feelings like that and hitting a rock bottom of despair, loneliness and emptiness I felt I was ready to change. Rifka – “What did you have to do to change?” James: “I had to set boundaries for myself, and sadly enough you have to hit that rock bottom. After that and after wanting to change it took time to heal and not dwelling on it and slowly it gets easier.” Rifka: “What is it like now?” James: “No problems at all. I don’t dwell on it and it’s easy to get over guilt because I know deep down that I’m doing everything I can and I’m striving.” Rifka: “What would you say is one piece of advice you’d give?” James: “If you care enough to leave it then you will set up something that makes it impossible to look at it, even if you wanted to. Once you Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

do that you’re on the right road to recovery.”

Interview with Ryan, a non-LDS Former Pornography Addict Samantha (Interviewer) - When do you believe your addiction began? Ryan– “It definitely began in my early teenager years, I became more interested in women and so did my friends. We noticed the girls in the music videos or movies, and we were exposed to what we shouldn’t have been” Samantha -So you would say “soft-porn” like women in bikinis or lingerie might have triggered your addiction? Ryan– “Definitely, that kind of stuff made us wonder more about women and what not. It was “cool” to be into women, it didn’t seem like anything was wrong with what we were doing.” Samantha -About how often did you look at pornography after you were introduced to it? Ryan– “In the beginning it was just with my friends, and it was just pictures. Then it got worse. I ventured out from just doing it with the guys, to looking at that stuff on my own. At first it wasn’t a big deal, but then just the pictures led to videos, and it just got dragged out and became like a habit, an unhealthy habit” Samantha -How did it affect your relationships? Ryan– “I started to view women differently; I paid more attention to their body. It definitely ruined my romantic relationships with my wife. She felt that I was distant and it seemed like I was cheating or something. Even though I wasn’t physically cheating with another one, I was cheating in a way and she could feel that distance. So it hurt my relationship with my wife, it caused her to question herself as a woman and a wife.” Samantha -How did you feel mentally?

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Ryan– “I felt alright for the most part, or at least I thought I did, but I would get depressed, because I sort of became dependent on it.” Samantha -Tell me about your recovery process, and how it began. Ryan- “Like I said, my wife felt that I was distant, she knew something was wrong with me, she suspected cheating, but soon came to realize my addiction. I didn’t think I was addicted at first, so that caused a lot of arguments. It caused a lot of problems in our relationships. I began to track my use of pornography and realized I was looking at that stuff a lot more than I thought. I realized it was affecting my marriage and it was encouraging me to have demeaning thoughts about other women. When I began to realize this stuff, I just broke down. I knew I had a problem, I knew it needed to be fixed. I knew that I just wasn’t myself anymore. Samantha -How has recovery been since you began Ryan– “Honestly, every day is a new day. When you get addicted to something so demeaning and defiling, it’s a constant battle to stay away from that stuff. You see these things as acceptable in the media eye; the movies have tons of inappropriate scenes that could easily lead the curiosity of any sexual being to rely on pornography. When something as critical and socially acceptable as pornography is constantly in the media, it’s hard to stand against it. So honestly, the recovery process will be a life long journey. I will need to always watch my back to make sure I don’t end up in that dark and disgusting place of my life again, it’s just something I don’t want.”

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Solutions Those addicted to pornography should seek help. It is a difficult process to get out of the “trap,” but it is possible. It is important for addicts to come to terms with their situation and admit they have a problem. As far as helping with existing pornography addictions, there are programs all over that offer assistance. Addiction recovery programs can be located at churches, online, in town and other locations. The community’s role in this is shedding light on those resources. Making sure that those places of help are known and that the community supports it and is there to help. It’s hard to imagine fighting this pornography battle in a world where it is growing and becoming common so fast, but the best way to help it is with knowledge and resources which the community can provide. Pornography is one of the hardest addictions to overcome because it stays in your mind; it never fully gets out of your system like other drugs. Preventative measures are the best means to go by; whether having viewed it before or not. Those addicted to pornography should seek help. It is a difficult process to get out of the “trap,” but it is possible. It is important for addicts to come to terms with their situation and admit they have a problem.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

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Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

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Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]


Author Information:

Biography: Rifka Jensen is a 20 year old student currently residing in Northwest Arkansas. She was recently married in December of 2012 and is happily adjusting to married life with her husband, Tyler. She is currently an elementary education major and a junior at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She works at a law firm as a legal assistant and is excited for the prospects that the future brings.

Rifka Jensen

Issue: Our team decided to focus upon the issue of pornography addictions because in today’s media crazed world it’s a problem that is arising fast. It is something that is spoken of and often victims of pornography addictions are all around us in our everyday settings but silently keeping it secret. We decided to uncover what causes it to be harmful and what can be done about it. My Task: My contribution to my team’s project was looking into the harms that are brought on by pornography and some of the preventative measures that can be taken and solutions for those that are victims to pornography addictions. Strategic Research: After thoroughly searching through source after source and reading many articles about the psychological and biological effects that pornography can Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

have on both the viewer and those around the viewer, we have learned a great deal about this subject and its intricacies. Personal Reflection: After working on this project and having had friends whom were sufferers of pornography addictions, I feel that I have had my eyes opened to this problem. It has been helpful to learn the effects which it has, the ways in which to help and the positive outcomes that can result from overcoming this addiction. Being a newlywed and not having any children yet, it has been helpful to see the measures that can be taken to help prevent this problem for rising and occurring within the home with my children. With pornography being something that can be accessed so easily in this technology based world and with magazines and images everywhere having such strong provocative messages, it has been comforting to learn about how measures can be taken in the home to teach children how to not be susceptible to addiction. I also believe that a lot of things which I have learned from this experience can be applied in other areas of addictions, not just related to pornography. It has been scary to learn though the effects addictions can take on someoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life and the trap which it can be. Thankfully though there are ways out and ways to healing and hope that are there for those who are ready to take it; they just have to be willing to take want it. It has been a very touching and eye opening experience for me and I hope that with this new knowledge I will be able to help someone in need.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Biography: Samantha Mattingly is a senior attending BYUIdaho. Her studies are focused primarily in public relations, with other emphasis in political science and advertising. Samantha hopes to pursue a career in public relations working primarily in the field of politics.

Samantha Mattingly

My Task: My research primarily focused on the mental impact of pornography in links to depression and primary effect on teenagers and young adults. My research also showed the link between pornography use and individuals with social psychological problems, as well as the link between aggressive behaviors by pornographic material Personal Reflection: At first when my group chose this topic, I thought it wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be that challenging. Our church is strongly against the use of pornography and thought that this was not a â&#x20AC;&#x153;challengingâ&#x20AC;? topic to report on. As I began my research I learned that this topic is so raw and interesting. There is so much more to the effect of pornography on the human mind, then what the general ideas of it being discriminating and dangerous to marital relations. There is a negative psychological effect pornography has on the human mind. It is the cause of so many social problems and leads to aggressive behavior. Growing up outside of the LDS culture, many of my friends and family suffered from pornography addiction. I never truly understood why it was considered an addiction, or why so many people cared about their personal choice to look at those items. However; when I joined the church I learned the religious doctrine against it, and began to understand why

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

we should worry about these kinds of material being available so easily. Going into this research I only had the religious understanding, but now I understand the medical reasoning behind this great problem in our society. I understand know that pornography holds more than just a spiritual negativity on individuals; it physically and mentally can destroy them. This research project has just justified why pornography is such a social problem and how we need to stand up against it.

Cassandra Bradford

Biography: Cassandra Bradford is a senior attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. She is focusing her studies on marriage and the family, as well as communications. Cassandra is married to a wonderful, supportive husband and they have two children together, with dreams of many more. Her hope is to utilize her education to be better prepared to teach and raise her children. She also wants to use her degree for improving her life in other respects, especially in her relationship with her husband. Reaching out and helping others around her is important and something she finds joy in doing. In her life she wants to know that she is making a difference in blessing the lives of others. Issue: Our team selected the issue of pornography because it is such a widespread problem. Even if we do not personally know people who struggle with pornography we know of people who do. It truly has become the new drug that is affecting millions of people. Pornography causes problems in disintegrating the home and the meaning of families. My Task: I focused on researching and writing about the history and background of pornography. I also wrote about one solution of how to overcome an addiction to pornography and the negative effects that are associated with it.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Personal Reflection: During the process of writing this book I learned more about the true horrors of this issue. I discovered just how far back pornography goes. Its effects are strewn throughout history and its pages. It helped bring about the demise of the French monarchy and aided in bring about their revolution. Pornographyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accessibility to the public is that way because of all our modern day technologies and the aspirations of cunning and evil men. I learned about the programs and websites available for addicts to utilize in their recovery process. I also learned how many people truly struggle even if I am not aware of it. As I worked on my research and the writing of this book I discovered how difficult it will be to raise my children in such a world as this. Yet, I know it will be possible and I can do it. First and foremost I want to become more educated on how I can protect my family from the dangers of pornography and then implementing these things in my home. I want to educate my children on knowing how to avoid the traps that can lead to addiction and to be able to have self-control and discipline in their lives.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

Josh Lamb

Biography: Josh Lamb is a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho attending online in his senior year. He is majoring in business administration with minors in communications and German. Josh has been married for just over seven years and has three children, two daughters and a son. Josh was a police officer in Anchorage, Alaska for five years before returning to school early in 2011. He has been accepted into a graduate program for healthcare administration at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas and starts in August of 2013. He loves helping others and is excited about his future in the healthcare industry. Issue: Our team selected the issue of pornography and its effect on our lives. Pornography is easily accessed and prevalent in our society and is an interesting topic to review. My Task: My task for this project was taking on the role of editor. I motivated my group members to stay on task and put together and formatted the booklet.

Pornography:[Title A Clear and Present Danger of Booklet]

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Booklet on the dangers of pornography

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