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Joshua Hilliard 267 Windy Drive APMT #2 Boone, NC 28607 916.342.9175 | Tuesday, April 27, 2010 Human Resources Manager Dear Potential Employer, I have arrived into Boone looking to start college at ASU next fall. I am waiting one year so that I may apply as an in-state student. Because of this, I will be available for work full-time. Attached, you will find a resumé with my experience at my last three employments. These programs included little pay in exchange for great social responsibility experience and team-based problem solving work ethic opportunities. Among these experiences, I was constantly put in charge of Service-Learning instigations, as my open perspective and sense of fulfillment allowed me to talk passionatly of the positive influences my teams and I were inducing–and surrounding ourselves with–each day on the work site. I hope my history exemplifies my dedication to the work allocated to me, and I look forward to hearing back from your business in the coming future. For your time and your consideration, thank you,

Joshua Hilliard, Class XV Americorps NCCC Alumni Enclosure: Resume

Joshua Kyle Hilliard ======================================================================= [a] 1964 Overland Dr. Chapel Hill, TN 37034 [e] [c] 916.342.9175

Education Lincoln High School [Spring 2007] Tallahassee, FL

Work Experience EPIcenter Design Internship [01.2010 - 03.2010] Green River, UT Involved in design+build renovations to a 106-year-old building that will house the EPIcenter office. AmeriCorps NCCC Sacramento Campus [10.2008 - 07.2009] Sacramento, CA Contributed 1,400 labor hours to community service projects of Community-based and Non-profit organizations across the Pacific, Mountain, and Gulf Coastal US. Rocky Mountain Youth Corps MACC Crew [04.2008 - 09.2008] Taos, NM Team-based youth program involving the removal of excessive growth in national parks for prescribed burns.

Activities/Projects Participation in WWOOF-USA, a program for organic farming opportunities around the United States. [Winter 2009] Involved in preparations of Project Green River, a festival for housingcrisis awareness & fundraising. [02.2010 - Present]

Certifications/Skills FEMA Disaster Relief Certification NIMS Training Certification S-212 Chainsaw Certification S-130/190 trained (wildland firefighting) 15-Passenger Van operations trained AutoCAD Model Design


Jack Forinash, Administrator EPIcenter Housing+Business Resources 180 S Broadway Green River, UT 84525 435.564.3330

Rosemary Michaud, Support Team Leader Americorps NCCC Pacific Region National Service Program 3427 Laurel St McClellan, CA 95652 916.764.7308

Katharine Hamlin, Credit Union Associate Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Member-Based Banking Services 653 Migaldi Ln Lancing, MI 48823 517.775.0019

Nancy Jones, Expeditor Home Depot Home Improvement Products 3200 Capital Circle NE Tallahassee, FL 32309 850.422.2777


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