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Basic Facts before your start web design A website often conveys the first impression of a company, brand or company. A great website does not have to be complicated or a mesh top, can be simple but powerful. To put it in simple words, a design must follow these simple basic design rules to qualify as a quality web design. It connects visitors with the content Easy to read and navigate The simplicity of design Consistency in design across all web pages Good choice of contrasting colors for increased readability The design must be direct and properly organized The design should complement the genre of website Color, typography and appropriate graphic is important to create a balanced design. But if the design of your website has all this in it, but cannot connect with the visitor, the design will fail. Therefore, the creation of a large design is only possible when the designer is focused on the content and design simultaneously. The designers, who cannot understand the purpose of a web page, most fail to create an attractive design. Web Design Tips Although it is difficult to provide any generic list of addresses for a website design, after a design principle settled mostly lead to great designs. Creating a website can be fun as long as you understand graphics, design, supplies, advertising area, and the color scheme. Here are some generic tips to create great looking websites that get visitors not only higher, but also jump conversions due to good design. Web design tips to create results-oriented graphics - Create clearer graphics

Always think about keeping your small graphical images, mostly 10 to 12 KB. Many webmasters focus on creating a visual without thinking of your Internet presentation. Websites with heavy graphics take too long to load and are less productive. - Forget fancy pictures Many good designs lose their appeal because of the images of fantasy, usually blinking. If you want to keep decent and attractive design, forget about fancy pictures.

- Figures should reflect the content If you want to create graphics that will deliver results instead of being 'catchy', think about creating graphics that accurately reflect web content. In other words, content and graphics should have a close intimacy with each other. Web design tips to create a great layout - Follow the rules With 8 frames on a page will not do any good to your design? Following a standard design not only help you to render pages through the entire different browser, it will also keep the simple design that helps deliver the message, no problem. - Always prepare a presentation on paper before creating in your graphics Most designers get to their computer screens directly, without first creating a design idea on paper. Even if you are that type, consider creating a basic design in your graphics program before working on the elements of your design. Web Design Tips related to SOURCE, ADVERTISING AND COLOR - Think about your reader Always think of your reader when setting fonts, colors and advertising areas. - Maintain a balance between content, graphic and advertising Always create a design that accurately balanced graphics and advertising content. You will be amazed to see the results if successfully implemented this idea. - Cross-browser compatibility With the browser wars even in market share going from one browser to another, you have to ensure that your pages load as seen in all browsers. Check your design in different browsers before doing live. Hopefully these tips will help in the design of your website and planning projects websites.

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Basic Facts before your start web design  
Basic Facts before your start web design  

A website often conveys the first impression of a company, brand or company.