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December 2011

AlbumReview: The Hollow

Memphis May Fire are back with their sophomore album, “The Hollow.” This album showcases the band’s shift from southern hardcore to metalcore. The transition began with Memphis May Fire’s previous release, the “Between the Lies EP.” With this shift in style comes a shift in maturity, skill, and passion. It is obvious that singer/screamer Matty Mullins has grown since the last time we heard from him. His deep lyrics and hightened passion grip the listener with an intesity never before evoked by this band. Mullins lyrics are extremely focused on faith and evil throughout “The Hollow.” With each song, Mullins does all from begging for freedom from his sins, pointing out the unstoppable evil that exists in the world, and shouting out his hopes for a future beyond this world. Overall, “The Hollow” is the most mature album from Memphis May Fire to date. It marks a new era for the band and creates a momentum that won’t be stopping any time soon.


Pros: -Deep and passionate lyrics -New harder style -Catchy melodies -Incredible concept Cons: -Lows muddy the overall mix -Southern rock roots abandoned



Style..........5/5 Durability..4/5 Comfort.....3/5 Sound........4/5

Style..........3/5 Durability..3/5 Comfort.....5/5 Sound........5/5






Noted Magazine  
Noted Magazine  

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