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Josh Heywood 212 Oldham Road Lydgate Oldham OL44DN

R.E. Request for an external mentor

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Josh Heywood and I’m a student studying product design at the University of Salford. I’m currently in my third and final year at the University and part way through my Self Directed Major Project. This final project is a chance for me to show off the combination of skills I have developed throughout my time as a design student. Previous to my final project, I carried out some advanced research into garden storage. One of the main findings of my research was that sheds and storage in the garden were often unorganised with a lot of wasted space, and users rarely spend any time in their sheds only to go in to get the tool they need. With this in mind, I have started to come up with concepts for a garden storage system that neatly and conveniently stores a selection of garden and D.I.Y tools in a compact and organised fashion. Your professional expertise in the storage design field is widely recognised and highly inspiring to people such as my-self who aspires to work in this sector. It would be of immense value to me and my professional practice if you could act as an external mentor and collaborate with me throughout my final project. This collaboration would be on the basis of you reviewing the projects progress and giving your professional opinion on the appropriateness and quality of design thinking. Your ‘real world’ view would be highly appreciated and it is hoped it would provide an engaging and interesting experience for the both of us. There are 4 distinct phases to my major project plan and I would be hoping to present to you the results of each phase. The meetings would take place at your convenience and be no more than 30 – 45 minutes long. Your role as external mentor will carry no biding liability and will be based on mutually agreeable terms. Ultimately I would hope that you accept my invitation for you to attend programme degree show in June at which mine and my fellow designers at the University of Salford with be showcasing our final major project designs. You will be welcomed with hospitality and open gratitude for making yourself

and your services available to me throughout this critical period which will determine my future success. I have attached my project brief, a summary of my research findings and a final major project plan. Also please see attached a link to my graduate year page at the bottom of this page. Thank you for taking your time to review my request and I hope to hear from you in the near future. Yours sincerely,

Josh Heywood.

Graduate Year Page -!graduate-year/c1f88

Design Brief – Garden Tool Storage Background As humans, we have an innate need for storage. We shelter ourselves and our possessions in our houses, and when our houses get full, we build a storage facility to house our possessions. Recent reports suggest that there are more sheds and outbuildings in the UK than there are homes. Lower construction costs, fewer planning restrictions, and the growth of shed-working and homeworking in general are creating a buoyant market for sheds, outbuildings and log cabins. The concept and structure of a shed hasn’t changed much since they were first being used, but with modern, innovative storage solutions in for example, the kitchen, constantly developing and with new ways of storing lots of things in compact ways, it is felt that the way in which we store garden equipment could be a lot more efficient. There is a large user group this project is aimed at, as in our 21st Century, middle-class, property owning society, most of us either have sheds, or have the capacity to own a shed. The target audience is those who take care of their garden, therefore have garden tools and need an area to store those garden tools, and people who need a storage area to store DIY tools. Project Challenges The challenge of this project is to design a garden tool storage system that stores garden tools in an organised fashion, combatting the issue of having a large, messy shed. A lot of the space in a shed is just so you can get into it to look for the tools you need. This is wasted space, and with many houses having small gardens, space is important. Consideration of how the user accesses the tools, and perhaps how the tools are transported to different areas of the garden is important. Project Specification The end product will be a garden/DIY tool storage facility. It must store tools in an organised, compact way and must make the most of the space it takes up. It must have the capacity to store a selection of garden tools required to take care of an average sized sub-urban garden. It must also have storage space for a selection of DIY tools required for carrying out simple DIY tasks around the home. The product must be manufactured from a sustainable material that can stand up to the weather conditions including strong wind and heavy rain. The product must be secure.

Garden tools to be stored include: •

• • • •

Long handled tools – Rake Brush Spade Shovel Hoe Fork Short handled tool – Pruners Trowel Fork Loppers Lawnmower Hosepipe Extension Reel Ladder

DIY tools to be stored include: • • • • • •

Drill Hammer Level Screwdrivers Hand Saw Chisels

Final Major Project Plan

Opening Presentation with external mentor

Interim presentation with external mentor presenting concepts & choosing which to move forward into development.

Interim presentation with external mentor presenting design development & discussing design decisions to be made.

Interim presentation with external mentor presenting final concept & dicussing manufacturing & presentation decisions.

30th Jan Module Launch

27th Feb

27th March

27th April


F 4 weeks concept generation

M 4 weeks design development

16th May Module Submission

A 8 weeks design finalisation, manufacture & presentation package


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