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RSAPitch Doc. Student’s Name: Joshua Hayes-Davidson 11024560 Tutor: Kate rogers 2013/14

Introducing The Ingenio A communal incentive to recycle plastic, turning 20¢ of plastic bottles into $1.80 of pelletised plastic.



I propose to develop an online platform that brings together three emergent technologies, Creating a new market potential.


The Ingenio Talk Sell Login

First screen of the app: User will log in with a personal account.

Buy Home Page: User has three options to choose from.

This platform will stimulate and enhance demand for recycled pelletised plastics and craft items produced from the plastic.


URGENT! - where can i get my hands on some toaster elements?


Talk A step by step guide and a list of everything you need to build an Ingenio

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Please can somebody help me with welding these two halfs i’ve found togther?

I have put togther a guide for making your own Ingenio, can be found at this link: Let me know if you have any problems! happy to help Osman Ayanleh 14:23 24/3/14

Thanks Osman! great help

I’ve got two spair crank, would anyone like them? would trade fror a chain

Benjamin Kapanay 14:23 24/3/14

A step by step guide and a list of everything you need to build an Ingenio URGENT! - where can i get my hands on some toaster elements?


Talk Section: User can view current trending topics with the option of searching for a specific topic creating a new one or looking at the most recent or the most popular topics. If a topic is selected the user gets taken to the conversation with the option of adding a reply.

As well as booking a time slot on an Ingenio device and offer expertises on the production of Ingenio devices. The Ingenio app talks directly to current social media platforms.


Sell New Item

Sell Woven Basket



I have 15 Hand woven baskets, I am open to offers, am able to ship if required let me know, i can make more to match demand. just get in touch. Thank you, Osman Ayanleh

00.00 Per/Unit

Osman Ayanleh 14:23 24/3/14


Sell Section: When the sell option is selected the user is presented with a form to fill out about the product they wish to sell. The finished advert is displayed on the right.


Buy Woven Basket

Osman Ayanleh




Small Basket


John Doe

00.00 Per/Unit

Rope Chair

Basket red/lime

John Doe

00.00 Per/Unit

Stool Basket

Strong basket

John Doe

00.00 Per/Unit

Woven Basket

Buy Section: When the buy option is selected the user is presented with the option to search for products. Under the search box there will be a dynamic list of recently searched for products. On the right is what the user will see after searching for “Basket�


The future & Scalability




Project Loon is a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps. Each balloon can provide connectivity to a ground area about 40 km in diameter at speeds comparable to 3G.

This will provide the necessary web infrastructure enabling users of the Ingenio app to communicate to the outside world.


Aakash is the name given to the low-cost android tablet computers procured by the Indian government. It’s successor the Aakash 3 which is currently in development boasts improved connectivity which will provide the platform for the app and working in tandem with the Loon Project.




Thank you for taking interest in this project

The Ingenio App  

This document pitches my idea to provide an online infrastructure for a plastic recycling machine developed for emerging economies.