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bullying is • Continuing unwelcome, offensive or humiliating treatment of an employee or group of employees • Persistent over time and can be an accumulation of incidents • Can include sexual or racial harassment or discrimination

Its Negative impact • Drop in productivity • High absenteeism & turnover • Quality of life suffers • Loss of self esteem & confidence • High cost to dealing with these issues

What to do if I’m being bullied STAND UP! SPEAK UP!! Confront the person. See if you can talk it out with them & inform them that you don’t like their actions towards you. Most people will appreciate that you have come to resolve the problem & will change after you do this Alternatively, tell your Manager or Human Resources about what is happening to you • Remember it’s not your fault • Don’t let bullying destroy your life • Keep a detailed record (including emails, memos & phone calls. This will help establish a pattern of abuse)

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We take claims of bullying very seriously & will take action to deal with complaints quickly & effectively while adhering to the principles of natural justice. This may include • Using formal & informal methods to investigate & resolve • Providing you with support during the process • Using a varied range of interventions to address the issue

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Tips for dealing with bullies

Tips for bullies

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Remind yourself that it is the bully who is weak and inadequate; Not you! Remain professional & don’t stoop Keep cool, calm & collected Empower yourself! Develop techniques of mental clarity, confidence and inner stillness with yoga and plenty of exercise! Be open and unafraid to speak out. Tell colleagues you trust what is happening and get support from Higher Management / Human Resources

Ask yourself why you are bullying Seek help. Tell someone about your personal issues Recognise your triggers and stop yourself before you hurt someone Get plenty of exercise!

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CORPORATE VALUES INTEGRITY – Conduct all dealings in an ethical, legal and professional manner. SERVICE DELIVERY – Provide premier customer service by delivering on our promises and exceeding expectations. TRUST AND RESPECT – Build relationships based on trust, respect, and open communication. TEAMWORK – Embrace teamwork, partnership and support of others as key factors for success. TOLERANCE – Facilitate and support a diverse and tolerant workforce. SAFETY – Provide a safe work environment, which is free from discrimination, harassment, injury and loss. IMPROVEMENT – Strive for continuous improvement through innovation and creativity. EMPOWERMENT – Take ownership and accountability within a framework of support and encouragement. DEVELOPMENT AND REWARD – Develop and reward employees to maximise their potential. CELEBRATION – Enjoy and celebrate business and personal successes.

Anti-Bullying Campaign  

Brief was to design an effective anti-bullying document for HR for staff training / education