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JOSH EVANS graphic designer

ABOUT ME I was brought up in the lovely Welsh valleys which was fantastic. I attended the local college with an interest in design and advertising, When I completed the 2 year art and design course I swiftly left to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. I joined the course at the University of Gloucestershire and I graduate this summer. I have a keen interest in all parts of design but I have 3 main passions; typography, branding and advertising. One of the key ingredients of being a graphic designer is communication whether it be with clients, art directors or colleagues it is essential that the design problem is solved to the highest standard. I’m an outgoing person who thrives new challenges, there is nothing more satisfying than learning new skills or over coming an obstacle, I’m not afraid of getting stuck in. My portfolio consists of 5 pieces of university work showing different skills and variety of design work.

TED BAKER D&AD BRIEF The challenge of this brief was to take Ted Baker to a country that it doesn’t have a shop in. On this project I worked with another designer called Laura Darby and we chose to take Ted Baker to India. We came up with an idea of linking our advertising campaign to the famous holi festival and our aim was to portray typically awkward British people getting involved in such a big festival. We organised a photoshoot and models and attempted to portray this image, closely working with a photographer to ensure we had the outcome we wanted. Along with the photoshoot we filmed the whole project and created a viral advert which can be seen at: watch?v=u61B86eUT2U

MARRIOTT HOTELS APP Create an ad campaign to entice younger travellers to use Marriott Hotels in Europe, I came up with an app called Explore which is a database of events that happen in Europe. The app is a calender of popular events such as concerts, festivals etc. The app then searches for the closest Marriott Hotel and gives you a promotional code for a percentage off the price of the room. Just 5 simple steps to for this application which would be available on any smartphone or on a desktop computer. - Download the app - Select the event you wish to attend - Search for the closest Marriott hotel - Enter the promotional code - Have a great time!

Tired of running from bulls all day? Download the explore app and check in to the nearest Marriott Hotel and put your feet up.

Create a new you at Carnevale di Venezia Download the explore app and check in to the nearest Marriott Hotel and become a different you.

DEGREE SHOW BRANDING AND EXHIBITION The are 3 parts to this project, the branding of the show, my exhibition piece and the curating of the final show which consisted of the exhibition room and a portfolio room. The 1st and 3rd part of this project I worked with another class mate. The first part we took on creating the identity of the show which was based around the theme of black and white. The outcome is based around a numerical symbol created by the white and black negative space. The second project which was my exhibtion piece was 160 black and white envelopes which had a sample of my portfolio in. The envelopes were handed out to people who attended the show so that they would take a part of my work away with them,. Finally the third part was to curate the exhibition which consisted of organising 40 other students work and ensuring they had their work ready and prepared by the deadlines that we set out. We designed both rooms to have a clean, fresh feel to them without them feeling empty, we both felt that the final outcome was a great success.

VISUAL CONSISTENCY IN BILINGUAL DESIGN Visual consistency in bilingual design looks at bilingual type and how arabic fonts match their latin counterpart. I created a full book to document my research as the first half and the second half of the book shows the four fonts that I created. The first half looks at such projects as “Typographic Matchmaking� which was a project launched by the Khatt foundation and also includes an interview from a designer that was involved in it. The second half I created four samples of fonts in latin and arabic and attempted to create them as font families and not individual fonts.



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Josh Evans Portfolio  
Josh Evans Portfolio  

Online portfolio of my university work.