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A project in collaboration with Gillette. Unfortunately the work is classified under a non disclosure agreement, however, this is the feedback me and my team received.

From this project our consultancy won the prize for ‘best consultancy’ as decided by Matt Wright and Matt Hodgson. In addition I was invited down with 5 others to Matter HQ in Bath for interview.

Loose Change. Where contactless payments have made checking out more convenient than ever, it has also made keeping track of spending more difficult and less obvious. We as a group wanted to design a simple product to highlight this transfer of money and keep peoples awareness of their spending in mind.


Ideation. Simple, useful, device that fits right into any card holder.

See how far through your weekly budget you are on a simple screen.

Final Concept.

Main brand

Get the jist of your finances at a glance.

ÂŁ43 left of weekly budget

ÂŁ15 left of weekly budget

Detail. Building up detail on product underlays to improve understanding of sketching methods and build practise in the element of design ‘detail’ which significantly affects peoples perception of products on paper. I undertook sketching a radio intended for use by builders.

My final design was intended for use by builders on a site. Therefore the materials used such as stainless steel are hard wearing and durable.

Dental First. A service design project in collaboration with local North East community Dentists and the NHS. As a group we wanted to design a service for elderly patients which incorporated future NHS data storage and account access techniques.

Community Dentist Specialist dentist that operates within a certain county to care for people with special needs.

Focus point Building the relationship between patient and dentist to de-stress situations and provide more comfort.

Ideation We began our ideation and research process with two interactive media design students to help us create our final mobile application. I began work on personas and started to work up UI designs.

Final Application

Profile. Here the dentist can instantly see information about the patient. Things such as age, illnesses and transport needs are shown here. This breaks tension as the dentist need not ask awkward health related questions that might upset the patient.

Bookings. Here the patient can book appointments and see future ones.

Your Mouth. This page shows the condition of the patients mouth. It updates after every appointment when the dental nurse has added the additional information and uploaded it. They can also include tips and advise ,tailored to the patient, to help them keep up their oral hygiene.

Product Language. Design a product based around a theme. It must have no obvious use yet still bare the traits of an actual product such as split lines, vents or buttons.

2nd Year Placement. In my second year at university I went on placement at a small interior design company called Neil Wilson Design. Based in the North East, NWD is a design consultancy that has carried out a number of notable project and are currently in collaboration with the Cornmill shopping centre in Darlington working on their re-brand.


My focus for research was drawing inspirations from mid-century design styles and pieces. Namely a sound absorbing screen by Arper (bottom left) and the ethos of shapes within shapes.

Outcome. A low table designed with modern materials.

The top is made from Corian which can be thermo-moulded, routed and joined seamlessly.

Hierarchical Forms. This brand recognition project taught me how to establish a brand style. I created a range of board game figures with a product language and design theme that can be seen throughout the range.

Computer Aided Design. An assortment of CAD models made for projects in the past or for my own research and interest. Created and rendered in solidworks.

Innovations in Plastics competition entry.

A collapsible cat/small dog carry case utilising the properties of silicone.

Outside the Studio.

Thank you. Josh Evans 07747887129

Design portfolio 2016  

Josh Evans design portfolio.

Design portfolio 2016  

Josh Evans design portfolio.