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Date Written: 11/09/2013 Written By: Josh Duncan Length: 30s Run Dates: Indefinite

Client Name: Great Canadian Casino Contact Name: Phone Number: E-mail:

SFX: Background noise, people talking, light casino sounds ANNOUNCER: At the Great Canadian Casino, you can win big... SFX: Casino noises, slots ringing and change falling out of machines (2 seconds) ANNOUNCER: Make new friends… SFX: Cheering, high fiving, clinking of drinks (2 seconds) ANNOUNCER: Bet on your favourite team… SFX: Short play by play call of hockey goal/team winning in overtime and man cheering because he won a bet. (3-4 seconds) ANNOUNCER: And you can win a new car?.. SFX: Record scratch followed by the noise of a sports car speeding away (1-2 seconds) ANNOUNCER: That’s right! Come visit the Great Canadian Casino, make some new memories and possibly ride home in a brand new car. Located at 2080 United Boulevard in Coquitlam we’re open 7 days a week, a great new location, a great new look.

Great Canadian Casino Spot  

A 30 second spot I wrote for Great Canadian Casino during Evolution 107.9 sims.

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