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PROMOTIONS Advanced Screening Promotions  Oregon Daily Emerald ran five 2 x 5.5 color ads advertising the pick-up location for advance tickets, nationwide release date, and film’s website. These ads were strategically placed next to entertainment editorials and the end of front page stories.  KWVA on-air ticket giveaways Friday, October 24th through October 28th.  Ticket giveaways during Max’s Trivia Night, October 28th.  Tickets handed out on campus quad Friday, October 24th, and Wednesday, October 29th.  Announcement and tickets distributed to UO Ad Team Wednesday, October 22nd.  Announcement to Pit Crew, Saturday, October 25th.  Announcement and tickets distributed at Delta Gamma Sorority chair meeting, Monday, October 27th.  Announcement and tickets distributed at UO Cheerleader practice, Monday, October 27th.  Facebook invite sent to 1,200+ people Tracktown Pizza Cross-Promotion  1,500 pizzas delivered with flyer featuring film’s artwork, synopsis and advertising the film’s nationwide release. Late Night at the Rec  Saturday, November 1st from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.  Promo booth at Recreation Center entrance where handed out mini posters and promo cup/shot glass sets  Trailer looped at the booth and posters on display throughout the center  Raffle held for one-sheet giveaway KWVA On-Air Giveaways  Monday, November 3rd, through Friday, November 7th  Five on-air one-sheet and cup/shot glass set giveaways Max’s Tavern’s Trivia Night  Tuesday, November 4th, from 8:00 PM – 12:00 PM  Cup/shot glass sets given to trivia winners ROLE MODELS release party @ Taylor’s Bar & Grill  First 100 people to order Jaeger Bomb specials get the shot glass and cup to keep  Mini-posters hung all around bar and employees wore ROLE MODELS T-shirts PUBLICITY  88.1 KWVA On-air giveaways on October 24th – October 28th and November. 3rd – November 7th  Oregon Daily Emerald Newspaper 2x5.5 Color Ad ran Oct. 24th – Oct. 29th  Posters hung in front of the architecture, business, and math buildings, inside the Duck store, inside the Library café, and Dairy Queen.

Role Models full marketing plan  

This is an outline of the full marketing plan I did for Role Models

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