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PROMOTIONS Advanced Screening Promotions  Oregon Daily Emerald ran five 2 x 5.5 color ads advertising the pick-up location for advance tickets, nationwide release date, and film’s website. These ads were strategically placed next to entertainment editorials and the end of front page stories.  KWVA on-air ticket giveaways Friday, October 24th through October 28th.  Ticket giveaways during Max’s Trivia Night, October 28th.  Tickets handed out on campus quad Friday, October 24th, and Wednesday, October 29th.  Announcement and tickets distributed to UO Ad Team Wednesday, October 22nd.  Announcement to Pit Crew, Saturday, October 25th.  Announcement and tickets distributed at Delta Gamma Sorority chair meeting, Monday, October 27th.  Announcement and tickets distributed at UO Cheerleader practice, Monday, October 27th.  Facebook invite sent to 1,200+ people Tracktown Pizza Cross-Promotion  1,500 pizzas delivered with flyer featuring film’s artwork, synopsis and advertising the film’s nationwide release. Late Night at the Rec  Saturday, November 1st from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM.  Promo booth at Recreation Center entrance where handed out mini posters and promo cup/shot glass sets  Trailer looped at the booth and posters on display throughout the center  Raffle held for one-sheet giveaway KWVA On-Air Giveaways  Monday, November 3rd, through Friday, November 7th  Five on-air one-sheet and cup/shot glass set giveaways Max’s Tavern’s Trivia Night  Tuesday, November 4th, from 8:00 PM – 12:00 PM  Cup/shot glass sets given to trivia winners ROLE MODELS release party @ Taylor’s Bar & Grill  First 100 people to order Jaeger Bomb specials get the shot glass and cup to keep  Mini-posters hung all around bar and employees wore ROLE MODELS T-shirts PUBLICITY  88.1 KWVA On-air giveaways on October 24th – October 28th and November. 3rd – November 7th  Oregon Daily Emerald Newspaper 2x5.5 Color Ad ran Oct. 24th – Oct. 29th  Posters hung in front of the architecture, business, and math buildings, inside the Duck store, inside the Library café, and Dairy Queen.

Role Models full marketing plan