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Compatibility Testing Do you need software that is scalable in different Operating Systems, Browsers, Databases, and App Servers? Do you need your software to work under different configurations, display resolutions, and internet speeds?

With our professional SQA lab and qualified testers, we will provide you with state of the art Compatibility and Interoperability (C&I) Testing.

SQA Solution has considerable expertise in creating test suites and running software Compatibility and Interoperability tests across various software and hardware platforms. We host a state of the art certification program for top software vendors in order to make sure that applications integrate properly with their software products. We deliver this testing via an on-demand basis. Compatibility testing certifies that your product operates as expected with many types of software, hardware, and network configurations. To assess its being compatible with the fundamental environment, compatibility testing is conducted on the application.

We can test your application for compatibility with: Operating Systems (UNIX, Windows, MACs, Linux, etc.)


Databases (Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc.) Networking hardware and Hardware Platform (Firewalls, Proxies, etc) Compatibility of peripheral devices like Printer, DVD drive, etc. Other System Software (Web server, Application Server, etc.) Browser compatibility (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, etc.) Additional software or hardware as required. Compatibility and Interoperability Testing verifies that the software being tested operates as intended along with other hardware and software. Consequently this test performs a crucial task especially if your software or website supports various platforms with various hardware and software components.

Our Compatibility and Interoperability Testing determine the following: Whether the application under test will operate on identified user’s machines or identified operating systems. Whether it’s compatible with existing data files and other applications. Which models of devices and other manufacturers of the similar devices are compatible with the application being tested. Which versions of the software are compatible with the application being tested.

The goals of Compatibility and Interoperability testing are as follows: Validate the compatibility specifications of the software within the test system. Identify problems that may develop while testing on a variety of software and hardware environments. Report these failures to the development teams in order that the identified problems are resolved. Ascertain the degree to which the software is ready for release. Offer input concerning the defect trend analysis. Depending on the complexity of your product and the number of platforms to be tested, Compatibility and Interoperability Testing projects can be completed in a week or less.

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Compatibility Testing  
Compatibility Testing  

SQA Solution has considerable expertise in creating test suites and running software Compatibility and Interoperability tests across various...