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Kobe vs. lebron

One is the reigning NBA MVP, owns three championship rings and last year was routinely referred to as “The Best Player On the Planet.” The other is nicknamed the “Chosen One” and the “King.” They are Kobe Bryant, 30, and LeBron James, 24. And in the nation’s barbershops, bars and locker rooms and on radio, TV and the Internet, the debate rages: Has James surpassed Bryant as the NBA’s best player?

Lebron James and Kobe Bryant

If you love basketball, you can (and should) love them both. Kobe and LeBron are different players with different styles. LeBron is just a freak of nature, blessed like no other and he is just tapping into that. Kobe is more polished, someone who loves the work of perfecting his game. A gym rat (but with athleticism). Each has a few of the same qualities, but used differently each does things the other can-

Kobe vs LeBron  

Kobe vs lebron