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Leeds College of Art BA (Hons) ILLUSTRATION LAUIL603 Extended Practice





STUDIO PRACTICE Statement of Intent 2


Josh Atkinson



Rationale My overall aim from this module is to create a body of work that is Portfolio worthy and demonstrates an understanding and ability on how to create Album Cover based images and to hopefully a high standard. From the module I also aim to attempt various briefs that demonstrate and reflect my interest in music-based illustration and design. I am yet to full define my process however my work will be produced mainly in a digital way but with a combination of traditional processes mixed in. Once a process is defined I aim to make a resulting portfolio of work that I then intend to send out to relevant people such as Bands or Record Labels or even Design agencies such as Big Active. I believe that there will be a balance of live competition briefs, Uni based opportunities and selfdirected/personal passion project type images that I will create for the module. However due to the ever-changing aspects of my practice many briefs are very open, and I could attempt a variety of briefs within reason for my work and practice at least.

Themes / Subjects Album covers – Music based Illustration General themes – e.g. Psychedelic, atmospheric, ethereal, playful.

Products / Methods of Distribution Portfolio, Website, Instagram. Possible exhibitions. Prints – Mock up album covers.

Practical Skills / Media / Formats Traditional media – drawing, Collage, texture, Brusho, Sketch-booking, Roughing. Digital media – Using Photoshop predominantly. Utilising a variety of digital processes and techniques. Design – Layout, composition, type, Square format/cover design.

Brief 1: So Young Magazine Competition 2

Deadline 23/2/18.

Rationale: To Illustrate a band or member of a band who features in the list that the magazine provides. There is also an option to illustrate anyone who’s been in any of the previous issues of the magazine. This is the second time entering it so I know kind of what to expect.

Brief 2: 27 Club



Rationale: To Illustrate an image on any of the musicians that feature in the list of musicians that died at the age of 27. The brief has been set up within Uni so there’s an element of less pressure about it in a way.

Brief 3: Secret 7



Rationale: Details are yet to be released however it is to be expected to be like the previous times where the challenge is to illustrate a song by the artist of their choosing without featuring the song title or the artists name on the cover. This will be a challenge as normally when designing a cover, I revert to adding the type instead of letting the image speak for itself, so it will be interesting to have the challenge of having to design something without that ‘safety net’. Editions – Self Directed



Rationale: This is very loose and open ended but I aim to produce a variety of self-directed images which are based around Album cover design for any songs or albums of my choosing. I aim to do these as a way of being able to experiment and test around with different processes and hopefully in the process develop a way of working that will create a consistent way of creating images.

Josh atkinson statement of intent  
Josh atkinson statement of intent