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ISSUE TWO,, 2012

K a Tū Mai a Hauā

THE GM’s CORNER! A Message from the General Manager

What can I build / relocate with a Kainga Whenua loan ? Under the Kainga Whenua loan there are certain requirements of the house you are planning to build, purchase or relocate to the land. The house needs to be : - Built on wooden piles - One storey of at least 70 square metres - Have reasonable roading access.

Kia ora Whaanau, K In an effort to keep Whaanau up to date with al all the opportunities out there, this month’s ko korero focuses again, on HOUSING. In the last issue, we looked at the ONLINE Home Ownership Education Course developed by Housing New Zealand, designed specifically to help first home buyers understand the home buying process – the seven course modules provide participants with a thorough appreciation about buying, building and sustaining home ownership. This article focuses on the Kainga Whenua Loan Scheme, an opportunity to access a Home Loan to build on multiple-owned Maori land.

Am I eligible for a Kainga Whenua loan ? To be eligible for a Kainga Whenua loan you need to meet all of the following requirements : - You earn up to $ 85,000 a year as a one or two income household. For three or more borrowers, the house hold can earn up to $ 120,000; - Work within a realistic travelling distance from your work to the block on which you want to live; - You will live in the house (cannot be for a rental property or holiday home); - You are a first home buyer, or if you are not, be in the same financial position as a typical first home buyer in terms of assets and income, or you are unable to access finance elsewhere; - You need to have a licence to occupy the land you wish to build on; - The land needs to be Maori land that can’t be mortgaged and either owned by multiple beneficial owners or have the land ownership vested in Trustees of a Trust or Incorporation, created under the Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993; - You have an acceptable Credit History.

Introducing the Kainga Whenua Loan Scheme The Kainga Whenua Loan Scheme gives Maori a home ownership opportunity to build, to purchase or relocate a house on multiple-owned Maori land. The scheme was developed by Housing New Zealand and Kiwibank because of the difficulty for Maori to own a home on multiple-owned Maori land. The special nature of Maori land means that it cannot be sold, and banks are unable to meet their standard security needs for mortgage security. With a Kainga Whenua loan, Kiwibank can lend 100 percent of house building costs or the purchase price of a house, up to $200,000. Kiwibank will approve and provide the loan and you will need to meet their standard criteria as well as the Kainga Whenua criteria. Housing New Zealand will provide lenders mortgage insurance for the loan. The Kainga Whenua loan is secured ONLY against the house, AND NOT the house and land as with most home loans. With a Kainga Whenua Loan, Kiwibank will lend 100% of the house building costs or the purchase price of the house up to $200,000, subject to certain conditions. These conditions include (i) your licence to occupy the land; (ii) a valuation from a Registered Valuer; (iii) a satisfactory Building Contract. NO DEPOSIT is required for a loan below $200,000. Kainga Whenua loans are only available to those people that have no other access to finance to build, relocate or buy on their multiple owned Maori land. A multi-borrower option is also available with Kainga Whenua Loans that allow three or more borrowers in a single household to apply for the loan and contribute to loan repayments. This is limited to multi-generational households.

For those that are interested in pursuing this pathway, either of these three options will help get you started : 1)

Direct contact to Housing New Zealand on 0508 934 266, and request assistance to find out more about the Kainga Whenua Loan;


Direct contact to Kiwibank on 0800 272 278 to find out if you are eligible;


If you want someone to assist and support you through the process, give us a call at the office on 07 888 7870 or email

Raungaiti Marae

RANGATAHI UNEMPLOYMENT STATISTICS! He Take Mo Nga Iwi Katoa Kia Ora Whanau, I know we are all concerned about a number of our rangatahi at home without a job. And for good reason we tend to think of them as being useless at home, not trying hard enough to find them a job. And much worse, some seem to be comfortable living on the Dole. Well whanau, in some cases your feelings are justified however, what you may not know is that Rangatahi Unemployment nt statistics between the ages of 15-25 is almost at 20%. Yes, many rangatahi are out of work and are living on a benefit.

would that mean to the motu in 30 years time, when us pakeke are near or have already retired? Exactly, our economy will struggle and our mokopuna will suffer for this. So what must be done?

We must support our rangatahi into training and skill developments. A very important component they must build is “Good Work Ethics” which is about reliability, respectough employment ability and honesty in the job. Although, may be hard to find now eventually one will come along. So what does this mean? Therefore, if you are equipped with these important components you are very likely to do well in your employThese statistics are devastating to our rangatahi and could ment and create a good profile for yourself. have tragic effects on our future if this continues. Because of the latest recession that is affecting all em- If you are currently in a job then ensure you work hard ployers, companies and businesses across the motu, ran- and honestly to hold your job. Now is not a good time to gatahi at worse, are getting a bad deal and are not been lose your job with the high cost of living today. The Dole given a fair chance. may help you to survive week to week but you will never be able to live a fulfilling life. For example; • Rangatahi are negatively labelled because of the “He ao te rangi ka uhia, Ma te huruhuru, ka rere te past actions of other rangatahi. manu ai” • Employers prefer to hire pakeke (adults) over Adorn the birds with feathers so it can fly rangatahi because they don’t want to take the risk with someone who may be unreliable. For training or job opportunities go to: • Pakeke lessen the risk of “trial and error” for employers because they have more experience in a job. • Employers are too stingy to put money into training and developing rangatahi into a position rather they prefer to cut costs by hiring those who have some sort of experience even if they are nearing retirement. Think about this whanau! Although employers might be sa saving their money by doing this th they are also creating problems fo for our future generations. With so many rangatahi unemployed, w without a skill or a trade, what PAGE


Rukumoana Marae


wasting time and energy on arguments etc.

The BAD, the UGLY and the GOOD of HEALTHY Relationships!


How do you do that without YELLING at each other?? without TALKING PAST each other?? without telling LIES!!!

Really GOOD communication is a two-way process - sending the right message that is also being correctly received and understood by the other person/s.

Really GOOD communication is a skill. Problem is, we are not born with these skills. If we do not get taught them in childhood, then we either learn them later, or we battle to

We have all lied at some time in our lives, we lie to ‘get out of trouble,’ ‘to flatter someone, or trying to make an impression on someone,’ there are all sorts of lies that are considered ‘white or harmless lies.’ Some common lies that Men tell are things like: • “darling you’re the bed, in looks, in figure, blah, blah, blah • “of course I like your friends” • “I’ll mow the lawn, soon as my sore back is right and some common lies that Women tell are: • “it wasn’t that expensive” /”it was on sale” • “nothing is wrong, I’m fine” • “I don’t want anything for my birthday/Xmas/ anniversary” etc Then there are the lies that are deceptive, they are meant to hurt someone’s feelings, to avoid confrontation, to cheat and be unfaithful, and to avoid punishment.

be understood, and to understand what others really mean.

Relating to the people in our life then becomes a struggle much of the time. ‘Walking on eggshells” can become a way of life with certain people - it doesn’t matter what we say or do, it’s never right! Many couples have issues that continue to bother them, something that happened years ago that they never let go of, something that they never “moved through” with their partner. Every now and again it comes back up to the surface, when one of them pushes the other’s button. Or worse, the issue just sits there, brushed under the carpet, creating a silent drag on the relationship. Until finally it comes out as, “I’m not happy” or “I want a divorce” or “I want out,” “I don’t love you anymore.” We can spend many years struggling with our relationships, or we can learn to use communication skills that will make our lives much easier, with less conflict, drama and issues. Our lives will be much more successful, happier, and we’ll achieve much more by not

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him...” THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1785

It seems natural for us as humans to avoid trouble by taking the easy way lie. What’s natural isn’t always the best though, don’t you think? To be an effective communicator isn’t easy, it takes a little time and a little effort but it’s worth it when we can have relationships that are based on trust, honesty, love and caring. “It takes a lifetime to build trust, and only an instant to destroy it” Angela Yan



Te Iti o Haua Marae







On the 31st of March Rukumoana Marae held a fundraising event called ‘The M Factor’, their take on the television series ‘The X Factor’. Their were 3 catergories - Rangatahi, Pakeke and Kaumatua. The brilliant day started at 3pm with guest judge Ella Henry supporting the kaupapa. Winners were as follows: Junior Section Rangatahi Section Kaumatua Section Best Group Performance

Rangi Tuhakaraina Waimarie Tuhakaraina Popeye Wetere Phatpak Youth Group lead by Shandella Wilson

A Another highlight of the day was a performance from ‘Te Iti Kahurangi Kapa Haka Team’ which delighted the crowd that attended. K

LEST WE FORGET Remembering our loved ones! Last year Anzac memorial service was held at Waiti Marae to enable whanau to acknowledge the sacrifices that our Tupuna made when serving in World War 1 & 2. This year was hosted by Kai A Te Mata Marae starting with a powhiri welcoming in whanau from Waiti & Tauhei marae followed by a short service of commemoration to those that have fallen in war. Service conducted by Rev Haki Wirihana with guest speaker Jake Puke.

ARTWORK DISPLAY AT THE MARAE Art works created by Ngati Haua Artists

Rukumoana Marae Art Committee held an art show at the marae for a week beginning from Monday 23 April and ending on the 30 April 2012. This is the 3rd Annual Ngati Haua art works, on display at Rukumoana Marae. All artwork have been created by Ngati Haua artists - Weka Pene, Koro Paekau, Romana A Graham, John Samuels, Piki Marsh and Nga tamariki o te kura o Ngati Haua. G A Anzac Day at the marae also featured a display of musical talent from the following ggroups: W Waikato Drumming Band Morrinsville Youth Band from the Baptist church M The brethren ‘Te Paki o Matariki Youth Band’



Waimakariri Marae

WINTEC GRADUATION 2012 After the recent opening of Te Kopu Mania O Kirikriroa Marae at Wintec it was now time to celebrate with the first graduation ceremony to be held on the Marae. Congratulations to all and to name a few from Ngati Haua or have worked at Te Hauora O Ngati Haua Trust.

Shane Kennard.

Bachelor of Applied Social Work. Tainui Anderson

Rosemarie Douglas.

Bachelor of Nursing.

Bryce Samuel.

Bachelor of Nursing

Bobbie- Ann Gamble.

Bachelor of Nursing

Te Ra Marama Whau Whau.

Tainui Anderson.

Diploma in Business Administration (Level 5) with Distinction.

Bryce Samuel

Te Ra Marama Whauwhau (pictured with whanau)

Certificate in Building (Level 4)

Kingi Tuheitia presenting the Dame Te Atairangikaahu Nursing Scholarship 2012 Recipients (pictured): Deanna Randell (left) & Hera Gilbert (right).

He Taonga te Tamaiti! RAWIRI - WILSON Tania Te Aroha Wilson Date of Birth: 12 March 2012

“Tiakina nga tamariki. Ko ratou nga rangatira mo apopo” “Care for our children. they are tomorrows chiefs”


5lb 2oz


Nicole Rawiri & Luke Wilson

TAUPO Georgina Rangiwhakapu Taupo Date of Birth: 24 February 2012 Parents:

Julie & Marcus Taupo



Kai-a-te-mata Marae

JOINING A WOMENS PROGRAMME Kia Ora Nga Wahine Ma. This is an important message for all mothers, sisters and daughters who know of or have been victims or doers of violence. Currently running near your area are “Women’s Programmes” run by other women to support and empower you to making positive changes for you and your family.

dealing with children and teenagers. Starts on Tuesday 1st May 7.00pm – 9.30pm for 6 weeks. Cost is a koha (donation) - Hamilton Abuse Intervention Program Ph: 07-834-3148 for more info. Women’s program for Maori wahine - Te Puna Huakina programme 2nd May – 27th June 9.30am – 11.30 5.30. – 7.30pm - Wahine Toa programme 4th May – 29th June. 9.30 – 11.30

The programme provides; And for further information contact • Support from women who understand Hine Love-Thompson at 0800 4tehauora or 078887870 your experiences • A safe, confidential environment in which to talk about your experiences • Information about ways to keep yourself and your children safe • Help to see what choices you have if you are still in a abusive or violent Christine Keenan Te Inuwai Kapea relationship If you want your heart to be healthy for the rest of your life, follow • The opportunity to plan for a brighter this prescription: future 1. Get plenty of exercise. 2. Follow a good diet. • Information of other support groups 3. Keep your heart clean and drug-free. • Support and information to address other People who don't follow this prescription often develop some pressures of everyday life including, form of heart disease. financial, parenting, addiction and anger Be heart smart and have a healthy heart. issues Know Your Risk! Risk factors for heart disease and stroke From this programme you will learn more about include high blood pressure, yourselves, and how to handle your emotions, cholesterol and glucose levhow to value and respect yourselves and others. els, smoking, inadequate inNot forgetting a time to come together with other take of fruits and vegetables, women to have a good korero and laugh while overweight and obesity and physical inactivity. Taken toenhancing your own personal skills.


Therefore if this sounds interesting for you, contact these groups below. - Morrinsville Community Centre : Ph 07-889-5355 - Free to fly: A women’s free programme for education and support around domestic violence. It is held during school terms and can be attended any time during the term. Starts 9.45am to 11.45am Thursday. - Parenting program: This program is designed around working and PAGE


gether, these major risk factors account for around 80% of deaths from heart disease and stroke. The only way to know your level of risk is to be assessed by a healthcare professional and to be checked for factors such as your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, waist measurement and BMI. Once you know your overall risk, agree with your healthcare professional on a plan for specific actions you should take to reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR HEALTH EDUCATION PROGRAMMES HAPPENING IN JJUNE! Email Address Mobile Christine 0211904032 Te Inuwai 021502394


Attention! Attention! Attention! Attention! Attention! Attention! We have had a lot of our mail (Ka tu mai a Haua Newsletter) returned with no forwarding address, so if you know the addresses or the whereabouts of the whanau below please contact or get them to contact: Tausie Rapana - 0800 483 428 at the Te Hauora o Ngati Haua Office OR Email: GRAHAM Brenda (last known address) 77 Tennyson St, Leamington, Cambridge HETA Kuini (last known address) 94 Tauiti Rd, RD3 Elston Te Aroha RAWIRI Steve Waharoa RAWIRI Megan Waharoa RIKI Christopher Morrinsville TAMIHANA Kiriwera Waharoa TAYLOR Bodie Hamilton WITIKA Josie Waharoa



Strategies with Kids! Information for Parents! NAOMI HAIMONA Iwi: Marae: Ngati Haua Raungaiti Children: Ranginui Fallon-Haimona (Nga Puhi/ Ngati Haua) Grandparents:

This month’s article I interviewed a young solo mother from Waharoa, clearly enjoying the challenges of raising her ‘baby boy’ Ranginui. Naomi lives with her parents Russell and Uru Haimona and older brothers Bevan and Craig, so Ranginui is raised in an extended whanau environment and is the centre of attention in their household. Naomi encourages the relationship between Ranginui and his father and grandparents Marion and Spencer Fallon. I interviewed Naomi at the Haimona whanau home and these are the thoughts she shared with me… Your experiences and challenge’s raising your child? I made the decision to become a solo parent, and it’s not an easy task, I’m always challenged by my child’s ever changing attitudes whether it’s good or bad, so I guess it pays to be organised, patient and to enjoy whatever makes him happy and to always encourage it.

Russell & Uru Haimona Marion & Spencer Fallon

thing is possible” What are the key values you hope to instill into your children? Live a little, be yourself, know your place and to believe that whatever you choose to do, is the right thing for you.

What advice would you give to young parents? How have you overcome those I’m learning as I go along really, but I challenges? Keep busy, socialise, and have fun, suppose never ever get tired of doing I’m fortunate enough to have an awe- what’s right for yourself and your child, some bunch of mates, cousins and it will pay off in the long run. work colleagues, they all have shown their support in their own way. I try Has the SKIP resources been useful? not to think about negative influences Yes, especially the Managing Stress, it’s not worth the fuss or good for the Ages and stages and Supermarket Surhead. I believe to overcome any type of vival pamphlet’s - in the warehouse challenge, you have to look at the big when we are about to go through the picture and work towards your goal for doors, my son decides to “pull a golden globe on the crowd.” I find it funny and the future. (Onwards and upwards) cute when he’s angry, I do my best to pull his attention towards something Your support systems? I wasn’t brought up with my sisters else e.g. trollies and more trollies that around me, so I’m glad that they are are outside Yay, and that works for me, at arm’s length to share a bit of stur- well most of the time. dy advice and to put things back into perspective. As for my folks and family they are really cool, I hardly ever show appreciation for what they do, so, I’m eternally grateful. My son may not have his father around, but he does right by his son and I know that he is loved by his family – the bottom line is “whanau is important to me and my son and with everybody’s help anyPAGE



He Hura Kowhatu. Hei Maumaharatanga ki a Waimarie Myra Wilson also known as Mare, Jackie or Duck. I mate i te 25 o Haratua, 2011.


he Maori Land Court are once again offering their services for those of you who are wanting to know about ‘Trusteeship, Succession, Reservations, Application Processes, Transfering Maori Land Shares, Incorporations and Title Improvements’ in Waharoa. If you think this is you please contact Te Hauora o Ngati Haua Office - 0800 483 428 or 888 7870 to book with Sharlene Cribb, Advisory Team. 6 June 2012 8 August 2012 3October 2012

10am - 3pm 10am - 3pm 10am -3pm

Kei Whea? Kei te marae o Te Iti o Haua. Awhea? A te 25 o Haratua, 2012. A te 9.00am te poowhiri, a te 12.30pm tona haora. Whai muri i tona haora ka hura kowhatu ratou Ko Sam Wilson, Ko Juliana Hokimate Millar (nee Rau), Ko Eru Fawcett.

AMAZING WOMEN – FABULOUS WHANAU This workshop is an opportunity to support Maori wahine to reach their full potential based on the belief that a ‘woman will reach her full potential when she is able to realise her own self worth and prosper in her lifestyle choices.’

TE HAUORA O NGATI HAUA Each session will give you tools and strategies to build a positive and SELF CONFIDENT You.


f you have a story to tell or an event that you would like to advertise OR if you have changed address and are no longer receiving the ‘Ka Tu Mai a Haua’ newsletter - Please feel free to contact:Taumoana (Tausie) Rapana. Ph:

Sessions are around topics such as: • Building my confidence • Managing my budget/money • Setting goals and planning for success • CV Writing • Parenting tips • Nutrition and healthy eating...etc., etc

0800 483 428 (landline phone only) Or 07 888 7870

and other topics that are of interest to you.



Te Hauora o Ngati Haua PO Box 10 Waharoa 3441

The workshops will be action-packed and fun, teach you new learning and new skills. You’ll learn from your own unique experiences and the wisdom of other wahine in the group. Re-starting Wednesday 9th May 2012 10am – 12 noon @ Te Hauora o Ngati Haua office: 2 Cadman St, Waharoa

(Te Hauora o Ngati Haua reserve the right to edit all articles).



Need more information or want to enrol?...please contact Hine or Kimi on 07 8887870 OR just roll-up to the session!





Lance Rapana

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Teherenga Wirihana

Rodney Gillet

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