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 Save travel as we have

been on the road a lot lately  Opportunities for Ashley and Jacob to interact with other MKs at an educational conference—they were challenged in their faith  We were also are encouraged about educational opportunities — as far as education goes, we have kind of been in default mode after losing Andrew.  We also are so thankful for the many people who continue to pray for us – we made it through the second anniversary of Andrew’s home going. Our God is still God – He is still Good – and to Him be the Glory in all things! Pray for…

God’s direction as SEND Ukraine looks for a new Area Director Travel, we will be in Michigan – March 13thApril 1st; travel to Michigan went well, we will be at Hopevale Church in Saginaw for a mission’s conference , applying for new visas – and traveling to relatives Wisdom for us as we work with families in Ukraine

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Celebrating Seven Years... It doesn’t take much to remember the traveling back and forth between Kyiv and Lutsk as we began working with Sasha, our Ukrainian pastor. The meetings that took place, the time spent on our knees before the Lord as we planned how to reach out to people in starting a new church. That o ag 7 years eetings First m was seven years ago. On March 28th, Golgotha Church will celebrate its 7th year. Many things have happened in those seven years – we have grown from 13 people meeting in our living room on a Sunday morning to a church that has two Sunday morning services with over 200 people coming to church each Sunday. In November Golgotha Church took a ―break‖ – all ministry stopped with the exception of Sunday morning services and the Sunday morning children’s ministry called Vyleek (The Bee-Hive). Instead of small groups, Bible studies, and other ministries continuing – everything came to a stop. To be honest,, in our American mindset, we became a little nervous. Instead of doing ministry, the church was going to meet every night for prayer for one solid month. We have never seen anything like this be-

fore. Every night, I mean every night, at least 30-40 people gathered together to pray. We were seeking God’s will and direction for the new year. To top it off, it was COLD! I mean real cold. We met in the hall where we hold our church services, but there was no heat. It was so cold that you could see your breath, yet people came to pray. Since that time, we have seen such a change. We seen God’s power in healing relationships, people step up into a leadership role, and people step down. One of the greatest things to observe has been the number of people participating in small groups. There are now 16 small groups that meet throughout the city mostly on Wednesday nights with over 120 people in attendance. This year is a very big focus on evangelism and it has been exciting to hear people stepping out and sharing their faith. Continue to pray with us as this church continues to grow. What a privilege to be Meetin g to Pra y able to come alongside Ukrainians and help ground people in God’s word.

Getting Ready for Summer March 1st in the first day of spring in Ukraine – and really it often seems that the weather listens to the calendar – well sometimes. Spring is definitely in the air, or maybe it is just the days are getting a bit longer and we are all waking up. It is never too soon to begin planning for summer. We wanted to give you an idea of some of the

events that will be taking place so that you can be praying. Of course because we are dealing with Ukraine, dates remain a little uncertain. Finances for these events also remain a big question so if there is something that you would like to do in order to help; i.e. – sponsor a child for camp, a family, help with expenses… let us know. 

Month of May – national Family month in Ukraine – we will have an outreach to families throughout this month May – election of new Area

 

Director Eurasia Conference – missionaries from Russia, Ukraine, and possibly Kazakhstan June – Children’s Camp – we may have a team from the States coming to help with this June – Family Camp with Fountain of Grace Church, this is a daughter church July – Family Weekend with Golgotha Church – we may have a pastor coming to speak Unsure – Youth camp Our children heading to Croatia – MK camp

ation Contact Inform Herb and Kim Burkett

Dates to Remember…

6 prov. Malo-Omelyanivska No. 25 Lutsk, Ukraine 43000 517-455-7644 or 989-315-8095 These numbers will ring in Ukraine

March 13-April 1st —Burketts in the States March 16-20 —Hopevale Mission’s Conference, Saginaw , Michigan

Skype: herb_kim_in_lutsk

May - National Family Month—Ukraine June 6-12— SEND Eurasia Conference June 30-July 9 — Children’s Camp July 29-31— Family Weekend—Golgotha Church Of course there are many things happening that just are

Kid’s Korner...

not on the calendar yet … it is a cultural thing. We will keep you informed through e-mail updates.

Living in Lutsk, Ashley and I take some of our classes through Potter’s School, an on-line school. One of my favorite classes is my English class. Not because I enjoy the English so much, but I like it because all of my classmates and even my teacher live outside of the US. We are all TCK (Third Culture Kids). In fact, the class meets at 2am(Michigan time) in the morning. What are the chances of meeting other students, or even the teacher who is a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia? Not many. Just a couple weeks ago, I not only got to meet Mrs. Thomas, but was the first student who ever sat in class with her live. She was a speaker at a conference in Hungary that our family went to. It was pretty neat.

You Know You’re a MK

(missionary kid)

When… You open up your wallet and find several different currencies—in our case … dollars, Euros, forint, zloty, crown, and hryvnia.

Financial Update... We want to thank all of you who have helped support us financially. Without your support we would not have been able to return to Ukraine. Currently our monthly support is at 100%. If you would like to help out in a special way, you can send a special gift to our project account at SEND International. This account helps with additional business expenses; continued language study, translating materials, and other miscellaneous costs. Again—thank you for your financial sacrifice for the sake of the cross.

PO Box 513 Farmington, Michigan 48332

B.E.A.N. News March 2011  
B.E.A.N. News March 2011  

Golgotha church celebrates seven years.