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Smithy is not happy after and stood cold in the cor times and very c

He is also not happy beca his reading But then there was a reco in IC

r being sent out of welsh rridor. He was sent our 2 both was cold.

ause of he has had to take test again! ord! He was not send out CT :)

In ICT today we were talking about the worst thing about ICT which is Internet Saftey. Also know as E-safety. You could see half of the class just falling asleep. To be fare we should not have to study it every year!

Mitchell strong has always been very loud and he finally said in welsh today that he has a talking problem. A letter is currently being made for this problem and will be posted on this website as soon as it can be. He has also said he would go out with ......... You will find out in tomorrow’s paper

Ryan Logan well i really have no news about him but he did say that he wanted me to post something about him so I have and i hope you like it! Ryan Logan is a legend and well he really is just a legend . I hope that you like legends because he is the only one in year 8! There you go Ryan now go and have some fun playing minecraft

17 October  

17 October