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Each year, I have the utmost pleasure of meeting and sharing a week with some of our industry’s newest talent. This year was no exception! I was blown away again by not only the talent, but their passion to learn and to explore new ideas all while enjoying the Mexican sun. I’m honored to call each of them my lifelong friends.

I feel like God gave me a gift this year, in the form of Jose and everyone that made up his amazing workshop. Not only did I dive into film for the first time in 10 years, but I fell head over heals in love with photography. Now I am shooting what I love, with no regrets.

Nina and her husband, Wes, are wedding and portrait photographers that have a passion for the world around them. They love creating images that are soft and organic, and show how beautiful each and every human being truly is. They find inspiration in culture, poetry, God and light.

It’s impossible to sum up the amazing experience of this workshop- it’s a lifelong-gift of new friends, rejuvenation, challenges, and inspiration from the most amazingly talented and wonderful people.

Taylor is a post-JVworkshop film-convert living in Austin, Texas with her wonderful husband. She is inspired by lovely natural light, the Southwest, and contemporary art, to name a few, and loves serving her clients both in Texas and abroad.

The workshop was an unforgettable experience, one for which I am truly grateful.

My whole life I have been an artist - from the age of three, I knew I was going to be a dancer…and then I found photography, another way to express the beauty I sense in the world, and I have never looked back.

This is so much more than a workshop - it’s almost spiritual in the way that it moves you as well as beautifully cultural and deeply inspiring.

Wedding photographer residing in Alaska. Inspired by nature, love and adventure - anything that makes the heart beat faster.

This workshop is the only one you need to go to! Definitely a life changing experience, especially for my career. Amazing staff, amazing talent, a truly incredible experience.

Daniella Melfi is a Melbourne-based photographer in Australia. Having completed a diploma of the arts in advanced photography in 2005, she strives to improve her existing skills and enjoys the challenges photography creates.

The week spent in Mexico was one of the most inspiring and fulfilling times in my life. It wasn’t just about the learning, and being inspired by others, but also about the sights, the colors, the food, the fun, and making life long friends.

Carmen Santorelli is a NYC based fine art photographer who strives to capture genuine moments with a classic sensibility.

Beyond the incredible network of individuals we came to know and skills we gathered, it was an incredible experience of growing as a business as well as individually. We spent those four days identifying what positive changes needed to be made in both areas, while also being refreshed and inspired in what we were already passionate about!!

Having both graduated with fine art degrees, Cara Dee, along with her husband Jacob, have been photographing weddings out of Kentucky for over six years. While simultaneously producing fine art works individually, they unite in their business and love for film to provide a truly artistic documentation of weddings and events.

I had struggled to find words adequate enough to express how the workshop has changed me as a person and a photographer. The connections that I’ve made with other creative minds that are as passionate as I am was nothing short of stellar. The entire experience was priceless. Everyone there was so willing to share their knowledge and for that, I am beyond grateful.

I’m a photographer with a passion for weddings and fashion. After graduating from Parsons: The New School with my BFA, I will follow my heart and intuition to Paris (with my daughter in tow), where I will continue doing what I love. I live by the words “To Insprire, To Be Inspired.”

Being surrounded by the texture, color & flavor of Mexico while having time to dedicate to my art igniting my creativity + experiencing the ridiculous talent and generous spirit of Jose and his fellow artists was beyond invaluable! Walked away full and inspired!

Surrounding myself with fresh air, inspiring light & good people. With camera in hand, life is sweet. Based in Napa Valley and traveling the globe; photographing those moments that give life to our days.

Jose’s inspiring workshop is all you can ever dream of - spoil yourself with four unforgettable days under the Mexican sun filled with passion, photography, adventures, a magical and rich culture, amazing people, relaxation and lots of bright colors. I feel very blessed to having experienced all the above and to call some wonderful, talented and incredibly dear people my friends now - which is priceless.

Stefanie was born and raised in Germany where she discovered her passion for photography as well as for traveling. She loves to relax over a good espresso with her friends, gets exited about a great flea market find, is inspired by travel, cultures and people, and is extremely happy when she gets to take her dogs for their daily walk on the beach. When photographing weddings she finds the most joy in capturing sincere emotions, true joy and passionate love - not to forget about all the beautiful little details. Her wedding photography allows her to explore many beautiful and exciting places year after year - from Connecticut and NY thru the Carolinas and the Caribbean all the way to Europe and back - which she is very grateful for.

One word to describe Jose’s workshop... magical. From the location to the people, the entire experience is truly magical. I learned so much about my business and grew so much as an individual.. I cannot thank Jose and his amazing team enough.

Jessica Burke is a wedding photographer based in Northern California. Traveling worldwide with her camera in tow, she documents the stories of her couples in a fresh, airy and romantic style.

It was an unforgettable week of intense and immense learning, while feeling like you are the most pampered person in the world.

I am a photographer and a physician in Southern California. I love seeing new neighborhoods through the lens of my camera and capturing the little details, movements, and interactions between people. In this respect, I have learned to be more perceptive through photography, which in term has made me a better problem solver in medicine.

The workshop was the most inspiring event I’ve ever been a part of. Jose and everyone involved was so open and sharing, boosting my confidence and knowledge. It’s such a rare event where you can intimately network and learn from the best in the industry all while making life-long friends.

A film wedding photographer based in Washington DC, who loves dogs and traveling. With her natural and airy style, Vicki captures beautiful and sincere moments for her clients around the globe.

What a joyous week I had in Mexico! It was perfect in every way, and literally overnight it transformed my business. Beautiful location, amazing people, a little tequila‌ and a brilliant teacher. Thank you Jose!

Sophie Lindsay is a fine art portrait and wedding photographer based in London, capturing love, light and life across the globe.

Jose Villa’s workshop helped me identify myself as an artist not just a wedding photographer.

I believe in providing a visual family legacy. On your wedding day, I become part of your family, one of your friends.

We all arrived on the same road with hope and anticipation, we all left on different roads with fulfillment, companionship and zeal.

I live for adventure and challenges, photography provides me both in ample sums. My name is Alexander James, my life consists of three things. My Contax, my morning coffee and climbing. I have Jose to thank for at least one of those. vI wouldn’t be where I am now without him.

I came to the workshop to learn about photography and the business side of it and I left changed with a better understanding of who I am, friends for life and confidence.

Karine is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Paris, France. After a career in the field of international criminal justice for close to ten years, she has decided to move back to Paris and photograph people to tell their stories and show their soul. She likes to travel in France and all over the world.

Being able to experience Jose’s romance with film, light, and beauty was incredibly inspiring and informational. The workshop delivered on a level far beyond expectation!

Brandon Chesbro is based out of Franklin, Tennessee. His passion is shooting romantic, refined outdoor weddings.

The inspiration, support, and creative collaboration that make up this workshop are beyond amazing. I was so moved by how open, kind, and fun-loving Jose and his team are. It’s the perfect backdrop to learn, make lifelong friendships, and fall in love with photography, (and life!), shot after shot.

Through photographs I seek to share the incredible beauty I see in every aspect of the world, even in the most hidden places. Photographs give me a deep sense of gratitude for the immense beauty that surrounds us. To share and learn from that, makes my heart sing.

Months later and I’m still learning ways that this workshop has helped me grow in my photography, increased my passion, torn down barriers, and expanded my network of both professionals and friends.

I love photographing fun people and beautiful weddings in Colorado and enjoy any excuse to travel.



Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2012  
Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2012  

Jose Villa Mexico Workshop 2012