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Table of Contents: Vilchez Magazine 3.“Speaking Spanish” 4.”I am a Brother of 3” 5.”I am a Smart Dude who Likes Turtles” 6.”Olives” 7.”Friends can be very useful” 8.”How P.E. saved a student $30” 9.”Letter to Bob” 10-11. “The Basketball Uniform Caper!” 12-13. “ Biography - Joe Mangrum” 14-15. “ The ‘Pizza’ “ 16-17. “ The Hottest Hamburger” 18-19. “ The Remarkable Record Player” 20. “Hispanic” 21. “Olives” 22. “Pizza?” 23. “The Solution” 24. “The Ocean” 25. “Music” 26. “Top Secret Letter” 27. “Missing Basketball Uniforms” 28. “The Paradise That You Need” 29. “Money”


Speaking Spanish

Just Because I’m Hispanic It doesn’t mean I love beans Doesn’t mean I don’t speak English well Doesn’t mean I speak Spanish See me for what I am and not my race Just Because I’m Hispanic It doesn’t mean I love spicy food Doesn’t mean I’m poor Doesn’t mean I like Spanish music If you are mean to me I won’t stop you, and I won’t be mean to you


I Am A Brother of 3 I am Joey Brother of Austin, Anthony, Andrew Who needs education, food Who loves his family Who sees the ocean as beautiful Who hates Spicy Foods Who fears Spiders, War Who dreams of Sheep   Resident of the small town in California called Millbrae            Vilchez


I am a Smart Dude who likes Turtles


I am a smart dude who likes turtles I wonder what happens after you die I hear trees underwater I see sharks on Jupiter

I want 1 million dollars I am a smart dude who likes turtles I pretend to be in a video game I feel small and overworked I touch ducks in midair I worry if I can finish my homework I cry about pets that die I am a smart dude who likes turtles


Act 1                    

Who actually likes olives? Olives are really disgusting. Especially when they put olives on pizza, it just ruins the flavor. Olives are all fancy, but they aren’t “all that.” They don’t taste good at all! Some people put olives in their drinks to be extra fancy, but it doesn’t really do anything but taste bad. I guess olives are useful when you make olive oil to use to cook something better, but not much else. Act 2

Joey: Hey mom, what’s for dinner? Mom: Homemade pizza. Joey: Oh, cool! When is it ready? Mom: It’s just about done, I’ll bring it to you right now. Joey: Thanks, mom. Joey: Hey, wait… I think I taste ---olives?! Mom, you know I hate olives, right?

Mom: I thought you didn’t like the bigger green olives because they tasted funny. Joey: No, mom, I hate all olives. Mom: Well, too bad. You eat what I give you! Joey: Fine, I won’t eat. Act 3

Mom: Fine, don’t eat. Make yourself something else to eat. Joey: Maybe I WILL!


Friends can be very useful

I once got my foot stuck in a wastebasket at lunch time by trying to shove a bunch of garbage in it using my foot. I felt really embarrassed about having my foot stuck in a garbage can. I tried to shake the basket off of my foot by moving my foot around wildly, but all that did was just shake all the garbage out of the can! I got someone to help me by whispering to someone I know whenever they walk by to avoid any attention, and one friend agreed to help. He eventually solved this problem by gripping the wastebasket and taking it off. I thanked him and continued to go on with my business.


How P.E. saved a student $30 A boy named Joey Vilchez once lost his jacket when he left it on the field at P.E when the period was over. It was a really nice jacket and his parents just bought it for him! When he found out that he lost it, he panicked… he looked all over the school, trying to think of where he could have put it. He never could find his jacket, and he worried what his parents would say. He thought they would kill him if they knew he lost it. He decided to tell the truth to his parents, and accept any punishment that would come his way. He was his normal self while walking home, except he did anything to avoid going home, like going to the candy store, or take the long way home. When he got home, he tiptoed to his room, and he made it inside without anyone noticing, like a ninja. When he forgot about the incident and went in the living room to watch TV, and his mom was out there, she asked, “Where’s your jacket?” Well, he told the truth, and they appreciated his honesty, and said that if he didn’t find it by Friday, he would have to pay for it. It was Monday at the time, so he got a fair chance to find it. He went to school the next day, and he looked in each period of class. He looked in the lost and found, but it wasn’t there, either. At the end of the day, in 6th period P.E, they weren’t on the field exercising anymore, they were in the gym. After that day of searching, when he had to run the mile on wednesday, he spotted his jacket right there on the field! He was very happy he didn’t have to pay 30 dollars to make up the loss. After school he grabbed the jacket, and happily proceeded home. He showed his parents, and they were proud of him for taking responsibility and finding his jacket. After the whole incident, everyone went back to their normal lives.


Dearest Bob, I have something to tell you. It is very urgent and I must tell you now. I like another planet. Her name is Jennifer, the most popular girl in the Mother Planet Middle School. It’s very important that you do not ever tell anyone this secret. Afterall, her boyfriend is the Sun*. You would not want to mess with the Sun, because he’s the biggest bully in the whole school. I know this letter is so sudden, but it’s an emergency. I don’t even trust my parents with this, because it’s such fragile information. If, perhaps, you did tell people this secret, don’t even get me started. I would be the least respected planetary-ringed planet in the whole school! To start off, Jennifer wouldn’t remotely be interested in me, especially since me and the Sun are complete opposites. The Sun would beat me up every day for the rest of my time in school! I don’t want to go through that, man. Everyone else at the school would be disgusted in me, and I’d never get a girlfriend PERIOD! I bet even the teachers would be disappointed, and give me F’s just for that (okay maybe not that far). So, please be a pal and don’t tell anyone, even your parents! Well, now you’re probably wondering, “Gees, what’s the point, I got things to do with my life,” So I’ll cut to the chase. My parents are friends with Jennifer’s parents, and they want to come over for dinner in only 3 days! How am I supposed to prepare for this! I haven’t had a girl come to my house for dinner in my life! I don’t know what to do, it’s really stressing and confusing. You may say, “Well, you’re lucky a girl’s going to have dinner at your house,” you’re wrong! You haven’t felt this much stress in your entire life, but I have--just now! So, I need some help on how to act. Thanks, Richy

The Sun*


The Basketball Uniform Caper     One day, a principal checked the closet where all of the athletic uniforms of the school were stored. He saw that all of them suddenly were not there anymore. He was very surprised and confused. He didn’t know how they could have gotten out since the sports director is the only one with a key! The sports director was very trustworthy, and would have no use for stealing uniforms. A basketball player who was trying to help out told the principal that he saw two guys with masks on around the uniform closet on Saturday. The principal said the basketball player had to return all of the uniforms somehow. So, the basketball player began his investigation right away, because he loved basketball, and he didn’t want any old crooks to take their uniforms. When the basketball player thought a little bit harder, he remembered that one of the men was unusually short, as if he were a child, and the other guy looked nervous and shaky, as if he was afraid of being caught. The basketball player asked around about people with these specific characteristics, but it came with no results. He didn’t know what to do to continue his search, but he used a social networking site to further his investigation. He posted a “wanted poster” for those people with the specific characteristics. He got something on a man who was really short, and the guy who posted it actually knew that man personally, so he provided a link to his profile. The short man was accepting donations of basketballs and uniforms to kickstart his new basketball team. He had been posting things about how he was disappointed that no one was donating uniforms. The basketball player found this information to be very suspicious, since no one was donating uniforms or basketballs, and he was getting very frustrated. The investigating basketball player assumed he was taking matters into his own hands and tried to search for people of his name. After an unsuccessful search, he went back to the social networking site to look for anything else suspicious. He had found something BIG! The man posted something about his first practice down at the Hills High School that night, and he invited every one of his friends to the first practice because he said that he had enough “supplies” to start his team. That was the biggest clue, and the basketball player came to the practice to confront the short man and possibly the tall shaky man. The basketball player played through the whole practice, and afterwards, he followed the short man to his car. He smugly said “Hey, where did you find those basketball uniforms?” The little man froze up, ran into his car, started it, and drove off. The basketball player was disappointed, and he waited eagerly for the next practice, so he could confront the little sneaky man. Sure enough, next week he had another practice, but this time, the angry basketball player had waited until after practice near the little man’s car. After practice was over, the basketball player had came out of his shadowy hiding spot and he finally confronted the short man. He decided to confess because he knew if he ran away, at the next practice the basketball player would be there again. The short man had given all of the uniforms back to the school. The thieves had been put in their place, and they resumed their basketball season at Hills High School.



Joe Mangrum Joe Mangrum is an interesting artist and works with things he finds in daily life. He was born on February 10, 1969, in Florissant, Missouri. At 16 years old, he won a trip to India to enter his first art contest, in which his entry consisted of alot of baskets. Joe had gotten his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1991, from attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After that, he traveled places like Europe and across the USA because he likes to adventure and explore new things. Some time later, he went to Laguna Beach and started to express himself with seashells and other objects on the beach. His creations were taken down by the parks department, and after he put more creations on the beach, they just took them down again. After a road divided a natural space, Joe decided to do art based on environmental problems with the world. An art gallery owner asked him to do some work at his gallery, which was environment-related, and he agreed. He then moved to San Francisco permanently, in which he did works of art all around San Francisco. He got noticed and people invited him to do works both outside and indoors. In total, Joe Mangrum has won 6 awards for his art. He was even on Sesame Street once. He likes nature and he features live plants in some of his art pieces. Currently, he is working on a book about the history of his art.


Some of his many works‌


The “Pizza” One random winter day, in San Francisco A humongous pizza fell out of the sky It was the size of the moon! At least, it looked like a pizza Later reports said that it was An unidentified flying object that crashed on to Pier 39, *KAPLOW*, crushing some of the 2nd story stores then pieces of it broke off, fell into the sea, never to be recovered again The main piece remained unharmed, it stayed on the Pier, it had strange windows made of no material man had ever known of.

No one knew why it fell there or how it fell. All of the kids thought it was really cool all of the adults were extremely concerned Since this phenomenon had not happened before. Eventually people accepted it for what it was the government took a crane brought it on its own island where they kept it for public sightings, it became a major tourist attraction But they never had figured out where it came from. All traces had been eliminated It didn’t seem to have any signs of life. It remains a mystery to this day...


It’s hurling straight for Pier 39!



The Hottest Hamburger Once, there was a hamburger that was really hot He was so hot that when anyone tried to eat him, it burned their mouth He was as hot as the sun, even producing sunburns when someone came near him No one would ever be able to eat him He is a sad hamburger and he just lies on a table Never to be eaten, or enjoyed, doomed for eternity Sometimes, he got so sad that when he cried, his tears were burned instantly No one knew what to do to make the burger happy and hopefully fulfill his destiny to be eaten and enjoyed Finally, since no one had found a way to eat him they put him in a museum as an attraction He didn’t like being in the spotlight, getting pictures taken of him *FLASH* *SNAP* But one time, someone had walked into the museum one day The person was a very intelligent man, with a big appetite He liked that exhibit so much and he wanted to be able to eat the burger So, he thought in all of his free time on how he could eat it He came up with something late one night He theorized that if the actual sun had ice all around it It would be colder, so that’s what he did to the burger *SSSSSZZZZHZHH* smoke was everywhere, and after it cleared, The man happily ate the burger that was no longer burning, *CHOMP* This all happened before complicated astronomy had been established So, no one else thought of the idea of ice being all around the sun Until something similar had happened on earth and opened people’s eyes



The Remarkable Record Player Some time ago, in the 1900s, a record player that loved to party He had been able to pick up records play them by himself it was remarkable how a machine could do such an unreal thing! He was good at it, he was always invited to parties he made the parties very enjoyable he could talk, dance, and even sing. Everyone loved him for that he was such a hit he got offered deals left and right he never accepted them he wasn’t in it for the money He was in it for the party, nothing else. Since he was made, he was used at parties he developed his own style of party from all of his experience. He loved partying so much, after all, he was made to do so. No one else could ever figure out how to make any types of music playing devices anywhere close to him. He was a hit until when CDs and CD players were introduced he was thrown out like old trash in a dumpster or bin He never, to this day, figured out why he was tossed It was because when CDs came out, he was left at a party Waiting for the next one to take place they put a CD player in his place threw him away they thought the new devices were better even though they couldn’t talk, dance, or do anything cool like him. Nowadays he lives in an antique shop, where he isn’t allowed to move until someone buys him uses him for their own purposes, good or bad. He lives in fear of hoping no one buys him and then scraps him for parts or make him into a hanging decoration, without any free will to move or party ever again.


The evolution of music






The Solution


The Ocean “It oozes COOL “






Missing Basketball Uniforms


The paradise that you need




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