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April 26 to July 31 2014



The UAVM Virtual Museum presents the photography and digital painting show from Fonlad Festival 2014. Manipulation, repetition, deformation, the digital dream surround us from the inside. These 9 images present us the dream of a better world, an idyllic world were man and nature could live in harmony, with art as mediator, as a reflection of their own dreams. Digital is in between worlds. Lives between the reality and the dreams of man, the aspirations, the possibilities to build a better world, different from reality. Digital dreams are the possibilities of contemporary world. Participanting artists: Adrian Lis (Rom), Andrea Leoni (It), Ariana Boaventura (Br), Diogo Soares (Pt), Gilles Vallée (Cnd), Güvenç Uguz (Trk), Khalil Charif (Br), Sabriye ÇELIIK (Trk), Stefania Santarcangelo (It). José Vieira

ADRIAN LIS Adrian Lis born in Stefanesti-Arges, Romania, in 1971. Lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Get is degree at U.N.A. Bucharest, in 1998. Exhibits / work at the level of new media since 1998. Major events: “Donkey Art Prize – Finalists Show Case”, State-of-the-Arts Gallery, Hong Kong,2012; “Scan-It”, Gallery 40, Brighton, UK, 2012; “Berlin Biennale”, Germani, 2012; “Time – Machine”, Galaria Circuiti Dinamici, Milano, Itália, 2013

Aportrait, 2014

Digital Photography Adrian Lis (Romania)

The work bring out the mechanisms that manipulate us from the inside. Subjects are women, animals, masks, clocks and gears; these elements remain suspended in rational spaces to evoke the freedom of dreamlike atmosphere.

STEFANIA SANTARCANGELO Stefania Santarcangelo born in Lecco, Italy in 1982. Lives and works in Berlin. Is graduate in Language (2001). Exhibits / works at the level of digital media, video art and performance regularly since 2010.

Through Time, 2014 Digital Photography

Stefania Santarcangelo (Italy)

The Victoire series is part of a survey upon references from art history, in which the artist Khalil Charif has been dedicated in the past few years. He brings here more specifically the investigation on “Victory of Samothrace “ with images taken by the artist himself, in its exhibition environment: the Louvre Museum, in Paris.

KALIL CHARIF Khalil Charif born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1967. Lives and Works in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. Studied at School of Visual Arts EAV Paque Lage in Rio de Janeiro, and has a postgraduate degree in Art History from PUC-Rio. Works in videoart and performance regularly since 2004. Major exhibitions / events: 100x100=900 project, Italy (among others), 2013; 24es Instants Vidéo, France, 2011 ; Triennale of Contemporary Art, Czech Rep., 2008; Rencontres Internationales Paris/ Berlin/ Madrid, France, Germany, Spain, 2007-2008.

Victoire 6, 2013

Digital Photography Kalil Charif (Brazil)

Photography of a sculpture that was part of an exhibition in 2013 in Canada on the subject of Alzheimer’s disease. This photography uses the technique of chiaroscuro.

GILLES VALLÉE Gilles Vallée born in Montréal Canada in 1960. Lives and Works in Montréal / Canada. Is autodidact. Exhibits / works at the level of digital art and sculpture regularly since 2000. Major exhibitions / events: International Digital Miniprint exhibition, Ottawa, Canada, 2013; International Miniature art exhibition, Lévis, Canada / 2013; International Miniature art Biennal exhibition, Ville Marie, Canada, 2012; Solo exhibition at Gesù Church, Montréal, Canada, 2012.

Alzheimar, 2014

Digital Photography Gilles Vallée (Can)

Dreams are installed and they are searched for life. Every life is a dream. All dreams are not a life.

SABRIYE CELIK Sabriye Celik born in Sivas, Turkey in 1973. Bachelor in Faculty of Fine Arts by Marmara University of Turkey. Works on Dijital Art and Photography since 2005. Major exhibitions / events: “UAVM International Collection”, April 2014; “Tourism: “Who is Tourist” and “Turkey: a Destination” Uluslararas? Mail Art Project and Exhibition, Antalya/Turkey, 2012; FONLAD 2012- Dijital Art Festival, 2012, Portugal; “Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibitions Past to Present”, Istanbul/Turkey, 2011.

Invisible Dreams, 2014 Digital Photography

Sabriye Celik (Turkey)

GUVENÇ UGUZ Güvenç Uguz born in Istanbul Turkey in 1971. Lives and Works in Balikesir Turkey. Degree in architecture by Mimar Sinan University. Interests digital arts regularly since 2004. Major exhibitions / events: Civilization Clash ‘East-West’ Mail Art Project Istanbul Turkey 2008; Hep Yasam Photography Exhibition Cappadokia Nev?ehir Turkey, 2014 .

The Blue Roach, 2014 Digital Painting

Güvenç Uguz (Turkey)

Digital photography from the series “Ebós”, about the offerings caracteristic on the african religians from Brazil, where he’s vizion of the world proposed a balance ni relation to the preservation and exchage between gods, people and everything that exists in the universe. But to appen this balance, men, rocks, rovers, animals, woods, seas and earth must be take care off. ARIANA BOAVENTURA Studies: Guajará-Mirim/RO, 1977. PHD in History UNIR/RO; PHD in LIBRAS (Brasilian Signs language) – UNINTES/RO; PHD in Visual Arts SENAC/MT. Works on Photography, cinema, literature, art-education, street-art and performance. Major events: 18º International Contemporary Art Fest, Sesc_Videobrasil,São Paulo/Br, 2013; FONLAD, Digital Art Festival, Coimbra/Pt, 2013; VIDEOHOLICA [OUT OF FOCUS!], Varna/Bu, 2013;I Festival of Art & Culture – Federal University of Rondônia, Porto Velho/RO

Do fogo e da brisa, 2010 Digital Painting

Ariana Boaventura (Brazil)

In the “Chaos” series, which consists of four images, I drew my inspiration from fractal theory - a series of transformations that holds the same features at any scale of size. In each image, I have used the same infinitely repeated digital pattern of varying colours and vanishing point perspectives. Using square images, and arranging them in a greater square, I have been able to represent continuous fractal structures producing a greater interaction between images. ANDREA LEONI Born in Rome, Italy in 1971. Lives and Works in Rome, Italy. Art Studies by the Ripetta Art School. Works on video art and digital painting regularly since 2006. Major exhibitions / events: ART:SCREEN FEST, Örebro, Sweden, 2012; IV CROSS TALK, Budapest, Hungary, 2011; VIDEOHOLICA, Varna, Bulgaria, 2010; 19° VIDEOFESTIVAL, Bochum, Germany, 2009.

Chaos, 2013

Digital Painting Andrea Leoni (Italy)

Exploration of trace and line. The matter of importance of the mind over the body. The nature as a higher strenght.

DIOGO SOARES Born and lives in Coimbra, Portugal

BĂşfalo, 2013

Digital Drawing Diogo Soares (Portugal)


The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum express the most heartfelt to the artists that have participated in this art project: Adrian Lis (Rom), Andrea Leoni (It), Ariana Boaventura (Br), Diogo Soares (Pt), Gilles Vallée (Cnd), Güvenç Uguz (Trk), Khalil Charif (Br), Sabriye ÇELIIK (Trk), Stefania Santarcangelo (It)

CURATOR José Vieira PHOTOGRAPHIES Courtesie of the artists PRODUTION UAVM Virtual Museum

APRIL 2014


The UAVM and FONLAD FESTIVAL present in its 5th collaboration an exhibition of six photographies and three digital paintings specially selec...


The UAVM and FONLAD FESTIVAL present in its 5th collaboration an exhibition of six photographies and three digital paintings specially selec...