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BEST OFF 2005-2012




9 Fevereiro February - 21 Abril April 2013

The Web Art Center presents an exhibition with the best works presented at FONLAD Festival since its creation in 2005. For this purpose were chosen by JosĂŠ Vieira, the best 8 photos, 8 videos and 8 web art projects, from the collection of the festival. The FONLAD Festival is a festival of digital art that is presented every year on the internet and in different parts of the globe, having a physical component, by the presentation of screenings, exhibitions and video installations, held in Coimbra, Portugal. One of the key components of the project is the dissemination on the Internet of the art projects submitted in each edition. Edition after edition, the works are renewed over time and some are becoming lost in the thousands of web pages, ending in oblivion. Under the proposal by the Web Art Center, the direction of the Festival decided to recover some of these works and present them in context of Best Off, preceding the release of the 9th edition of the Fonlad Festival in April 2013. In each edition, it was picked up the best work in video, photography and web art (award nominated) and multiplied by 8 years of the festival, giving the 24 works that now are present in the virtual space of the Web Art Center.

BEST OFF 2005-2012

O Web Art Center apresenta uma mostra dos melhores trabalhos apresentados no Festival Fonlad desde a sua criação em 2005. Para o efeito foram escolhidos por José Vieira, as melhores 8 fotografias, 8 videos e 8 web art projects, pertencentes à colecção do festival. O Festival Fonlad é um festival de arte digital que se apresenta todos os anos na internet e em diferentes partes do globo, possuindo uma componente física, através da apresentação de mostras, exposições e video instalações, realizadas em Coimbra, Portugal. Uma das componentes essênciais do projecto, é a divulgação na internet dos projectos submetidos em cada edição. Edição após edição, as obras renovam-se e com o tempo algumas vão ficando perdidas nos milhares de páginas da internet, acabando no esquecimento. Sob proposta do Web Art Center, a direcção do Festival resolveu recuperar algumas dessas obras e apresentá-las em contexto de Best Off, antecedendo o lançamento da 9ª edição do Festival em Abril de 2013. De cada edição, recolheu-se o melhor trabalho em video, fotografia e web arte (award nominated) e multiplicaram-se pelos 8 anos do festival, originando as 24 obras que agora se apresentam no espaço virtual do Web Art Center. José Vieira

FONLAD 8 Photographies

BOSKIZZI (IT) Red Life, 2008 Boskizzi (Max Boschinni) is a visual artist and currenty live in Mantua, a little town near Milan in the north of Italy. He’s artworks include photography, web design, graphics design and creative writing. He’s fascinated by urban decay. Their inspirations range from old houses, popular buildings and bare rooms. In 2004 he began he’s expositive activity. Some of the most important expositions of this period include the admission to the biennals in Arad (Romania), Hong Kong, Sofia and Cuenca (Ecuador), as well as the participation to the Photography Festival in Rome, the Fonlad #02_06 at Bissaya’s Barreto Foundation in Coimbra (Portugal), the Asiatic Photography Festival in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and to the artistic event RintracciArti (Mantua).

CECILIA URIOSTE (BR) Panic, 2007 A self-portrait. The 24h supermarket represents the trigger element to a panic attack, being a place where being human is easily camouflaged on amid shelves and products, magnifying loneliness. Cecilia Urioste born in Recife, Brazil, 1980. Has a Master Degree in art photography by EFTI - Madrid, and a Graduation in Industrial Design by UFPE. Works as a photographer since 2007. She participated in the study group Authorial Photography MEM, with Marcelo Greco in 2008, and in the study group Photo Essay with Eder Chiodetto by 2012. Currently she’s working with commercial imaging and copyright, with an emphasis on fine art printing in the space CM - SPECIAL PRINTS. She participated in several publications, like UNArevista and Fanzine Amarello by the Prologue label. Besides, she participated in exhibitions such as: FILE 2010 - portfolio creative reading; Photo Fest 2009, In House 2 - Paraty 2009, FONLAD Digital Art Festival - Portugal 2007, 2009, 2010; Photo Espaùa, Spain, 2007.

FRANCESCA FINI (IT) Blood, 2012 Blood is a reflection over my creative process as an artist. When I think about it I feel like some sort of serial killer, struggling with my own ghosts in front and behind the symbolic space of video-making; a transparent screen that become some sort of prison, where I murder my-self over and over again. Francesca Fini born in Rome, Italy, in 1970. Lives and Works in Rome / Italy. Degree in design by IED (Istituto Europeo di design). Works invideo and performance art regularly since 2001. Major exhibitions / events: “Cinema Perpetuum Mobile Film Festival”, Minsk, 2012; “Norme per la rivoluzione”, Volksbühne, Berlin, 2012; “TakeS” (Bernardo Museum), Sines Art Center, Portugal, 2012; “Berlin Directors Lounge 2012”, Berlin, Germany, 2012; “Oslo Screen Festival”, Oslo, Norway, 2012.

CHIARA CHIARATURA (IT) Me, me, me, me, me, me..., 2008 “Our minds loves the unknown. Loves images that has unknown meaning, as the meaning of mind itself, is unknown”, Renè Magritte. Multiply myself, as a dream. Be the result of a sum of different personalities. The self made woman, mother, girl, dreamer, sister, teacher, artist, worker... Chiara Schiaratura born in Pesaro, Itlay in 1981. Lives and Works in Pesaro. MFA by IUAV Univesity, Venice. Works regularly on photography since 2007. From he’s events it’s remarkable: Osceno, Venice, Italy, 2007; Hell on Heart, Venice, Italy, 2008; Retratti di Precari, Pesaro, Italy, 2010; Satura Art Prize, Genova, 2010.

JORGE SIMÕES (PT) Walk Away, 2004 Jorge Simões born in Coimbra in 1979. Lives and works in Coimbra. He studied photography at the Center of Photographic Studies, Coimbra and the Portuguese Institute of Photography, Porto. He has exhibited regularly since 2000. Of their group exhibitions include: “museu s.m.” (National Museum Machado de Castro, Coimbra, 2010); “Actores Urbanos # 4” (Travelling Exhibition, 2009/10); “FONLAD” (200811); “Fluxos” (CAE, Figueira da Foz), “Hot Corner” (Casa da Esquina, Coimbra, 2009).

TAHIR UN (TRK) Nihility or Identity #2, 2002-11 Tahir Ün born in Akhisar, Turkey in 1960. Lives and Works in Izmir / Turkey. Works in photography, vídeo and generative arts regularly since 1976. From he’s events it’s remarkable: Alternative Film / Video Festival, BELGRAD, Serbia, 2010; MADATAC - Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts, MADRID, Spain, 2010; AllArtNow 1st International Video Art Festival, DAMASCUS, Syria, 2009; One-man photo exhibition, Underground Photo Gallery, IISALMI, Finland, 2006.

TATIANA SANTOS (PT) Invisible Cities, 2009 Tatiana Santos born in Portugal in 1978. Attended the school of arts of Coimbra, EUAC on painting. She participated in several competitions, and selected several times. In 2007 won the honor price painting at the Prémio Jovens Criadores, Aveiro. She participated in several exhibitions such as “Ars Latina La Habanna”, Cuba (2009), “Art & Cience Award”, Culture’s House, Coimbra (2009), “Voyeur”, The Corner House, Coimbra (2009), Fonlad 2009, TMG Gallery, Guarda (2009), Porto Santo Biennale, Madeira (2011).

SABRIYE CELIK (TRK) Postures, 2012 Sabriye Celik Uguz born in Sivas, Turkey in 1973. Bachelor in Fine Arts by Marmara University of Turkey. Works on Digital Art and Photography, regularly since 2005. Major exhibitions / events: Uluslararası Mail Art Project and Exhibition, Antalya/Turkey, 2012; FONLAD 2012- Digital Art Festival, 2012, Portugal; INviso, The first Mail & E-mail Art Project, 2012, Milano, Italy; “Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibitions: Past to Present”, Istanbul/Turkey, 2011.

FONLAD 8 Videos

ANDRES CUARTAS (COL) Fountain, 2011 Videoart appropriation of the work of Marcel Duchamp, Fountain. It’s about the action of spit like an ironic way to communicate a message of esteem for the other using the aggression. Director: Andres Cuartas Producers and Performers: Valentina Trujillo - Andres Cuartas Andres Cuartas born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1984. Lives and Works in Pereira / Colombia. Bachelor in Visual Arts by the Technological University Of Pereira. Exhibits / work at the level of media, video art / performances, etc. regularly since 2008. Major exhibitions / events: Ascona Film and Video Art Festival 2012, Official Selection, Ascona, Switzerland, 2012; Global Display, Display Excess, CCCB Barcelona, Spain, 2012; Cinetoro International Film Festival; Panorama Selection, Toro Valle, Colombia, 2011; Santa Fe de Antioquia’s International Film and Video Festival, Santafé de Antioquia, Colombia, 2010.

JACOB TONSKI (TRK) Balance Study, Threshold, 2008 A video studying balance, isolated from a fixed horizon; inspired by disorienting episodes in life. Jacob Tonski holds an MFA from the Design | Media Arts department at UCLA. He studied computer science at Brown University and worked as a Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios. He has lived in Berkeley, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Paris and Providence, grew up in West Virginia, and is currently an assistant professor of art and interactive media studies at Miami University, Ohio.

ANDRES WEBER (SW) Self, 2010 Anders Weber is an artist and filmmaker working in video, sound, new media and installations and he is primarily concerned with identity. The human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture, the media and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, he aims to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media. He coined the term Peer-to-peer art or (p2p art) in 2006. Art made for - and only available on - the peer to peer networks. The original artwork is first shared by the artist until one other user has downloaded it. After that the artwork will be available for as long as other users share it. The original file and all the material used to create it are deleted by the artist. ”There’s no original”. Six films with a duration between 45 minutes and 9 hours have been uploaded on the file sharing networks in one copy and their original have been deleted. P2P Art - The aesthetics of ephemerality. Currently based Malmö in the south of Sweden and has exhibited at numerous art/film festivals, galleries, and museums internationally.

VANJA VON SECK (IT) Fluência / Fluency, 2011 “Fluência” is a project collaboration between the Brazilian Visual Artist Vanja von Sek and the Spanish composer Anabel Lopez. The video art is a linear sequence. This work is designed to show the evolution of movements that can be extrapolated to any physical or ethereal element of life. The piece try to flow into a sequence of movements that create new shapes together with the construction of the sound. The visual artist used the composer of the piece as a performer. Directing her movements, editing her new silhouettes. Vanja Von Sek is a visual artist living and working in Netherlands. Studied video and photography arts in Brazil, Direction of Actors in Cuba and now is a master student of Digital Cultures at the Utrecht School Of Arts.

JOSÉ CARLOS NASCIMENTO (PT) Time Istambul, 2011 It’s a time base work reflecting, empirically, on the notion of time. It was done in Istanbul, recording with two cameras at the same time: one camera pointing me and the other one pointing ahead. The images from each camera are presented synchronized in parallel projections. Thus, it is represented, in spatial terms, and over my point of view (as its me operating the cameras) the past time, the present time and the future time. This piece can be presented in one channel only or in two independent channels. José Carlos Nascimento has born in Folgosinho (Portugal) in 1964. Lives and works in Coimbra. He graduated in painting at the ARCA-EUAC in Coimbra. He completed the MA-Goldsmiths College, University of London (scholarship from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, 2004). He has exhibited regularly since the 90s.

DAVID R BURNS (USA) Rebirth, 2006 Rebirth, a 3D computer animation, examines the artist’s personal memory and expression of the fall of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11th 2001. On that day, the author watched the tragic events unfold outside his apartment in lower Manhattan while simultaneously watching the events broadcast digitally to his living room television in real time. The 3D animation explores the cyclical themes of birth, death, and rebirth. The abstract images in the work are randomly generated organic forms that remind the viewer that each of the cycles explored can occur at unexpected, non-linear points in time. David R. Burns born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1973. Lives and Works in Carbondale, USA. MFA, by Parsons School of Design, New York City, USA. Works in digital media arts and computer animation regularly since 1997.

ARTHUR TUOTO (BR) Act of Love, 2012 From the appropriation of a low-resolution video amateur pornographic film the artist reconfigures the images through reframing, distortion and other plastics processes. Thus, the images take on a poetic unstable when sex and desire transform objects in dark and enigmatic, building a policy and particular ambiguous gestures. Arthur Tuoto born in Curitiba, Brazil in 1986. Lives and works in São Paulo / Brazil. He graduated in Mount Direction at the International Academy of Cinema. works with video, photography and new media since 2005. Major exhibitions / events: Tranlucido (Solo Exhibition) - Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Curitiba / Brazil), 2011; 27th Videoformes (Clermont-Ferran/FRANÇA), 2012; 20th International Festival of Short Films (São Paulo / Brazil), 2009; 5th Biennial Latin American Vento Sul (Curitiba / BRAZIL), 2009.

JOSÉ PEDRO REIS (PT) Transferência, 2007 Born in Lisbon in 1960. He lives and works in Coimbra. Attended art classes at the Plastic Arts Circle of Coimbra, between 1981-83. Attended work-shops in 2005-06 with the photographer Javier Diaz Saiz. Attended in 2006 at the work-shops with Fatima Seneca professor of Art History of Fine Arts Faculty in Oporto. Exhibits regularly since 2000. Exhibition’s highlights: “FONLAD Festival” (2006, 2008, 2009). “Urban Actors #2” (Foyer of the European Commission, Luxembourg, 2007), “Urban Actors #1” (Seven Gallery, Coimbra, 2007).

FONLAD 8 Web Art Projects

ALAN BIGELOW (USA) This Is Not a Poem, 2006 “This Is Not A Poem” takes the famous poem “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer and, transcribing it onto a “scratchable” disk, makes it into a toy, a game, and a language engine. The visitor can navigate the work by mouse movements on the poem text and disk. “This Is Not A Poem” is infinitely playable, in the sense that once the text has been deconstructed, it can be renewed and played again. Alan Bigelow born in Buffalo, USA in 1954. Lives and Works in Buffalo. Ph.D. by SUNY at Buffalo. Works in Net Art regularly since 1999. He’s digital stories for the web have appeared in, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, FILE 2008/2009 (Rio de Janeiro), Root Division (San Francisco), E-Poetry 2007/2009 (Paris/Barcelona), , Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, and many other venues.

DANIEL HANAI (BR) The Kinder Projeckt, 2007 Remember when, with eight years and age, you traveled by car (or train) and stood by the window watching the scenery and discovering the world? Now try to remember where your imagination could reach!

Daniel Hanai is trained in engineering, but abandoned that career. Today he works as a producer and curator of plays and concerts of music at an institution that promotes cultural activities in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

ANNIE ABRAHAMS (NL) Mutant, 2011 Mutant, 4 min of Huis Clos / No Exit - On Collaboration, a telematic performance / experiment investigating communication and relational dynamics in a dispersed group with 6 actors. Annie Abrahams (1954) is a Dutch artist and biologist living in France questions the possibilities and the limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions. She is an internationally regarded pioneer of networked performance art. She performed and showed work extensively in France and in many international venues. (Centre Pompidou, Paris; Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, Asheville, US; Furtherfield gallery, London; Nimk, Amsterdam).

FAKE SHOP (USA) Changing Room, 2009 Document of contained performance installation recorded on cctv video and reformatted for web. Jeff Gompertz lives and Works in New York, USA. Works on Installation, Performance and Web Media regularly since (year) 1999. Major exhibitions / events: Corridor (obedience study #2), ARCO – Madrid International Fair of Contemporary Art , Galería Metropolitana de Barcelona, 2005 & Art Fair Cologne, Germany, 2005; Capsule Hotel, Cooper Hewitt Museum, New York, NY, New Hotels for Global Nomads, 2003; Game, Deitch Projects, New York, NY, 2001; HUHB, Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum, New York, NY, 2000; Multiple_Dwelling, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, 1999

TAMARA LAI (BLG) My Virtual Body, 2007 Naked self-portrait on shocked movie. Video & digital Artist & Writer Video (1983), Multimedia Interactive & Computer design (1993), Net Art / Web Art (1997, one of belgian pioneers). Tamara Lai’s art works “between happening and transitory art”, and has been presented worldwide on official selections of international festivals and events.


Cuursor, Caressor, Eraser, 2010

Cursor Caressor Eraser is an interactive installation and net artwork exploring the erotic image and themes of intimacy and play. Gestures of the interactors are treated as “caresses” which produce erasures of digital photographic imagery, creating visual palimpsests of bodies and skin. NOTE: this URL includes a video demo of the interaction, showing how movements of a mouse or across a touchpad produce the visual changes shown. Michael Filimowicz is a new media artist working in the areas of sound, experimental video, creative writing, net art, public art and digital photography. He is on the faculty in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Andres Wanner was educated as a Physicist and as a Designer in Visual Communications in Switzerland (University of Basel and University of Art and Design, respectively). He likes to tinker, to invent, and to play. He is on the faculty of the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Melanie Cassidy is a sculptor, filmmaker, and art director in Vancouver’s film industry. She has exhibited her sculptural works internationally, and designed custom fabrications for feature films and television series.

JODY ZELLEN (USA) Seen Read and Draw, 2007 Seen read and drawn is an interactive animation that juxtaposes images and text traced from the newspaper. I have comtinued to explore the news as the subject of my work, making drawings by tracing pages from the newspaper. These drawings are then scanned and juxtaposed with images from the paper to create digital collages. The collages are then are broken apart and made into Flash animations. At present the animations have become a sequence of short clips in which the drawing and photographic elements are animated together.

Jody Zellen is an artist living in Los Angeles, California who works in many media simultaneously making photographs, installations, net art, public art, as well as artists’ books that explore the subject of the urban environment. She employs media-generated representations of contemporary and historic cities as raw material for aesthetic and social investigations.

JULIAN KONCZAK (UK) Birth and Decay, 2006 Birth and Decay invites the audience to explore a time-sliced anatomy of landscape as it cycles through the inevitable rhythm of change. The visual field is composed of a scaled representation of a piece of land broken down into constituent details – the vista is hidden but the proximity and exploded imagery gives us an intimate relationship with the environment. The imagery itself plays with the idea of repetition; the images offer 25 instances of the same subject, the eye decoding multiplicity and diversity. Julian Konczak explores the use of visual montage in examining connections between space/time and our perceptual fields.

FICHA TÉCNICA TECHNICAL DATA Exposição Virtual Virtual Exhibition Comissário Curator: José Vieira Artistas Artists: Alan Bigelow (USA), Anders Weberg (SW), Andres Cuartas (COL), Annie Abrahams (NL), Arthur Tuoto (BR), Boskizzi (IT), Cecília Urioste (BR), Chiara Schiaratura (IT), Daniel Hanai (BR), David R Burns (USA), Fake Shop (Jeff Gompertz) (USA), Francesca Fini (IT), Jacob Tonski (USA), Jody Zellen (USA), Jorge Simões (PT), José Carlos Nascimento (PT), José Pedro Reis (PT), Julian Konczak (UK), Michael Filimovicz (USA), Sabryie Celik (TRK), Tahir Hun (TRK), Tamara Lai (BL), Tatiana Santos (PT), Vanja Von Seck (BR) Catálogo Catalogue Concepção Concept: José Vieira Design original Previous design: Paulo Corte Real Edição Edition: Web Art Center ( Fevereiro February 2013

FONLAD BEST OFF 2005-2012  

Catalogue of the Fonlad's Best OFF virtual show.

FONLAD BEST OFF 2005-2012  

Catalogue of the Fonlad's Best OFF virtual show.