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Issue 20

10 January 2013

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De bijzondere vomrentaal van een bijzondere architect: René van Zuuk

François Valentiny, Luxembourg : painter, sculptor, musical architect “Architecture is not intellectual. Creating architecture means working like a carpenter, a gardener, a cook. Architecture means a revolt against the average.”

Luxembourg Pavillion, 2010 Shanghai Expo

François Valentiny (59) was born in 1953 in the idyllic surroundings of Remerschen in Luxembourg. His father was a carpenter, so was his grandfather. Growing up in a woodworking environment, he learned to appreciate the skills and knowledge of the true artisan. The gift of artistry led François to become an architect, painter and sculptor. A musical - or rather a cultural - architect who loves opera; a man who has designed many buildings with a musical and cultural function in the later stages of his career. Was it the smell of the wooden wine barrels he saw his grandfather making when he was a boy that inspired him to apply his skills to the construction of wine cellars many years later? François Valentiny still lives lives and works in the grounds of the house where he was born and grew up. He studied architecture between 1975 and 1980 in Nancy and Vienna. In 1987 he set up Hermann & Valentiny with Hubert Hermann. Their partnership ended a few years ago.

The statue “Gëlle Fra” (Golden Lady) - a national treasure - from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was placed on a three-metre-tall steel column at the entrance to the Luxembourg Pavilion.

“Does size really matter?” G.G. Kirchner, partner of Valentiny Architects, stresses the fact that a small country like Luxembourg is often overlooked by other countries. He says: “When in 2008 we were designing the Luxembourg pavilion for Shanghai, it was suggested that we take ”Small is beautiful too” - a variant of the saying “Small is beautiful” - as our motto. This novel approach allowed the Luxembourg pavilion to attract a lot of attention at the biggest EXPO of all time in China, where nothing else was small.” 1

Culture For Friends Issue 20 - Valentiny Architects Luxembourg  
Culture For Friends Issue 20 - Valentiny Architects Luxembourg  

François Valentiny from Luxembourg is a remarkable, musical architect, from Luxembourg, who is also a sculptor, a painter and a custume desi...